Scarlett Horse Sports | Episode 1 | Tamariki Take Over | HEIHEI
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Scarlett Horse Sports | Episode 1 | Tamariki Take Over | HEIHEI

August 13, 2019

Oh! (LAUGHS) What is it doing?! Ah! (FUN MUSIC) It’s hot, so it just got born. They just got out of heihei. (CHICKEN CLUCKS) Kia ora! Ko Whetumatarau te maunga;
ko Karakatuwhero te awa; ko Horouta te waka; ko Tutua
te marae; ko Ngati Porou te iwi. Ko Scarlett-Manaia
Te Aramakutu Morgan toku ingoa. (BRAYS) – He bit- He bit me. He bit me.
– (BRAYS) (HAPPY MUSIC) I got taught how to ride a pony
by my cousins, and it was white.
It was really clean and that. If you go up a hill, (TUTS)
you have to lean forward. So if you go down a hill,
you lean backward. I go to Te Kura o Kokohuia. I can speak a bit of Chinese. Ni hao, Kai-Lan. Uh, I don’t know. It’s Kai-Lan. I mohio au i te reo Maori,
me te reo Pakeha. I’ve two brothers, and the one
brother is right over there.
Come on, pass Tai here. So this is my baby, Tai. He’s 1. I better give him back to Mum. My most favourite thing in
the whole entire world is to go
to Te Araroa with my cousins, who take me to horse sports. (FUN COUNTRY MUSIC) Horse sports is a day where all
the whanau from Te Araroa come and
race their horses. (FUN MUSIC CONTINUES) I raced in the Spud – Spud and the Zigzag. (EXCITING ROCK MUSIC) I was in the front. Matariki was, like, leading. And then Bubba, she was behind me,
so she had to stab the potato. And then you come back and then
just throw it in the bucket. I came first, but they…
they didn’t have enough sashes
for the 1st, so they gave me a 2nd. (FUN COUNTRY MUSIC) I like horses because
they are so, like, nice. They’re fun to go on, and, yeah, they’re so fast. (COUNTRY MUSIC CONTINUES) Thank you for watching. Ka kite!

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