Schockemoehle Silent Ear Bonnet Review
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Schockemoehle Silent Ear Bonnet Review

August 21, 2019

Hi, I’m Kelcie, I work in Marketing, and today,
I am reviewing the Schockemoehle Silent Ear Bonnet. I purchased this product, because this summer,
I recently started competing in the jumpers, and my horse is just easily distracted, so
I really needed something to just help him stay focused. The thing that differentiates this ear bonnet
from others is the ears are actually lined with neoprene. So, not only does it help keep
the flies off your horse’s face, it also helps keep that extra noise out of their ears. Up until I found this ear bonnet, I really
had just been hoping for some sort of noise-cancelling headphones for my horse, and I stumbled across
this ear net, and I was ecstatic. I have found that it doesn’t totally block
out all noise, but it certainly achieved what I wanted it to do, and that was help keep
my horse focused on me and not the distractions outside of the ring. I think this product would be great for someone
like myself who is actively competing and bringing their horse to new environments like
different horse shows. I also think this ear bonnet would be great for trail riders, because
it helps keep the bugs out of their horse’s face and it helps them keep focused at the
task at hand. To care for this ear bonnet, I hand wash it
with a mild-detergent and hang it to dry. It can go in the washing machine, you just
gotta make sure it doesn’t go in the dryer. In terms of sizing, this ear bonnet comes
in one size, and I have found that it fits most averaged sized horses. I’m Kelcie, and if you have a horse that gets
easily distracted like mine, the Schockemoehle Silent Ear Bonnet will be a life changer for

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