Salad Fingers 11: Glass Brother
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Salad Fingers 11: Glass Brother

August 20, 2019

Well, hello, Mr. Fingers. There you are! I’ve got a collection of little buggers who’ve been waiting to see you. I thought I told you to get a haircut…
Marjory Stewart-Baxter. When you disobey me… this is what it comes to– I suppose you find this… amusing do you?
Hubert Cumberdale? You’re the best behaved, Jeremy Fisher.
You’ll be first in the bathtub tonight. Oh, don’t give me those tears now! You’ll never be a real boy, Hubert Cumberdale. I think you’re about ready to grow up a little. Don’t you? Wow. Who’s that little dazzling dreamboat? What’s your number? Sugar cheeks… Thunder thighs. Ladies and gentlemen! A new and improved Hubert Cumberdale! (the real boy) I just want to dance on the rooftops for all to see I’m fresh and ready for life I’m a big boy now They grow up so fast Don’t they? And he’s already running about and
playing with all the other little girls and boys I’ve surely been blessed
by the soft hand of our great provider You’re just a glass brother you wouldn’t understand You’re a stupid boy Ye-Yes mother. I am a stupid boy – I’m sorry mother
– Fetch me a bowl of porridge! Yes glass mother Stop it! Hey, He won’t let me pass it – He keeps on–
– What a weak little squirt you are Keeps on — stop it! He’s doing it! Look, it won’t… Come on WEAKLYBONES Pass mother the porridge I think you want her to STARVE I’d rather starve than sit here and
watch this pathetic display You’ll forever just be a lonely reflection It’s not fair I’ve been in here for too long I want to come home now Those cacky spider fingers aren’t going anywhere Andrew hands. Oh, what’s a horrible thing to say Don’t worry, New improved Hubert Cumberdale. (the real boy) I know of another entrance Why is glass brother so mean? Mr. Fingers? He was raised under the Beast’s sun Morning Wetlegs! Thought you’d slip in the back door did you? I must ask that you step aside I absolutely, shan’t Puddle meddling is punishable by a stern rasping Rasp! Rasp, rasp! Rasp Stop- Stop rasping 1. Handful of audax powder 2. Brown pebbles 3. a half cup of spider milk 4. speckled huckleberry leaf but- but- but glass mother You know the speckled Huckleberry leaf
makes my tummy bucks all bilious. – I don’t want another fever
– You’ll eat what I told you to Don’t make me come through that mirror and poke out your eyes Now get it down you Don’t worry, Mr. Fingrés! I’ll clean it up You’re a good lad Who are you talking to? Why, Hubert Cumberdale of course Hello there little boy He’s my real life flesh boy the most beautiful boy in the world Hubert! No! He’ll make a good broom-lad, stick him in the coal shed Hello! What brings you here? I don’t think you ought to have stolen my little flesh-boy. You ungrateful little swine! That’ll be 8 months in the slag-house for you, you rotten little pigeon-prick. You dirty little minge splinter!

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  1. Huge thanks to the Patreon supporters who funded this:
    I think you'd all look lovely in a Salad Fingers tshirt:

  2. i had an idea for someone to make a game called "New Hubert" and you play as hubert cumberdale (the real boy) and try to beat levels upon settings and scenes like whenever salad fingers said "hes playing with the other little girls and boys" the level one could be the playground, playing tag with another demon kid and having to make his way to the other end of the park to reach the kid. level two could be when hes kidnapped by glass brother and escapes to salad fingers.
    its short. buts its an idea.

  3. 9:40–10:05…

    I simply adore this portion of this episode;

    It just feels so indescribably surreal and that music during that part simply invokes the very unique feelings in me that I’ve come to expect from David Firth’s animations.

    Plus, that portion strangely reminds me of Apocrypha. 😛

    Anyway, amazing video, as usual, David!

    Already eager to see episode 12! 🙂

  4. oops. blooper.
    when he throws hubert through the puddle, the eye is still on the left as normal.
    when he smashes the mirror… his eye changed sides.
    then its back on the left again for the remainder.
    i dont think it has any relevance, its just a blooper.

  5. It's weird but I recite the words in this series as I watch. This is because I have a oc that has the same voice as him.

  6. If I were bananas and had a hallucination about my "glassmother" calling me a "weak little squirt" I would be fed up with this shit. Btw he can destroy my old SSD using brutal force. "Just wait until your father comes back home"

  7. I watched this when I was younger and I thought he was a cute little creature XD now I watch this and I’m creeped out XD


  8. I’m a big boy nowwww~~

    Edit: anyone notice that at 8:58 when Glass Brother takes our real boy and Salad Fingers tries to get him back by tapping on the glass his finger appeared on the other sid but one second later we see that Glass Brother was not putting his fingers on the glass? I would like answers now please. Also does Salads Mom remind anyone else of Granny from the game?

  9. Wow, the rabbit hole keeps going deeper. What’s really impressive is that you never mock SF, by the end we always feel great compassion for him. You’ve done an excellent job of building up his horrifying past from mere wisps of a suggestion in the first episodes, up to the beginnings of a full picture in this one. Yet the story is never over, we’re always thrilled when there’s a new one, as nightmarish as they are!

  10. Nickelodeon should hire David Firth to make new Invader Zim episodes with Vasquez or some other cartoons. These two brains could make some very creepy, disturbing and enjoyable cartoons.

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