Rocky Boots – Justin McBride
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Rocky Boots – Justin McBride

September 5, 2019

well the American is a rodeo event like
there’s never been before there’s never there’s never been
anything like this prior to the American the reason that I chose to come back
after being away from competition for five years and competing the American is
because there’s a chance at a million dollar bonus if I can win the bull
riding event and that is the reason that I’m gonna compete I wish there was more
romance to it but that’s that’s it it’s because there’s a million dollars up for
grabs I’d say probably the two biggest highlights in my career were the two
world titles in 2005 and 2007 I was I was able to win the PBR World
Championship and from the time I was about eight years old though until I won
his world titles that’s that’s really all I’d been about was was accomplishing
those things and so uh those were probably the biggest highlights and you
know it was something that now that I’ve been away from in a while I’ve actually
looked back on it a little bit well I I grew up around rodeo and bull riding and
I really liked everything about it I think what drew me to the event of a
bull riding was was the competition factor that part of competition where
it’s where it’s you you know you’re not dependent on anyone else
whether you stay on the bull or not is up to you and your preparation and I
think that’s the the part that I love the most I like the physical challenge
of it I like how hard it is I like that it’s dangerous and and I like that
mentally you’ve got to be able to overcome all of that and and accomplish
your goal of staying on for eight seconds you know yeah I was always
involved my family was always involved in rodeo and mainly bull riding
and I have two kids now a little girl and a little boy and I love I love the
rodeo lifestyle and not even so much the rodeo lifestyle but just a cowboy
lifestyle and you know in a Western agricultural lifestyle and you know I
hope my kids whatever it may be though I don’t care what it is I just hope they
they find something that they’re is passionate about as as I always was
about bull riding I sure hope it’s not more than you know you know since I
retired from bull riding I do the TV side of things now I do some of the
commentary and call the events and I enjoy doing that I’ve started enjoying
it more the further I’ve been removed from the sport actually taking a side of
really critique and arrived and looking at it from a different viewpoint than
when I was competing so I’ve enjoyed doing that I’d played a little music I
got a little Band and we play some music and still have a lot of fun doing that I
do a lot of hunting I really like to hunt and fish and and then I’ve got two
kids so that that’s that’s pretty much a full plate right there whether he’s on
the back of a bull chasing the American Dream serenading a crowd with a country
song working at home on his ranch or celebrating one heck of a ride Justin
McBride does it in his rocky western boots rocky western confidence in action

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