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August 11, 2019

Hello. I’m Paul Bailey a retired Forest Service employee and a representative of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation working on an elk study on the Modoc National Forest. The study is a
cooperative effort between the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the forest to
determine herd dynamics, as far as cow-calf ratios, recruitment and other parameters of the herd. We’ve been running a two-year study. We have one more year left of game cameras on the Devil’s Garden Ranger District of the Modoc National Forest to try and capture some of these parameters. The results have been sort of surprising to
us in the amount of animals and the diversity of wildlife that
we’ve seen. Most of our study has been done around watering devices, some put in in cooperation with the Elk Foundation and Fish and Game, and some that the forest has put in on their own. They’re really attracted to the water. They’ll swim, go out and
roll around in it. And something that they seem to be enjoying life out there. We’ve had some interesting things, mainly on how many calves and how young the herd is. We’ve got a lot of yearling animals and a lot of calves and everything appears be really healthy along with some really nice bulls and the herd seems to be really productive. We also have observed some elk behavior that we hadn’t seen before. The California Department of Fish and
Wildlife has collared some animals that hopefully will give us some eventually some information on population levels. We’ve also seen a lot of other things
such as predators, have a lot of recordings of mountain lions, some bears, coyotes, foxes, other wildlife, deer and antelope. It
shows the diversity of what’s there and a lot of things that normally you never see.

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  1. great job, Paul. These videos are a tribute to the efforts by many including the RMEF and the volunteer efforts that make the Modoc such a great place…thanks.

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