Rufus the Magnificent Draft Horse
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Rufus the Magnificent Draft Horse

August 30, 2019

RUFUS THE MAGNIFICENT DRAFT HORSE Once upon a time draft horses ruled the day
and pulled mans heavy loads. Humans domesticated draft horses and enlisted them to perform a variety of duties. Types of horse-powered work was the hauling of heavy loads, plowing fields, and other tasks that required a strong pulling ability. The draft horse pleased man
by providing a safe, fast alternative to man carrying his own heavy load. Draft horses
were soon in every town, world-wide as they transported man’s goods from one place to
the next. Draft horses are calm, draft horses are patient, draft horses are well-muscled
animals with a desire for this type of heavy pulling work. You will not find a more energetic
partner in pulling heavy loads than a draft horse named RUFUS. Thus, to the extent possible,
a certain amount of selective breeding was used to develop the best draft horse ever
known to man. One horse stands out above them all: RUFUS, the draft horse. There is no other
draft horse in the world with a more phlegmatic temperament used for pulling tourists around
St. Augustine, our nation’s oldest city, founded in 1565 than RUFUS. RUFUS’s mother
and RUFUS’s father provided the most remarkable bloodline ever found in a draft horse. Records
indicate that even medieval drafts were not as large and strong as RUFUS. Of the modern
draft breeds, RUFUS with his beautiful laid back Standardbred/Belgian blood line is the
most notable draft horse to be found anywhere on Earth. See this magnificent horse RUFUS
work, own this remarkable DVD that features and reveals the most amazing draft horse in
the world, RUFUS! Order Roosevelt & Rufus now.

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  1. You've obviously never been to Holmes County OH to see Big Ben…….you can walk under him…..amazing specimen 🙂

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