Ronan’s Horse Riding Disaster!
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Ronan’s Horse Riding Disaster!

September 23, 2019

Our equestrian expert is here… *Ronan neighs* You went for a horse ride yesterday! Oh my God! When was the last time you were on a horse? Trying to put my knees together right now
is painful… last time I was on a horse was a long time ago. It was a while ago. Probably
a year, maybe longer. My daughter, Ali is a very competent rider. As you know she broke
her arm a few months ago but she’s all back up on it now, and she wanted to go horse riding,
so Storm and I took her horse riding yesterday. And Storm can ride a horse, Ali can ride a
horse… I would not be great! Now I’ll be honest. So it was very funny, we went into
the… what’s it called… the sandpit area first. Okay, at the stables? Yeah the arena or something. So we did that
first. The two of them off they went, trotting around and then into the canter which is the
slow bouncing thing and then you go faster. Me? I’m hanging off the horse at this bit
which the man was good to me he said “right, you’re grand you can go!”. So off we went
on this trek for an hour. And, we went for a little, you know, bouncing trot thing or
whatever it’s called. I don’t know. Anyway so we go and I’m like holding on for dear
life. I remember the guy says to me stick your knees, like hold on with your knees. Yes okay, gosh they must be hurting! Yeah they are! And then the girls decide we’re
gonna go for a canter up this hill. Well oh my god! It was a comedy moment. I was at the
back, my horse knew that obviously I wasn’t confident. He could sense it! He took me into every tree! And it was all
hitting me in the face and I’m trying to hold on but I’m also trying to make sure the trees
don’t hit me. The holly scratching my face! Oh man! But I laughed! I mean I got a fit of the giggles
and I couldn’t stop laughing at this horse taking me up the hill and I got there and
the girls get to the end and they’re all fresh and lovely and I’m hanging off the side of
the horse. And the guy was like “Yeah! that was grand!” … thanks for that!

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