Santorini Park Hua Hin + HORSE Riding in Swiss Sheep Farm! (Day 2)

August 31, 2019

Uh oh, I’m scared… Hello guys, today we are having our breakfast buffet here in the hotel. Have a look at the food. Hello.. we rented a car. We are now going to.. Hello, we have arrived in Santorini Park. We need to buy the ticket, let’s go! [I bought 2 T-shirts here in this shop] [Then put it on the fake grass here and forgotten to bring them when we left] The weather is really hot, we took lots of photo everywhere just now. We are now here in the Miffy Coffee Shop to have some coffee. Ee~~~~ We are done with Santorini Park and next we are headed to the Camel Republic. We have arrived at a camel themed park. Camel Republic is done! Next, Swiss Sheep Farm! We are here in Swiss Sheep Farm. Have a look guys! We are in a sheep farm. Uh oh, I’m scared… Hello, we are now in The Venezia Hua Hin. Let’s go check it out. We are now on a boat. Uh, this is the most expensive place that we went today. It is RM50 per person because it includes quite a bit of things.

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