Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : Preventing a Rodeo Horse from Running Up the Fence
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Rodeo Barrel Racing Tips : Preventing a Rodeo Horse from Running Up the Fence

August 10, 2019

Hi, I’m Holly Heidemann on behalf of Expert
Village and I’m going to show you some things you can do to keep a horse from doing what
we call running up the fence. What happens with some barrel racers is their horse will
start not wanting to turn the first barrel. Sometimes you need to check first and see
if there is an unsoundness in your horse that needs to be checked. Maybe their hocks need
to be injected, there is all kinds of things that can be going wrong. If there is pain
happening in your horse that is one of the reasons that they will start doing that. They
just don’t want to commit to that turn because it hurts. So check that first. If that’s not
the reason then this is something that you can definitely try to see if it will help.
A lot of times a reason a horse starts doing those kinds of things is the rider starts
expecting after the first time that they are going to do it. So as they are coming into
that first barrel, I will kind of show you with my eyes, they’ll get looking up that
fence and they’ll look at it and they don’t realize it but they are actually committing
to going up the fence, it is a whole mental thing. Then your body follows suit and you
keep that horse going straight and you never get him in the turn position soon enough.
So to combat that what you are going to do is you are going to mentally, this is going
to sound crazy for some people, but it works really well. You are going to mentally get
committed to that turn. So as you approach that first barrel you are going to think of
nothing else but turning around it. You are going to turn around that barrel with your
mind and your body next. So you are going to be looking in the direction your going,
your eyes are focused on that turn the next place you are going to be in it. Your shoulders
are facing that barrel as you turn around it. You just want to make sure everything
is saying turn that barrel. The minute you straighten up and wait for your horse to do
it they are going to run up the fence. So we want to make sure that everything tells
this horse to turn this barrel. So we are going to go ahead and complete that. We are
going to come up to this first barrel as if we were running the barrels. Now notice if
I were to look this direction, where would my horse go. Notice how he goes off in that
same direction. So instead I’m going to get focused now on the turn. My head, my shoulders,
everything about me is saying turn this barrel. So I’m going to show you, I’m going to keep
my body in the same position but then I’m going to look to the outside of this turn.
You watch where this horse goes. I’m going to leave my focus, I’ve got everything else
the same but notice where my horse is. Turn back, look back at the barrel, get committed
to it. He comes back to it. I’m going to stay focused on it this time. My eyes are right
where I’m going to turn. They are not on the barrel but they are where I’m going to be
turning near the barrel. Now my horse is focused, there is no real difference in my hands and
feet, it’s all about where I’m looking. The power of where you look is very very strong.
It gets you committed to what you are about to do.

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  1. Well I have been watching all of her videos!!! I think she does a great job! Yea I will admit that some of the stuff she does or says is stupid but most of it has helped me out alot!!!!!

  2. How is any of what she just said stupid. To those of you who think so, go ride a horsemanship class, trail class, dressage pattern, jump course and try to not focus on where you are going, then let me know how you did. Being mentally prepared, focused and both with your eyes ahead looking at where you should be and what you will be doing is a lot of the time the difference between winning and losing.

  3. @tloomis347 I agree. I found it a bit hard to see the horse also as well as when there is a shadow on the horse. Otherwise I think their videos are great!!

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