Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie Burns Horse Puncher
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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie Burns Horse Puncher

August 13, 2019

Burnie: one time we were in Hawaii Burnie: we do that thing where we ride horses Burnie: my wife and I did this Burnie: We go to put our horses away and so they gave us these cookies and these carrots Burnie: I didn’t even try the carrots Burnie: to give to the horses Burnie: and you know, you just put em in your palm and you do it and the horse mush mush mush Burnie: my wife, she keeps her hands down there Burnie: and the horse is like, mushing on her hands more, her empty hands Burnie: and she says “look, he thinks my hands smell like carrots, that’s funny.”
Jack: oh no Burnie: and I walked up to her horse and she’s very quietly going to the horse “let go”
[laughing] Burnie: saying “let go, let go, please let go.” Burnie: the horse had bit one of her fingers and it was not letting go
[collective oh on] Burnie: and so I saw this and she’s like “owww ow ow, please let go please, please” Burnie: so I haul off and punch the horse in the jaw
Eric: in the pressure point Burnie: In the pressure point, exactly so I instinctively just hit it there and the horse lets go Burnie: the middle digit of her finger it was liked crunched. it had these two massive indentations from the horses big stupid buck teeth [Laughing] Burnie: and she going “let’s just go, let’s just go” I’m like ” this horse bit you, no, we’re not going anywhere.” Burnie: But she was fine Jack: So you punched a horse [Muisc]

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