Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Poopy Horse Blankets
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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Poopy Horse Blankets

October 18, 2019

Burnie: You know, I knew a guy who raised horses and he talked about how dumb horses are. Like just really just they’re the dumbest animals on the planet, and one thing he talked about like you can cover the horse, including it’s head, with a blanket and the horse thinks it’s dead and will lay there until you take the blanket off. It’ll starve to death.
[laughing] [laughing]
Gus: What!?! Burnie: That’s what he told me.
Gus: That can’t be true. Gavin: I’ve had coffee today guys. I’m twitchy. My hands are shaking. I don’t drink coffee very much.
Jack: No you’re stupid. Jack: that has nothing to do with coffee. Gavin: Geoff came busting into my room like he’s like: “You won’t believe what I just did.” I’m like “What?”. “I just shit my pants.” and I didn’t realize he’s like holding his pants it’s like Gavin: “You mean you shit your pants then had a shower and then came to tell me?” Gavin [as Geoff]: “No no no, I just shit my pants and I’m gonna go change” [laughing]
Gavin: so he was… talking to me with like an ass-load of poo poo. Then he came back and I was like: “so what, like… you just shit your pants?” He’s like “yeah I was watching football I just shit my pants.” [laughing]
so I was like: “Did it go in your boxers or..” “Dude it went on the couch.” Gus:uhhhhgg Gavin: Who does that? He’s 37. He pooped on the couch. So, anyways it’s in my head I’m worried about like every fart now it’s like I’m careful about it.

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  1. Horses aren't dumb animals. Only few actually may seem dumb, but all in all horses are believed to be smarter than dogs. Ps: This isn't bs it's a known fact.

  2. If someone put a blanket over my head and there was nothing I could do about it, I wouldn't move either so I don't look like some dumbass bumping into shit or failing to shake it off.

  3. There's no way a horse is dumber than a cow. If a horse steps on your foot it'll go "oh, that's not ground" and move. If a cow steps on you it'll just stand there going "duuuuuuuh.." until you can forcefully push it off. Cows are the fucking worst, the only good cow is one that's been processed and cooked.

  4. Eh horses and cows have their idiot moments. I guess it depends on each individual. Personally I prefer cows cause horses annoy the shit out of me.

  5. Gavin, Geoff may be 37 years old but still shits his pants, but you're younger than him and you got your finger stuck in a hole.

  6. If you put a blanket on my face, I weight like a thousand pound, can't speak for shit and don't have thumbs, I'm fairly certain I'd just sit down and wait for you to stop being a dumbass and take the damned thing off. I mean, I weight half a metric ton, if I start freaking out, someone's getting hurt.

  7. 0:58 Gavin: who does that, he's 37! who poops on the couch?!
    me: coming from a guy who had his finger stuck in a desk

  8. Seriously I'm fucking tired of not knowing which podcasts the audio comes from. Jordan need to put fucking annotations during each segment to the podcast so we can hear the whole thing, that would also give them more visits to their site = more revenue = profit for everyone.

  9. Anyone see the runner up Gavin free in the one frame at 9 seconds when it says the horse is the dummies in the planet

  10. Anyone else think that Gavin would go in there while Geoff is cleaning it up and Gavin would say, "No Geoff what have i told you about pooping on the couch!"

  11. The story about Geoff shitting himself is now much more funny, considering Gavin just had a day where he shat himself SIX times. IN A DAY.

  12. That last story seems all the more relevant after Gavin's little bout of gastric trouble recently. 😛

  13. Gavin talks down on Geoff for shitting on the couch, about half a year later Gavin shits his pants 4 times in a day XD

  14. I notice Geoff crapping his pants comes up a lot. Does he have some kind of medical condition that makes him lose control of his bowels?

  15. almost of the horses i know would shake the blanket off look at me like i'm a idiot and walk away the rest would flip out then glare at me  

  16. What's even better is Geoff telling the shitting his pants story. Because there is no redeeming factor. He's just like "yeah, I was watching football, and I really had to shit, but I didn't want to miss the end of the game, and I couldn't hold it any longer."

  17. I had an instant karma moment a few years ago. I farted on my brother just to piss him off, and I can't remember what I ate that day but the farts just kept coming. So every once in a while when he'd least suspect it, I would just fart on him. Then I got a little too cocky. I tried squeezing out a fart and I was successful, but I pushed a little too hard and I shat myself. I didn't want to give my bro the satisfaction of knowing that I sharted, so I had to play it cool and not wait a few mins before going to the bathroom.

  18. Uh, Burnie. Are you sure you're not just saying the horse is the dumbest animal on the planet because you're probably still butthurt about the horse that bit your wife?

  19. Well it doesn't think it's dead, it just won't move because you know why, it can't see. and I actually did something similar to that where my cousin, his friend, and my girlfriend had me wander around with a blindfold for what felt like no reason because they wanted me to follow their voices to a sapphire necklace I gave my girlfriend on her 13th birthday and they were all calling out my name in every single direction because it could be my cousin's friend trying to prank me, my cousin trying to be an idiot, or my girlfriend being playful with me, so I just sat in place on the ground and waited for the tension to go down until I began moving again

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