Rust – The Rust Horse is in! – Rust Horse Riding Update
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Rust – The Rust Horse is in! – Rust Horse Riding Update

August 20, 2019

so helk finally did it
he brought horses into rust as of tomorrow’s wipe or whenever we watching
this you are now going to be able to ride a horse in
rust no to do it before the way you have to be on a stage in branch and have an
admin command them to do it that’s how much to get these horses up that you can
see at the moment now I’ve run around testing them a little but they’re a lot
better than what they were last week you no longer fly into the sky I’ll show you
in a second what they do when you get to rocks they don’t keep flying up them
though you just slow down and stop now and testing I went through water the
slaughter dome you had the water you just old drone all the usual little
things you test for I’ve tried it to see how it works
you also can feed the horse no horse meat throw it down on the ground the
horse will actually eat the horse meat so we’re on an actual horse you’ll see a
yellow bar above your health bar it’s like its energy if you like that’s all
he’ll increase the energy if the horse is down no to quell the horse it takes
quite a few rounds so don’t think if you’re on the horse it’s just gonna get
short off shrill way it does take a few rounds and it wouldn’t surprise me if
some sort of armor command for the horse and their next couple of weeks or mumps
because they are very weak compared to see a helicopter or anything else no
I’ll run around and show you just what it’s like actually handles really really
well which is surprising because I thought it was gonna be an absolute car
crash no headphone person modes just so you can see how it gallops you can find
a gun as I said when you’re up to rocks it just slows down any objects at all it
can stop it they can’t jump all laughing but I’m sure some sort of mechanic won’t
come and where you can actually jump by the moment it just slows down and stops
so be like mind if you get a horse if you team it or whatever as however the
mechanism is touch they grab these you will slow down if he had something like
a log and a ground or some rocks if you are being sure I’ve
been chased bailout in Maine to make sure you have a clear path because it
just basically stopped sell complete halt no everyone is cried out for
optimization myself included I think that’s gonna probably weighty and others
one Pearson worker and optimization minute however I suppose it’s a nice
little thing to have you will see probably twenty thousand Russell or
Survival Series Rome passed before horse that’s probably gonna be YouTube for the
next two weeks whilst everyone gets the sort of metaphor now as I said you can’t
run into the water what you can’t shoot me underwater and you have the horse
enabled so they’ve actually drum don’t quite a lot and tasty quail orbit look
cervix before that but one of the glitches that would probably happen the
most so as I said from the dev blog you will find it a lot more on this but
that’s just a quick n say of what’s actually calling with a horse itself so
far from the test and as I said it seems all right doesn’t seem bad at all but
I’m pretty sure Boggs all come out with us because it’s fairly new and they’ve
all been testing it for a couple of weeks stitcher and I will do some more
tests and see what can do it as I said you’ll see about million solo CDs videos
on the horse anyway

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  1. Outstanding ! They need to do the following: The horse needs to be healed by a med pen or bandages. Spacebar to jump. Hold shift to swim. We need armor for them because it will be aggravating to lose one also how are they stored?

  2. I never thought I'd live to see the day where Rust has ridable horses! This is something my grandchildren will be talking about in 50 years. This is life changing, game changing, amazing. Let's go boys.

  3. Off topic but the scottish accent is my favourite. It's just a funny, very unique and I love impersonating it. Anyway I've been waiting for horses for so long. I don't play rust atm but I'm glad horsies are in.

  4. Already I can see, the cunt that ride this thing got shredded every time.
    Shit so eye catching you can spot it from across the valley.

  5. I kind of wish they would get rid of the guns and introduce mordhau style melee combat or atleast do a separate server for that. Just bows and melee weapons with an actually fun and complex fighting system

  6. These were pretty well done, I can see this being great for solo's. Plan to live near a river though, these things eat more than Oprah.

  7. so horses are carnivores? i have seen videos of indians (dot not woo woo)who have trained cows to eat chicks (chicken children not sexy girls).

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