Russian Bushcraft and More by Advoko MAKES. Need Your Advice.
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Russian Bushcraft and More by Advoko MAKES. Need Your Advice.

March 4, 2020

hello friends I’m inviting you to
preview the content for my english-speaking channel Advoko MAKES
I’m a lawyer from st. Petersburg, Russia and I film videos about my hobbies and
DIY projects for example here’s a log cabin that I built in a secluded place
among the northern cliffs of Karelia, Russia you might have noticed
I was building my log cabin from extra -thick logs of northern pine downed by
severe storm a few years ago my Russian YouTube channel currently has over 1
million subscribers and a total of 100 million views many of my non-russian-speaking viewers were asking me to translate my content into English
this is how Advoko MAKES was born I cannot physically voice over all of my
videos that were filmed over the years so I need your help please comment below
what videos you would want me to voiceover next I filmed a lot of content
on how I was developing a camp in the harsh conditions of the northern Russian
forest back in 2014 I started building my log cabin and a dam on the creek I
made simple furniture build a storage dome and the kayak using branches and
plastic wrap more recently I made a shaving horse an earth oven and a tar
distillery I’ll need tar as a water repellent for a traditional Viking-style boat project each year I live away from civilization for one month I love
cooking on open fire and in my earth oven I usually cook traditional Slavic
cuisine and bake rye bread besides working on my bushcraft projects I
enjoy making my own woodworking and carpentry tools using my homemade mini
Forge I love to forge my own axes, knives, chisels, draw knives and other tools
additionally I like making different devices and jigs such as bows of
different styles, bottle cutters, clampers, metal cutting jigs and
woodworking machines but sometimes you need to take a break from all of the
projects and then I go kayaking on Ladoga Lake the largest lake in Europe
my camp is just a few kilometers away from the bank this preview was only a
small portion of the published projects on my main Russian channel but I still
have many unpublished videos on my external hard drives I look forward to
working on them and publishing them for you
thus I will remind you that I need your advice on what I should focus on first I
will also leave links to both of my Russian YouTube channels in this video’s
description as I simply couldn’t include all of my projects into this short digest video perhaps you will find the content that you want me to translate into
English and published on Advoko MAKES there my most popular video on the main
channel which has over 10 million views is about my “bottlecutter” device and the
PET tape you can make using this jig you will see the application of the PET
tape in most of my videos I also like to make sculptures and tools from molten
aluminum and bronze I’m quite happy I resurrected the design of a forgotten
tool that was widely used by our ancestors which I now call a clamper it
is an old device that is still very helpful in our days for both home and
bushcraft projects here I was experimenting how to heat up a camping
tent in the winter in addition I traveled to many exotic places around
the globe perhaps I will share my travel
experiences with you here someday this is Max Egorov, st. Petersburg, Russia
Let good people watch good videos!

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  1. If you feel like doing it, you can support my channel on PATREON:
    Thank you

  2. Beautiful craftsmanship! You should sell them to help finance your off grid lifestyle. Greetings from NYC 💪👍

  3. Hello Max, i don't think it's necessary to do all your videos with a new voice over.
    You can post many of the videos without a voice over and post them on your new english channel and that alone will be sufficient.
    Another idea might be to take the time to write the translation with text on your videos. As in the translation on the bottom of the video, if you know what i mean? That alone will take a lot of time and i feel it will be more than sufficient for non Russians to see and understand your videos. Even without any translation or voice over the videos will be very great to watch and understand.
    I would not stress too much about the voice overs. You make and have made great content with a lot of inspiration.
    Thank you for that, brata! I hope you will make a good buck for all of your interesting videos! It amazes me that you have videos close to 10 million views, that means you are MOST definetely doing something right!
    Good luck and thank you!

  4. I really enjoyed your videos. Your cabin is fantastic. It was great that you were able to use trees that were already down from a storm. Repurposing materials is something the whole world needs to take a long look at. So many things are in the trash that can be used for something other than the original use.

  5. PLEASE make instructional books to accompany these incredible videos so the viewers can truly be able to learn from you even more! ( Thank you. Ann Patchen)( Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)

  6. Thank you for your excellent English voice-over. I really enjoyed your video showing how you built your cabin. Really fascinating. Would love to see more videos showing your life in the wilderness. I also enjoy watching traditional recipes being made. Best Wishes from Wales.

  7. Hi,

    so far i like your content (just watched about 6 vids) and would like to see more about your lodge.

    Amazing job, very inspiring i am looking forward to see more of your creativity and craftmanship.

    BTW… i like the thought to share your video in a more common language, my native tongue isn't english too but it's cool to find topics what everyone like and stick a little bit closer together while the leaders of our world try hard to fail in this topic of unity and friendship.

  8. Bumped into your channel quite a nice set of hands and skills you have there. I am also a builder of many things around my house here in MASS USA.
    I love building projects. Just finished a Steel garage and a large gazebo made of all wood. Prior to that I completed a brick oven in my yard cooking pizza there several times per year.
    I have not posted any on YT as of yet.
    I see that you must have a drone of which I have 2…my favorite hobby. I have the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and the Phantom 3. Have many videos of mountains lakes and other areas of New England.

    Love your skills. I watched every video you have posted. I was glued to the computer screen. I especially like the tent heater. I am a self employed plumber who installs many heating systems so this caught my eye immediately. Best to you. Bill

  9. Awsome videos, I say do the videos the way you want there are videos with no words just doing, keep making great videos, from USA

  10. I dont think you need to voiceover your videos , or re-voiceover your russian videos to show them in this chanel. Just load them up without narration. Pls check the Primitive Technology chanel from Australia. 10 Million Subs without a word of naration. And you have hear already a strong base of subscribers to buod on. Just show us you other vids.Please!!!!!😉

  11. Hi!
    First of all – you are amazing!
    Secondly – the log cabin building process is what I would like to see more.

    Thank you for the videos and greetings from Czechia&Finland 🙂

  12. What species of pine tree was used in the construction of your cabin? I heard you say "northern pine", but I have been unable to find any info on such. Is it the "Siberian" species?

  13. I just stumbled upon your channel and I'm enjoying it very much. It looks so peaceful out there. I'm really interested in seeing how you built that cabin. But I like everything I've seen.
    I can't endure much more of what's going on here in the west. I'm about to go disappeare into the wilderness. Build a cabin and live off the land. What more does a man need.

  14. I am very interested in your bearded axe. Did you make it? or is it available for purchase somewhere? Thank you.

  15. I only recently discovered you and your channel. What I've seen so far, is absolutely amazing. I wish I could speak Russian just to watch what you've not been able to present here. Your craftsmanship is of a very high standard and it's a pleasure to watch you create.

  16. my young sir, i completely enjoy your videos my advice is translate those as you see fit. May GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU young sir

  17. Advoko, you need to get an agent to promote your work. I see you on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL in the future. Big Buck$ doing what you love.

  18. Max,
    I truly loved watching everything I have seen of your cabin and your tools. I want to visit Russia someday and perhaps we could meet. Blessings to you and your fine work!

  19. number one concern I have is your safety from bears .You seem to be an amazing man , very strong smart and competent .However, when you are out in the bush a bear could sneak up on you. I would be so sad if something bad happen to you. I love watching your videos.So stay safe. please.

  20. I am a 73 year old grandmother raising 3 grandchildren. We just love your videos! You are very talented and extremely intelligent. You seem to enjoy what you do which makes it more gratifying. May God Bless! We love you.

  21. Do you have the videos of your cabin roof build? English is fine but just to watch you do the work I would find enjoyable- even if I can’t understand Russian.

  22. The food you made with the slices of meat and the slices of union we serve a lot here in Germany. It's called a Bear Claw. Very nice.

  23. Would you please make a video showing us around the cabin you made, external and internal. Also, would you talk a bit about the land around you and the weather through the seasons. Thanks.

  24. I really enjoy watching you work. but I was wondering what are the winter conditions there? I was also wondering if do any hunting? and off course cooking.. cause I myself considering living off-grid.. Thanks

  25. You remind me very much of the late American Dick Proenneke. He lived during the 1960's, after serving in WW2. He built a simple, but also highly sophisticated log cabin in Alaska with NO power tools. The cabin is now an American National Monument. He was also a great film-maker who documented EVERYTHING he did, so HIS content is also available on the Internet or on video. He was in his 50's when he built his cabin, but was also as physically strong as a horse; the man was in SHAPE ! You should see him lift and carry entire TREES to his campsite.
    Thank you for your magnificent effort. You, like Dick Proenneke, are an inspiration.
    While I am not Russian, I say, "Long live Great Russia !"

  26. Maxi, hope I spelled your name correctly, would you show us how you made your field stone oven? That would be very interesting! I really liked your videos about the Finnish fire log stove as well as the ones about the building of your lob cabin. Thank you for posting these in English.

  27. I've just come across you, and I think you are amazing. Your abilities are inspiring and, even in this time of high technology, your human skills technology has subsisted and are an inspiration. Thank you.

  28. On your roof, instead of using the plastic underlayment, what about using that tar you made? Plastic, etc, generates weird biofilms. You have such a clean set up that it seems a shame to add that one layer.

    If you wanted to put the cabin making videos, in English, together on Vimeo (or similar), I’d gladly pay to avoid the ads and be able to watch/listen in my shop

  29. Of all the cabins, shelters, bug-out camps, etc. – your cabin is my favorite and the benchmark for what I would like. Great work, thanks for sharing!

  30. Now I feel stupid about the comment I made on your latest video here on this channel about translating the videos. I wish I would have seen this video first.
    I'm definitely making both the bottle cutter and the clamper sometime in 2020.
    This YouTube content is truly awesome. Thank you very much.

  31. Thank You for your channel. It's always good to see someone enjoying working with their hands, heart, and mind.

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