Saratoga Bandages Review
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Saratoga Bandages Review

August 14, 2019

KRISTINA: Hi, I’m Kristina, I work in Customer
Care, and today, I will be reviewing the Saratoga Bandages. I love these wraps, because they have a really
unique feature that sets them apart from any other wrap that I’ve used. The silicone lining
has two great benefits for your horse. Not only does this lining prevent the wraps from
slipping, allowing for even pressure distribution on the leg, but it also prevents the wraps
from retaining water when they get wet. These wraps would be perfect for any rider
who’s looking for a little more support than a standard polo wrap, but they can also be
used over pillow wraps or no bows as a standing bandage. These wraps are really easy to care for. I
typically throw them in the wash with my other riding apparel, but I recommend using a garment
bag, so the velcro doesn’t stick to everything else in the wash. I also recommend leaving
them out to air dry, but I have also put them in the dryer and they came out fine. These wraps are nine feet long, so they fit
most horses. I’m Kristina, and the Saratoga Bandages are
what wrap up my bandage collection.

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