Roller Skating And Cake in Jars
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Roller Skating And Cake in Jars

October 25, 2019

from California State University San
Bernardino its Local Matters rollerskating in cakes hello I’m
Jonathan Cuevas and welcome to local matters featuring stories from across
the Inland Empire and I’m Tamara Issi rollerskating is a recreational activity
that can even be used as a mode for transportation since the first public
skating rink opened in 1866 many have been fascinated by shoes on wheels
reporter Jamil Battista rolls on into his local skating rink to learn more on
how the love of skating is here to stay roller skating is making a comeback but
is it here to stay or is it gonna stay right out the door
seeing like from starting here a year ago seeing how many people how many more
people have come it’s been a drastic change so I hope it continues to grow
even if you fall a few times roller skating can be fun when you put your own
spin to it that nothing else matters on the floor you know you just everything
disappears just you don’t be afraid to fall it may hurt but it only makes it
better young or old anyone can strap on a pair of skates and hit the ring any
age really good my mom started me parlor not a log so I’m like you know heart
roller skating is more than just wheels to the ground the BOD the music
like that everybody to have fun to make it your own
I’m not the best but I’m learning I’m not
that’s timid anymore feel free and know they have that feeling skating around
and once you really get used to it it becomes second nature if you get tired
from skating for hours take a break hit the arcade win prizes
or just play some pool our cages are great time you know you could just sit
back chill relax watch your family out there great times whether you’re
starting out new or you’re a pro grab a skates and go for local matters I’m
driven Bautista there’s cake there’s cupcakes and then there’s cakes and cups
reporter Jalen Blythe catches up with a dhimmi Boca to learn more about the
inspiration behind starting his very own business selling cakes in cups from the
beta la adem evoking a sweet kitchen have reshaped the idea of how to eat
cake I am the owner of 316 baking has always been a ton of his but if you
wanted to use it for something bigger and better idea came to me pretty much
you got you know God showed me this vision he showed me that he wanted me to
use this baking talent to just further in his skills and just spread his work
with all the cupcakes cookies and cakes he sells I want to know what sparked his
master idea for the creation of his infamous cake jars just almost an escape
popped up in my mind I was always selling cupcakes and I figured out
though people love the cupcakes it was hard to keep them out in certain
weathers you know it’s watches I’ll just walking down pretty much that Walmart
walking down the house and I notice if I can be able to by seeing these jars the
mason jars and I said okay if I’m able to put these put them in these yards
they’ll be able to last way longer as well as still can preserve the taste and
have the same look I was able to catch up with a few of Adams close friends and
they had no shame of sharing their thoughts and their favorite cake jar
flavor the citrus strawberry lemon cake it’s so good it’s like super moist and
has like a lot of strawberries so it’s my favorite I’m definitely a fan of the
tropical so I’ll probably have to say the coconut pineapple so there you have
it folks in a drawer 316 sweets for local matters
I’m Jaylin Blythe tasty to keep updated on what local
matters is doing follow our social media to watch some of our other stories head
on over to our YouTube channel at local matters CSUSB I’m Tamara Issi and I’m
Jonathan Cuevas join us next time for more local stories that matter

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