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RWBY Chibi, Episode 16 – Bike Race | Rooster Teeth

October 30, 2019

[Rooster Teeth opening] RWBY CHIBI! [Blake] Drivers, are you ready? [Yang] Ready! [Ruby] Let’s do this! [Zwei] Woof! [Weiss] I, too, am ready to race. [Weiss] What? [Yang] Where’d you get that thing, your grandma? [Weiss] As a matter of fact, yes. This was Nana Schnee’s favorite bike, she called it Stardust. [Zwei] Woof woof! [Ruby] I wish you could see how dumb you look! Ah – not my stickies! [Yang] Well I hope Nana taught you how to lose, princess ’cause you don’t have the horsepower! [Weiss] I have plenty of horses, thank you. [Blake] Enough chatter! Let’s race! On your marks… Get set.. Go! [Yang] WHAT AND HOW?!
[Ruby] No fair! [Ruby] I was gonna be so fast.. and yet now I am just furious… [Weiss] Stardust, away! [Zwei] Ruff *Struggling noises* [Yang] Did you hear about the teacher at beacon that wears an eyepatch? I heard they had to let them go. Turns out he only had one pupil! *Yang laughs at her own joke* [Jaune] Ouch. [Yang ]He-hey everyone, don’t forget the tournament starts next week! It’s… Vytal that we all do our best! As in, the VYTAL tournament. *Crowd groaning* [Yang] Hello? This is on right? [Sun] Unfortunately! [Yang] Soooo… my roommate Blake was coughing up hairballs all night. We thought it was a CATastrophe! [Blake] Ngh… [Yang] But now she’s FELINE much better! *Collective boos from the audience* [Jaune] Get off the stage! [Sun] I just remembered, I’m supposed to be, uh, not here. [Ren] If we have to sit through this, so do you. [Yang] I’m the main act, people. This is as good as it gets! [Sun] This is worse than Ozpin throwing new students off a cliff! *Giggling in the audience* [Sun] Right? What’s he gonna do when they graduate? Set them on fire? [Yang] No! Don’t listen to him! You! Stop being funny! [Sun] How about you START being funny? *Laughter in the audience* [Yang] Wa-wa-Wait You haven’t heard about the time I, uh, fought a nevermore! Yeah, it was a pretty grimm situation. Out with a Yang! [Jaune] Um, Ruby? Did you know you have some- [Ruby] Yeah, I know. Long story. [Jaune] Yeah, looks like a long story. Pretty good one, I bet. Full of adventure… [Ruby] Yep. [Jaune] Excitement? [Ruby] Oh yeah. [Jaune] Hijinks? [Ruby] So many hijinks. [Jaune] Yep, yep, yep… good stuff. Good stuff. [Ruby] Yeahh well uh… [Ruby] I gotta deal with this, so uh See ya! [Jaune] Blake, d’you ever get the feeling that you’re a… I don’t know… just a… supporting character in life and other people are having all the cool adventures? [Blake] Nope. [Jaune] *Sigh* Must be just me then. [Blake] Don’t worry about it, Sun. [Jaune] …Sun? I’m Jaune… [Blake] Yeah. No, o-of course, I’m just kidding. [Ruby] Ahhh no! Too much adventure! [Ruby] Awahh boy! Awahh this is gonna get crazy! Ahh, plot progression! *Crashes* It’s happening right now!! [Blake] Are you sure you’re not the one with the monkey tail? [Ruby] Click here if you wanna wear some stuff with us on it! And click here if you wanna watch some stuff with us on it. Cause you know, more us, duh! We’re awesome!

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  1. The playlist is backwards. Stoned me has been rewatching the same episodes I just watched yesterday for the last ten minutes…

  2. Ok, they really have to make the old fashion gimmick of Weiss baby pictures when they get to Atlas, also they must add StarDust in there,

  3. Yang your puns are just CATastrophic how about we lend you a HAND lets hope you don't lose an eye and become a teacher because you wouldn't have that many PUPILS hehe…………….and this is why i'm a side character….

  4. The blonde guy with a tail kinda sounds like Max fr- I know it’s by the same people, and I heard another resemblance of camp camp.

  5. 2:23 Micheal and Barbara and some of the funniest people on Roosterteeth so to see them having a joke war was awesome xD

  6. I was waiting throughout the entire Yang comedy stand up for Ruby to yell "GO BACK TO YOUR DAY JOB! SERIOUSLY, GET OFF THE STAGE!"

  7. Did anyone else expect Weiss's bike to be ridiculously fast because it was powered by dust? I mean, she called the bike StarDust

  8. My ideas for RWBY weapons

    Carry state; Sheathed Shortsword
    Primary stage; Unsheathed Shortsword, Sheath is twice as long as normal with an outward scale pattern, like the neck scales of a dragon that layer over eachother. On sheath are 200 throwing picks, black like the sheath.
    Other form; Hilt of sheathed blade splits in two, the guard stretching, keeping the two parts approximately 15cm apart. Sheath becomes twice as long, with the 200 throwing picks along sheath.
    Second form is a bident

  9. 1:04 whats wrong girls? Not getting "Cold feet" Are ya!?
    2:00 Son wanted to "Hi Tail" it out of there!
    2:30 There is already a Grim situation, YOUR ACT!
    2:51 What Long story? They are already reading Long stories?

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