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Rocky Rock Interview

August 20, 2019

Welcome back to Halo Halo, I’m Kat Iniba with
your daily dose of all things entertainment and lifestyle and of course where we promote
our very own talent. We’re gonna do just that right now because joining us is a DJ, a producer,
a rapper. Mr. RockyRock. He’s toured all over the world with Linkin Park, with the Black
Eyed Peas, welcome! Yeah, I feel very blessed to be in this position and on top of that
I’m just proud to be a Filipino American, you know what I’m sayin? Represent! All day.
How did you become part of the music industry? Well, it came out back to my battle years
after high school. Throughout high school I actually practiced DJing, doing all my dances,
you know all these things, and in college I realized Biology wasn’t my thing, me neither!
Yeah you know, I was doing like, I was a dental assistant one point in my life and I was like
you know, this is kinda crazy, I think I just want to be a DJ, and that’s your love and
your passion! Yeah, exactly! You know I was going through a road where like DJing came
and became very big, um you know as being Filipino you know, our parents didn’t see
that. They want you to be a nurse, doctor, or something right? And I’m like, “Yo?” Did
they understand when you first told them that you want to go into music? No they didn’t,
until I won a car in four minutes! What?! “Wow!” and I was like, “Yeah!” Now you’re
traveling the world working with some amazing talents, what is it like working with Linkin
Park, Black Eyed Peas? Well um, well with Linkin Park I was their DJ champion, working
with Chang, Chang was my manager, at this time, he was, he actually got me three shows
with Linkin Park and it was amazing you know? I was actually DJing between acts and there
was like, Exhibit and it would go into like Cypress Hill and I would DJ in the middle
of these things! And it was really fun because I’m a technician on the turn tables. And you’re
also a rapper, and you just released a new single this past month, tell me a little bit
about “Weekend Love,” very catchy by the way. Yeah, thank you. Well “Weekend Love” is my
single album with Max Urban. Um three years ago, I actually did a song with him called,
“Best Party in Town.” It got like over a million hits. Yeah! It’s there now, and like it sold
in an compilation like 220,000 units and so you know like my music spread all over Europe
and um, I was working here with Sublime, and it was big big rock group, Scott, you know
and um I had to leave because you know it was time for this DJ to go to another level,
you know? Right. And you know, working with GE Music with Apple, it taught me how to rap,
it taught me how to sing. I also have a record label called, “Fresh Goods,” and it roamed
from Sublime, we own this together, and he also brought me in like, “Rock, you better
do this, you should get in there and don’t be afraid.” That’s awesome. Congratulations!
Thank you. Now did you write, “Weekend Love?” I did. And then you just chose Max Urban to
just work with him? I chose Max Urban because, okay, my childhood is like, I came here when
I was three years old from the Philippines you know, and this is America, and he’s from
Africa, and he came there when he was also like three or four years old and so like I
felt like it was him in a similar…you know? And when I met him, his English wasn’t like
super super great, but Max yo, your English is good now! But um. He has an amazing voice
too. Yeah, he has an amazing voice, I believe him so much and I got so much love for him
because his passion for singing and I want to help him, I want to work with him, and
he knows my work with the Black Eyed Peas, because I did Bad Boy and Ongoing on Monkey
Business and it was a blessing to be recognized all over the world and you know work with
different people. So what are you and Rome up to? Do you have a certain genre and or
music you guys want to work on? Actually no, Rome came into this music industry being Sublime’s
singer and from there, I was a DJ and I couldn’t help but to play all the new things to him!
Yeah! And he was like, “Yo, man!” It opened the kids’ mind, and he exploded. Now he’s
starting…he wrote like 10 songs and he’s on like and with Enrique Iglesias and the
stuff with Eminem I think, and he’ he’s killing the game, Dirty Heads. So talking
about killing the game, so are you! I mean I heard you’re working with a producer that
has been working with Rihanna, Chris Brown. You know what? That’s kinda crazy because
I used to be in a group called, “Bangers a.k.a. The Finger Banger” It’s my old crew back in
the day. Not gonna ask! Don’t ask that question! But my friend Replay, I was like telling him
one day, “Yo, you gotta move out, you gotta move out to L.A. because you’re a good producer…”
and this and that. And I got to link him up with Apple, and from Apple he did the showdown
and like, he started working with Chris Brown, and he just blew up. And I keep in touch with
all of them and so I’m glad that I could stay out of his bad and hangout and be back here
in L.A. like normal you know? So I’m expecting a single from you guys? Yes, maybe! Okay,
good! It’s already in the works, but for sure. Now for more information on your work, where
can we go? For my work? Yeah, for your work. You could go into iTunes, you could check
out, and it’s just kinda like the iTunes but of Europe. And, you could see
all over YouTube, just research DJ RockyRock and you’ll find me. Thank you so much, and
your single, “Weekend Love” is on iTunes right now. Yes, right now, go pick it up! Yes, we’re
gonna take a quick break and you’re gonna perform for us when we return. Okay! Time
for a quick break but when we return RockyRock performs, “Weekend Love,” don’t go away.

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