Rocky In Real Life – Movies In Real Life (Episode 1)
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Rocky In Real Life – Movies In Real Life (Episode 1)

August 12, 2019

hey, Adrian, hey, hey I got the green light we love Philly Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky alright, good, so you have parents? where are they?

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  1. j 'aime beaucoup le style de "real life" et la musique est sublime et en plus moderne les acteurs sont délicieux

  2. 安上がりで楽しめる、しかし、多分一番楽しい事、人間の連帯 by小室直樹

  3. you look like rocky almost but you need longer hair and a cap you should do rocky 1 training montage cuz i can tell this is Rocky II

  4. wouw.. this tuches my feelings.. i love you guys for the way you all are make the fantastic old movies come to life again. jurrasic park, matrix, ghost busters, indiana jones, starwars and rocky.. the best youtube videos i ever had see with a close replay of a great old movie.. thanks again guys for your awsome work

  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha deep breathe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. Please note the kid at 1:18 who can't keep up with her father and her stroller-riding sister and is presumably now living by her wits on the Philadelphia streets.

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