S. Korea and U.S. to hold largest joint exercise Key Resolve/ Foal Eagle next month
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S. Korea and U.S. to hold largest joint exercise Key Resolve/ Foal Eagle next month

November 4, 2019

As our Kwon Soa mentioned, the upcoming South
Korea, U.S. joint military drills will be the largest to date… both in manpower and
military hardware. The two allies will conduct the exercises
with various scenarios in mind — including a preemptive strike on North Korea’s nuclear
facility and missile sites. Our national defense correspondent Kim Hyun-bin
gives us a preview of how the double exercises will be played out. Fifteen-thousand American soldiers will be
involved along with some of the most powerful pieces of hardware in the U.S. military’s
arsenal including the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis and a nuclear
submarine. Some 290-thousand South Korean troops will
also take part in the drills, and both allies have stressed that the joint exercises are
purely defensive in nature. A military official says that the drills are
aimed at giving a strong warning to Pyongyang showing that both Seoul and Washington are
capable of neutralizing the communist state at any given time.
Meanwhile, official talks are under way regarding the deployment of the U.S. missile defense
system THAAD into South Korea to better counter any possible missile attacks by the North. “Protecting the lives of our citizens from
North Korea’s nuclear tipped missiles is our top priority. We will approach this issue
and make a decision based on our right of self-defense.” Defense minister Han,…said the THAAD system
would be able to better protect South Korea. He emphasized that the current ongoing talks
will help the allies find the best locations to place the THAAD batteries, without affecting
the safety of local residents or the surrounding environment.
Kim Hyun-bin Arirang News.

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