Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : How to Complete a Rodeo Barrel Racing Pattern
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Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : How to Complete a Rodeo Barrel Racing Pattern

August 11, 2019

Hi, I’m Holly Heidemann on behalf of Expert
Village and now I’m going to show you the proper way to complete a barrel pattern. The
first time I’m going to go around, I’m going to start the way the majority of the people
do and that’s with a right turn at the right barrel first and then two left turns. It’s
a clover leaf pattern either way.
The other way that you can run it, if you have a horse that runs better to the left
first, is to go to the left barrel first and then go across, make a right turn around the
other two barrels. So I’ll do each for you so you can get a look at it. We’re going to
do it at a trot, so you can see each portion really well.

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  1. sometimes people have to do this in western, just because the horse has a long bouncy stride, its for good balance. you should know that.

  2. , oh yes I do know that,… but I am just saying, that alot of the time, when you post , you have a greater chance of falling, because you should be have a deep seat 😉 told my a proffessional, and I have been told that Alot actually, I use to , because I ride englisgh and western 😉 But I was only saying, lol,, but I will remember this thanks

  3. @RjOoCeKy0t9 there is no difference..?? just the size between the barrels usually depending on the size of the arena!

  4. Western people post all the time? If your horse isnt smooth, why wouldnt you? It's bad for their backs to have you bouncing up and down. If you have a western show horse, you don't post, cause theyre smooth and slow.

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