Route 66 Road Closures, Donkey’s, & Colorado River Into Arizona
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Route 66 Road Closures, Donkey’s, & Colorado River Into Arizona

December 5, 2019

what the heck is that well mounds while
we have the my mounds back home I have no idea what all these mounds are
they’re they’re pretty strange it could be underground bunkers or it
could be petrified Paul Bunyan number two’s I don’t know if it’s natural or
man-made you net just never know I’m thinking man-made like they did
something to the ground and then piled him up there but I really don’t know all
right and all route 66 there let’s go have a
good day back on route 66 we go also gas prices as I pointed out were $5 a gallon
here in California on route 66 and just about 90 miles away in Arizona it’s half
that it’s 249 a gallon literally half the price to stayed over
that’s California for you though and kind of route 66 too so I can make it
and not not fill up in California again sound good yeah to me it does half mile
down the road it said route 66 is closed ahead and now you see this sign closed
at catice Road and no through traffic so route 66 is no longer an option but
it does say that there’s access to i-40 ahead is that what that says it’s tough
I don’t have any service I can’t pull up maps I don’t I have no way of planning
this out I’m not gonna turn around although I have done that lots of times
on route 66 before I’m going to attempt to just go up here and hit the i-40
access again cuz route 66 is not always going to be an option
not always obviously actually wait yes I forgot I can’t access maps through GPS
let me just make sure they just double-check that real quick yes we’re
good we’re gonna go up here and then turn left to go on i-40 and head on
through to get to Arizona so I’ll cut back in with anything interesting on
route 66 guys okay hey wait before the road closed they did some work here at
Roy’s cafe they cleaned it up gave the OL sign a paint job looking good and
they might be working on reopening the hotel I’m just assuming because look
they repainted all of the exteriors of them actually I think they’re just
trying to preserve it so that we can still see a which is actually maybe
that’s even better than trying to reopen it
just leave it almost in its original state so you can still look around I
wouldn’t trust that mattress though that’s for sure
check out the bathroom yeah it’s definitely original in here that’s just tacky the way of a superior
man a spiritual guide to mastering the challenges of women work okay no air
conditioned in here though oh cool yeah none of them have any doors I guess
that means they can’t lock it up at night either but there’s nothing to
really do in there that’s pretty cool and the cafe it’s not really a cafe it’s
a convenience store gas station here on route 66 thankfully I have the 80 gallon
fuel tank so I can make it to Arizona not everybody else can I mean look
they’re lined up for fuel look at that price $4.99 a gallon Amboy post office
cute little post office like a one-person post office in fact I think
the one person who works here also lives here at the post office okay not
everybody can afford a really nice Christmas tree so this is your standard
route 66 recycled Christmas tree uh-huh its route 66 so just don’t ask just
enjoy it and here we are on i-40 East about 18 miles from the Arizona border
all in all the detour the route 66 closure detour it caused me an hour and
10 minutes that’s a long detour to come back off
and get back on but I he works out because I did check the
pilot Flying J just inside Arizona like I said it’s 249 a gallon and they have a
dump station so I’m a good stance member it’s 5 bucks to dump and they should
have streaking water too so it’s actually a really good little stop
travel stop on the road before we get right back into it going up the
mountains that’s the Colorado River down there which means there it is right
there mile zero Arizona State Line right there welcome to Arizona
route 66 to Oatman would be this exit right here and then going up north but
like I said we’re gonna go about eight miles more and get gas in this pilot so
welcome to Arizona at the Grand Canyon State welcomes you awesome and what did
I learn about washing windows when it’s triple digits it’s impossible because as
your squeegeeing it to clean it before you can even turn it around to swipe
it’s melted dried on there so it’s worse now sorry it is so hot yeah had to treat
myself to a chocolate frosty there at the Wendy’s inside the store since I did
such an awesome job on the windchill yeah okay I don’t know how to wash the
windshield Ariel needs more water it’s just too dry here
it’s delicious you wouldn’t like it don’t need no stinking pool
we got the Colorado River as our pool here and topic Arizona oh yeah it’s
super cold I knew it wasn’t gonna cool down the second I got into Arizona it is
gonna take a couple days to get to where I want to get to where it’s nice and
cool but mighty Colorado River it’s been a while since I’ve been in yeah I mean
air-conditioning is great but the water kind of a natural way to just cool me
down today yeah then to see some donkeys today okay
let’s go up into Oatman that’s fun Oakland Arizona clearly one of the
quirkiest places you will find on route 66 I call it now okay bill is this the
cool spot guys this were all the actions at do you guys friendly there they’re
wild donkeys that roam the town of Oatman yeah hanging out with donkeys
today guys oh cool oh you scared me Western feel with all the storefront
facades and everything so if this is all of Oatman restaurant
here similar to Tombstone Bisbee Winthrop Washington in those kind of
places definitely touristy but they had fun
with it it’s all about ass asses I’ll be having a scape room here in Oakland
that’s cool fast Fanny’s I wonder what Jax would
think tat one of these jackasses I wonder he play he played just get
right up in their face hidden me this one’s coming for me are you friendly whoa snuck up on me there it’s a cool town I
got another video from here where I went into a lot more shops and stuff I’m not
going to do that today so I’ll pop a video up here if you’re watching on your
computer you can check out several years ago here in Oakland actually before we
leave I still need a 2019 Oatman magnet we have four magnets and that one’s cool
it’s a metal one with a cold beverage the Sioux City
sarsaparilla root beer oh you wouldn’t like it it’s delicious well let me squash one thing before it
turns into a rumor the road although it’s treacherous the road East out of
Oakland on route 66 it’s not that RVs aren’t allowed but
there is a sign that says vehicles over 40 feet towing not advised that’s what
it says so but still my RV I had to I have physically had to go over the
double yellow several times just to physically get through and that was a
kind of a white-knuckle Drive and I’m glad it’s over with it puts us here in
Cool Springs cabin I think it’s a tourist trap but I’m gonna check it out
it’s at least a gift shop because those gas pumps don’t work yet museum gift
shop 66 Cola it’s a tourist trap worth
stopping at I didn’t need a new magnet but they did finally for the first time
since Anna Monica have the route 66 Cola so I went with the black cherry which I
know is already my favorite I’ve never tried the blue raspberry version of that
so I’ll put these in the fridge and enjoy him over the next few days all
right next stop Kingman Arizona all right we’re in Kingman Arizona now very
big part of route 66 actually and look at this really cool restaurant mr. D’s
route 66 diner looks like that 50s you know pink and turquoise it’s a
cool-looking diner and we’re just getting started here on route 66 it
shows all the big names that we’re gonna see so yeah let’s check out what Kingman
has historic route 66 scenic road what is this
that’s a weird car okay it says electric on it possibly the strangest thing I’ve
ever seen that’s from Washington to beard well
sign in the window said that the Geo Metro
that’s pretty cool nice work looks very space-age made in Arizona it’s a little
class CRV made out of metal and they had a Class A also and another magnet just
like the one from Oakland this one says Kingman on it same style
well the museum closes in two hours so I got half price off of my admission was
like two bucks to get into the route 66 Museum here at the powerhouse this is a
Prairie schooner uh-huh or playing ears coming over there’s no air condition
that wagon early campers yeah are you making there oh you’re doing dishes
she’s doing dishes kind of messy campers they better take it all with them when
they leave I know you will guys granny isn’t your spot up there on top well
there you go you can camp in a Studebaker of course oh that’s pretty
they’ve got some very weird unique automobiles in here speaking of the
Mother Road and being quirky this was made in 2003 said to go 70 miles an hour
electric ninety-three of some sort Mercedes
electric and that’s definitely a rolls-royce your charger for your car I
don’t know about electric cars oh okay in 1987 electric motorcycle I did not
know they started I’m that early look at all those lead acid batteries in there
no no no strange random collection of electric cars in the basement okay you
know anything on wheels it’s gonna be related related to route 66 you know
trying to think how I made it a whole day without any food eating anywhere
it’s like 4:30 and I still haven’t eaten anything today is it just because I
didn’t find anything let’s go find some food and then I’m heading to find a spot
to park you know I’ll give Kingman some credit they’ve got everything they’ve
got historic route 66 or it’s you know a little more remote and then there’s this
part of Kingman that has everything there’s a Walmart there’s a Golden
Corral right next door to of five guys and I just found the first Cracker
Barrel on route 66 so far right on route 66 they’ve been so of course I don’t
know yet for sure but I’m gonna go in and have dinner here actually yes my
pluck it’s dinner time and I’m gonna see if it’s okay at overnight Park because
not all cracker barrels in the country allow it sometimes their city ordinances
against it and they can’t do thing about it but again they have RV designated bus
long slots so that’s cool I’m hungry I’m so hungry
although Jax has air conditioning everything’s cool and legit in here
interestingly enough I was talking with Kevin campervan Kevin about a cooling
spaces with the air conditioner and he would talked about you know just cool in
a smaller area like the bedroom or something like that oh it turns out with
this slide in your your cooling less square feet right so it actually is
cooling better I have noticed in here keeping all the slides in and keeping
the bedroom door shut which it is wide open right now anyway yeah okay I’m
going I did beat the rush here I beat the
dinner rush and I’m not doing a burger doing chicken right with these Sunday
homestyle breaded chicken mashed potatoes candy corn and biscuits with
apple butter spread you would like it it’s delicious
that was scram shish way better than I could have made in the RV I love Cracker
Barrel I basically got the okay to stay here
not really the okay but they said yeah it’s probably fine people do it all the
time and we don’t have a problem with it and my waiter to say that that was
enough for me to say yeah it’s probably gonna be okay
sounds good to me so you know and I brought home some chicken for Jack’s
also got a little piece of pie for later that’s horrible I know I’m eating
terrible on route 66 hey big shout-out to my buddy Sean in
East Dalton he runs a modified Auto there in East Alton if you’re looking
for window tinting or stereo installs custom anything he isn’t he’s embarking
upon a diet and I’m proud of you buddy I don’t know how you do it man you’re
stronger than I am I just can’t do it but you got this buddy I’ll go on a diet
one day one day he’ll see big changes to come my next video you won’t see triple
digits where I’m at as a matter of fact the hi there tonight
today was 71 though low tonight there is 33 degrees so from 111 degrees to 33
degrees you could not go farther in just one day
and I’m looking forward to the change I need the change on route 66 so you guys
take care Jackson I’ll see you back on the Mother Road in a few days bye guys
you wouldn’t like it it’s delicious while you’d like it I brought it for you
he’s likes us likes don’t just lick it I hate when cats do that dogs just inhale
it cats lick it to death hey go was it pretty good you want to
tell me about it do you want to tell me more
it’s like you need more chicken and we’ll talk dude love you man

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