Running Vs. Cycling | Who Is Faster – GCN Or GTN?
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Running Vs. Cycling | Who Is Faster – GCN Or GTN?

October 21, 2019

– A couple of months back, a GCN viewer told us about a race here in the UK, which pits riders against runners. Brilliant, we thought,
runner versus rider. Not much competition there, sign us up. – Except, it’s an off road run, and the course record is held by a runner. – Yeah, and things are getting really serious now, because you will no doubt recognise Mark Threlfall presenter at the Global Triathlon Network. So, this isn’t just a case of runner versus rider, this is now also a battle between GCN and GTN. – But Si, it’s just a bit
of fun though, isn’t it? – Of course, mate! Of course it’s just a bit of fun. It’s not fun, we’re gonna smash them. The race is organised by Bingley Harriers Running Club, and it’s located just to the North of Leeds and Bradford in West Yorkshire, in the UK. It’s a simple premise, a mass start race up a big hill, and back down again. Runners against riders. It’s just five point
seven five miles long, but with a course record of 33 minutes, you can get a feel for what’s in store. Now, if I’m honest, though, I thought it would be a no brainer. How could a bike not beat a runner? Well, I was in for a rude shock. (playful music) – [Mark] Si, you’re takin’
your time then, mate? Seems like the GCN has
lost this race already. – This isn’t a triathlon, alright? Getting changed is not
a competitive sport. (dramatic music) – [Voiceover] I first heard about the Taiwan KOM Challenge in 2015. (car door opening) – [Man offscreen] What ya doin’? – Oh, uh, to be honest,
just waitin’ for Si to get ready, so I thought I’d kill some time, watch the Taiwan KOM Challenge just to size up the competition. To be honest, looking
at this, it’s not much. (playful music) – Do you want any moisturiser? – I’m alright, thanks. – Okay. – Anything else? – Uh, glasses. (bottle closing) – Real hardy cyclist. – Yeah. (dramatic music) (heavy breathing) (dramatic music) Alright then, GCN versus GTN, and the pair of us
versus Bingley Harriers. There’s the man, Rob Cheb. Money’s on him. (countdown bell) (upbeat music) – [Si] Now, for a start, I couldn’t even ride off the start line. The hill was simply too steep. Now, that’s not good news because I really suck at running. And Mark, it would seem,
is really quite good. (upbeat music) Starting through open fields, it’s really, really heavy going on the bike. And the runners have made it look like light work. Now, already it seems like there is a balance between surface and gradient, that can very quickly tip
in favour of the runner. Which is my excuse as
to why Mark has blasted into an early lead. (upbeat music) The course then climbs up through a wood. Although, unfortunately, that means yet more running. (upbeat music) And now you can really
see just how bad I am. Yeah, that bad. (upbeat music) Thanks. (crowd applauding) – [Spectator] Go on, Si, go on! – [Si] (mumbles) (heavy breathing) (upbeat music) (heavy breathing) Now, though, it’s downhill, and finally it feels like the table has turned in favour of the bike. At last I catch my first glimpse of Mark. (upbeat music) (heavy breathing) Gonna keep up with ya now. – [Mark] Come a long way, Si. Joke. – (groans) You alright, buddy? (heavy breathing) He has to go ahead now. (panting) (applause) (upbeat music) – Now, humans are undeniably
brilliant endurance athletes, but cycling makes it many
times more efficient. It’s generally considered
that cyclists can cover five times the distance for the same amount of calories. Now, if this race was
around a village run then, there really would be no contest. But it’s not. We’re off road, and it’s pretty extreme. The bike very quickly becomes a hindrance. In fact, just picking it up would theoretically slow running down by 20 seconds per kilometre. Now, presumably uphill then,
that would be even worse. (wind blowing) It’s the final stretch now,
and things are really tight. Just a kilometre of
rough, boggy field to go, and it is anyone’s race. Mark’s streaked back into the lead. There’s just one last opportunity. Our 45 degree field that
we ran up at the start. (heavy breathing) (cheering) (laughing) – [man offscreen] I got one. And two. Well done. – So that was pretty close, Si. – Yeah, it was quite, wasn’t it? – Gotta say, I didn’t see
you for quite a while. – No, mate, you absolutely
smashed me on the climb. I didn’t think I was gonna get you back. I couldn’t see you on the mooreland. But I guess as soon as
it started to go downhill I was just able to pick up
a little bit more speed. – And you came tearing past. – I did come tearing
past, and then immediately fell off, which is slightly embarrassing. And then every time it rolled after that we were just passing
to and fro, weren’t we? – It was good fun, yeah. And then you did actually make a mistake in one of the last fields, so it allowed me to catch back up. But yeah, that was close, good fun. – Ya know, I think part of the problem was that I was having
to go so deep running that when I got back on my bike, my arms didn’t really wanna work properly, so I just couldn’t control
my bike properly at all. I was just riding terribly,
and riding blind as well. There was bits there. I was properly just like (wails) massive piece of granite, jumped over
that, like massive rocks. Yeah, genius, brilliant, brilliant event. Right, do make sure you give this video a big thumbs up. This is an absolutely cracking event, definitely one to put in
the calendar for next year. If you’re in the neighbourhood, strongly recommend you turn up and give it a go. Do also make sure you
subscribe, but this time gonna say subscribe to GTN. Definitely go and check it out. – Thanks very much. – See what Mark and Heather get up to over on the Global Triathlon Network. Do you want to throw to a GTN video, Mark? – Ooh, yeah, I think I’ll throw to the one with Dan Loyd where how to run a fast 5k. You can see that by clicking here. – Loyd, he should have
been here, shouldn’t he? Alright, and for GCN video, why not check out Cyclocross Skills with Sven Nys. After my crash again today,
I gonna be watching that.

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  1. A XC MTB would’ve been a FAR better choice than the CX bike. The walking (Si was walking right? Because that sure doesnt look like running) would’ve been minimal.

  2. I run and cycling but runners are much better people then those fancy cyclist who are so in love with themselves they even can't or won't say hi back, that is why I have cyclists for the most rude athletes ever and I run for 12 years ultra marathons and cycling last 5 years, but I never ride with cyclist only with my running buddies.

  3. It doesn't really seem fair to pitch cyclists against runners and then make the cyclists run, which they don't train, while carrying their bike, for such a long stretch.

  4. Is this really fare tho it cycling vs running but for a good bit the bikers are running with there bikes I feel like for it to be fare the bikes should be able to ride the entire time

  5. The funny thing about bikers is that they buy the most expensive equipment to get the smoothest an easiest ride as possible. Shouldnt it be a better workout to find the shittiest and hardest bike to ride instead?

  6. I lIke to cycle but i can't get into the super tight clothes. can someone tell me why cyclists wear that stuff?

  7. The runner was extremely generous to Si letting him through on the inside at the end and that alone would have changed the result. Also not stopping to see if Si was ok after his spill so I'm calling that a win for the runner.

  8. ok before i watch the video i know the runners will win because,you know,they don't have mountain bikes.Their tyres are too thin and they dont have shock absorbers.

  9. So I both cycle and run, and maybe it’s because I am not at the levels of these athletes, but seeing a cyclist not be able to run confuses me. Both require cardio and strong legs right?

  10. I dont even ride my roadbike on a regular bases but these videos are seriously entertaining keep up the good work guys

  11. But its all about the watts! But I'm seriously suprised how fast the runner was, I dont know now if should I go runing instead of cycling lol

  12. But its all about the watts! But I'm seriously suprised how fast the runner was, I dont know now if should I go runing instead of cycling lol

  13. But its all about the watts! But I'm seriously suprised how fast the runner was, I dont know now if should I go runing instead of cycling lol

  14. Its unfair. How are you gonna have a cyclist vs runner race if most of the time the cyclist is just going to have the bike on their back?

  15. Running is what you do when you don't have time for a bike ride. GTN isn't a real thing is it? They don't need a channel to go jogging?

  16. I tested on the track with our fastest runner in school to against my cycling skill so i took the challenge and won with the 2 second gap

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