Rocky Mountaineer Train Journey – All Aboard from Vancouver to Banff
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Rocky Mountaineer Train Journey – All Aboard from Vancouver to Banff

August 14, 2019

All aboard the Rocky Mountaineer! (uplifting orchestra music) The Rocky Mountaineer is a two day luxury train journey through the Rocky Mountains from
Vancouver to Banff, Alberta. Welcome to Alberta! We hopped aboard and
spent two fun-filled days on the train followed by a self drive tour of Banff and Jasper, taking in the best of Canada’s Rocky Mountain landscape. – We are in Vancouver, Canada and we are about to take off on
the Rocky Mountaineer. It’s a train journey that goes from Vancouver to Banff and we’re very excited. We did our first night here at The Sutton Place Hotel, and it’s very exciting, it’s very ritzy. When Dave and I used to work in the Vancouver film industry I used to drive the movie stars to stay here. So hey, you’re starting off with luxury. – So we’re all checked
in, we have our bag tags, our boarding passes,
and we’re ready to go. – So when you go on the Rocky Mountaineer your luggage does not come with you. You get a tag on it and then they send it on to the hotel and you never see it again, so you wanna pack everything that you need. You’re going up into the Rocky Mountains, so it can get a bit chilly on the viewing platform, so wear some layers, and bring your camera gear, and then get ready to enjoy the day ahead. – Off we go. The Gold Leaf Service Class took us on a trip in a bi-level dome car with seating up top and dining below. We also had access to an outdoor viewing platform exclusive to our car. Looking for my seat. – Well we have our seats here on the Rocky Mountaineer,
what do you think Dave? – It’s pretty cool to be up in the dome. You can see everything all around you. It’s a great way to ride the rails. – To a great two day
adventure on board the train. Cheers. – [Passengers] Cheers. (easygoing acoustic guitar music) – So the dining cart is downstairs, and there are two servings, they split you up half and half when you go to eat, but it’s great because they keep you occupied while the other group is eating and we’re having these
delicious cinnamon scones which I hear are the
best with some coffee. So bon appetit everyone. – Breakfast time. Dining is a large part of
the onboard experience. Meals are inspired by Western Canada’s diverse culinary landscape using locally sourced ingredients. The menu offers many choices from vegetarian to grade A alberta beef for a unique dining experience to remember. Yum, that looks good. Hot tip, get the light breakfast ’cause you’ll be eating all day. So we’ve come across our first major sight here which is Hell’s Gate. There are many historic sites and scenic views along the railway route, and our servers and guides
Kiki, May, and Tyler did an amazing job keeping us informed. – So the staff on board doesn’t only work really hard to keep you eating and drinking and having a good time, they also entertain, the have a lot of great stories mixed in with a lot of information about the area, so you are never bored, you’re never tired, and the scenery just keeps
getting better and better. – [Dave] They even let us know about important wildlife sightings. – So it’s really great here on the Rocky Mountaineer because
there are the two levels. You can sit up top and watch from the dome which gives you a great view over all the trees, and then when you come to any of the major scenic spots, they slow down a little bit so that
you can see them and get your photographs from
the viewing deck below. So it’s all really done well. (easygoing acoustic guitar music) Hi! We’re on the Rocky Mountaineer! – Beautiful scenery. Well we made it to our first stop here on the Rocky Mountaineer which is Kamloops, and has a really beautiful
waterfront, riverfront here. So if you get a chance come on down, grab something to eat, have a little picnic along the
waterside, it’s beautiful. The landscape is ever changing. As we weave through the Fraser Valley to the Cascade Mountains, and then follow the Fraser River towards
the great Canadian Rockies. Sharing the track with cargo trains, it feels like a true adventure as we trace the fur trading route of the Hudson Bay Company, follow the footsteps of the great Gold Rush, and relive the history of the early settlers. – We are going through the Spiral Tunnels. Completed in 1909, two spiral tunnels were carved into the mountains to help with the steep grade at
Kicking Horse Canyon. The tunnels increase
the length, and instead of one steep climb, the
trains spiral within and come out a at higher
elevation with each pass. So that’s pretty cool, when you go through the Spiral Tunnels it’s like you’ve done a complete reverse, so now everything that was on our left hand side is on our right hand side. – The Rocky Mountaineer is a fascinating journey through history and some of Canada’s most beautiful scenery. The train journey ends
at Banff, but many people continue on with their experience, and we had another few days to explore Alberta in our self drive tour. All right, let’s go, Deb’s driving. (easygoing acoustic guitar music) – The rail portion of our journey is over and now we are starting the self drive. There’s a lot of different things that you can do, you can get on an organized tour with
the Rocky Mountaineer, you can just go stay
in a hotel, or you can rent a car and do a self
drive like we’re doing. We’re staying at the Elk & Avenue and the great thing
about Rocky Mountaineer is that your luggage is here and in your room when you arrive. They have a well-oiled machine, so all we had to do was get off the train, get our rental car, and come on over to the hotel, and everything was ready for our check in. When visiting Banff, one of the things you cannot miss is coming
down to Lake Louise. It’s one of the most
beautiful views in the world. The Banff Lake Louise
Fairmont is right on here. It’s a great place to stay, you can go paddling on the lake, we did that a few years ago and it
is really a lot of fun, but be warned, it is
$100 for an hour, so you have to really wanna go
on a canoe in Canada. It’s a bit of a bucket list
item, so I do suggest it. And if you wanna come out and see Lake Louise without all of the crowds, get here first thing in the morning. We arrived at 6 AM and
it’s already pretty busy, but you can still get those epic views without the crowds at this time of day. There are so many stops along the Icefields Parkway
to take in the views. We stopped at the
Num-ti-Jah Lodge which has great views and reflections of Bow Lake. Make sure that you pull
off and come on out and take a hike along the trails to explore the beautiful sceneries and see the reflections on the lake. (easygoing acoustic guitar music) So we’re going on the Glacier Skywalk. – All right, we’re ready for this. The Columbia Icefield
Skywalk is a glass walkway arching over a nearly 1,000 foot drop. Step outside for a bird’s eye view of the mountains, glaciers,
and the Sunwapta Valley. – It’s pretty cool because
when you walk around you can actually feel
it moving a little bit. I think if you have a fear of heights you might not like it, but really it’s not that’s scary, it’s very safe. So like everything here
in Banff and Jasper, you wanna get here early. Otherwise the crowds get bigger and bigger as the day go on. When taking your road trip here along the Icefields Parkway, make sure you pull over at every stop. You won’t be disappointed. It’ll take you all day, but it’s worth it. When you’re driving along
the Icefields Parkway there’s very limited internet, but if you wanna catch up on e-mail or send those selfies and Instagram stories off and everything, you can stop here at the Visitor Center at
the Athabasca Glacier, and you can get some wi-fi, and you can order a very expensive burger and fries. We’re about to go on our
Lake Minnewanka tour, this is a great excursion here in Banff. It’s with Pursuit
Adventures, and I think it’s a good day to be on a boat,
covered from the rain. And yeah, we’re really gonna look forward to finding all about Lake Minnewanka. So the cruise has been a
lot of fun don’t you think? – It has been, definitely. – Yeah, you come out
for about half an hour with commentary about the history of the lake, the lake monster. This water is only three
degrees, it’s freezing. But like everything in
Banff, the guides are really a lot fun and that’s
what’s making it exciting. And even in the rain it’s
nice scenery don’t you think? – It is, I think that’s the beauty of the Rocky Mountains
is it doesn’t matter what kind of weather is out there, they still show off their beauty. (upbeat mandolin music) Now that’s a good way to
spend an hour in Banff. There are so many things to do in Banff. From the Icefields Parkway in Lake Louise to the Banff gondola
and Banff hot springs. And if you like hiking, there are many trails in the area going up mountains and around beautiful glacier lakes. Don’t forget to visit the
outdoorsy town of Kenmore. We highly recommend the self drive edition to the Rocky Mountaineer
so you can see it all. And when it’s all said and done, make sure to spend a night or two relaxing at Kananaskis Lodge so you can unwind before your flight home from Calgary. – Kananaskis Mountain
Lodge is an excellent ending to the Rocky Mountaineer. There are six restaurants here, it’s a luxury hotel,
and the star attraction is the Nordic Spa where you can spend an afternoon going in
the hot and cold pools and the saunas and steam rooms to get rid of those aches and pains from the train. – Off to the Nordic Spa we go. No cameras allowed. Well there’s nothing
like a little bit of spa finished off with a
little bit of champagne. Cheers! – It has extraordinary views that are comparable to Banff and Lake Louise. I highly recommend ending your trip here before you head on to Calgary to fly home. – It’s been a blast. Thanks a lot. See you on the next one. And if you enjoyed this video, make sure to subscribe to our
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