Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf from Banff to Vancouver
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Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf from Banff to Vancouver

August 11, 2019

Hi, everyone Linda May Dinsmore here from Balcony Travel (formerly Deluxe Travel) and welcome to another one of my video presentations and today we are going to Talk about the World-Famous Rocky mountaineer train They have quite a variety of rail routes that they offer Today, we’re going to talk about the one through the Canadian rockies going from from Calgary through banff kamloops and arriving back in Vancouver Before [we] got on the train we visited Lake louise and we start at the beautiful, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise This is the Lobby area inside and This was the amazing view when you sit in their lounge area looking out the window at the lake there are lots of trails around the area with the beautiful majestic mountains in the background and They even [pictured] these mountains on the back of the Canadian $20 bill here’s a look back at the fairmont from one of the trails around the lake and This is looking back towards the lake with [the] snow-covered mountains We stopped at a rest area, and I heard a rustle of noise. Behind me turned around with my [camera] and Look at the shot. I got of this beauty Now we’ve arrived into banff and you can take the tram cars up to the top for some wonderful views and here’s the beautiful Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel They have a wonderful heated pool to do some swimming And it’s a great fun town to walk around Here we are bright and early at the Rocky Mountain station in banff It’s quite busy inside the station everyone is anticipating the arrival of the train Once we heard the whistle we’ll ran outside to see it arriving in They have three classes of service with the Rocky mountaineer. They’ve got the red Leaf service (which was discontinued) Silver Leaf Service and Gold Leaf Service, I Took a tour through red leaf where you sit at your seat And that’s where you eat your boxed meals you can see the picture windows that you would view the scenery from Here is the silver leaf service where you can see the windows are a little bit bigger And they’ve got the extra windows at the top too all the cars have a little beverage station at the back where you can go and get water and fruit and snacks This is the goldleaf car where you can see the the full-length windows, and it’s a two-level car These are these stairs to go down for the meal service down to the dining car they did also offer an elevator if one could not manage the stairs and Here’s just a shot of someone coming up in that elevator. Which is located right beside the stairs Here is the entrance to the dining car for the gold leaf passengers Here we are in the dining room where the food was fantastic and the service was wonderful Here’s just a shot of one person’s breakfast And I managed to sneak a picture into the very clean kitchen The scenery of course is amazing As we were going by one of these landmarks they would do commentary for us Commentary by staff as we go under the bridge the Park Bridge So in this area and just east of here the making improvements on the railway everywhere So still following the kicking horse river as well ladies and gentlemen And it was back to the dining car for a wonderful lunch Who found outaA 75th birthday was being celebrated so you can see they designed it right into the dessert – very fun Got a great video coming up as we go over the trestle bridge creaking as going over the bridge a long way down! It’s also nice passing through the small towns along the way Here, we’re passing Sicamous, and you can see there’s a houseboat in the water which they’re very famous for [weather] was so warm and there’s lots of boats out in the water And lots of swimmers of course, too It’s also fun when we passed these small towns a lot of people would come out and wave to the train

some more friendly faces Here’s a shot [of] the side of the train as we’re going past the water We arrived in to kamloops and had a nice welcome letter waiting for us The scenery in Kamloops wasn’t as nice as you’re looking over a shopping mall however The rooms were spacious. They were clean the bedding was great The bathroom had been updated so it was perfect for just the one night Back on the train early the next morning our hosts were there to greet us again The ever-changing colors of the car in gold leaf once again, we had some amazing meals that day this was another lunch and The dessert once again was delicious You can see the different colors of the river as they’re meeting here with the clear on the one side and the silt on the other Its another side view of the train Coming up to one of the tunnels Here’s a close-up of the Hell’s Gate tram as it’s going over the water the hosts were always serving us drinks and snacks and As we’re getting close to vancouver, we’re going under the last few bridges and here’s a look back as we go under our final one And here. We are arriving back at the Rocky Mountain Air station in Vancouver Where the friendly staff were there to greet us as we got off the train Hope you enjoyed your quick trip on the Rocky mountaineer Well, thanks again for watching if you’d like more information on booking a Rocky Mountaineer trip Please feel free to give me a call. You can find my telephone number on my website which as changed since the video was done, it is now so please check there or you can also email me My email is now [email protected] so please feel free to drop me an email if you are interested in booking a trip like this. Thanks again and “May Today be Your Day To Travel”!

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