Scotty Laughland’s Canyon Strive CF 9.0 Race | GMBN Pro Bikes

October 28, 2019

– Welcome to my pro-bike check. Now if you watch any GMBN
videos you will probably have seen me shredding on this machine ’cause it’s one sick bike,
and before I talk too much I’m going to get straight into the spec and show you guys around. (electronic music) To kick things off I’m gonna
have a look at this frame. It’s carbon fibre, it’s the Canyon Strive and it’s been designed by Fabien Barel, who himself has got a number
of Enduro World Series wins. So this is Canyon’s really
high end enduro bike that you can take to the races,
you can go out on epic rides and most of all you can
just have a lot of fun. It’s got 160 millimetres of travel you’ve got that shape shifter,
a 66 degree head angle and a 1200 millimetre wheel base. It is one absolute shredding
machine that you can just take into the mountains
and have a lot of fun with. Suspension front and
rear is covered by Fox. So up front I’ve got 170
millimetres of travel different to that 160
millimetres on the rear it’s a Fox, it’s a 36 RC2 version. So you’ve got an air sprung fork with high and low speed
compression, rebound adjustment and on that low speed compression
I’m running 14 clicks on high speed has got four clicks on and I’ve got 77 PSI in the air chamber. The rebound has got 9 clicks on and then moving on to that rear shock it’s also handled by Fox. You’ve got the Float X shock right there. It’s got a 6 millimetre
volume space in there just to make it ramp up as it
progresses through the travel and it’s all cushioned and
coated to make it super smooth and give me that compliance
that I really want when I’m digging the bike in to get as much grip as possible. OK so we’ve been over some of the bike now lets take a look at my cockpit. I’m running a 50 millimetre
Renthal Apex stem and then a set of Renthal FatBar bars. See they’re 780 millimetres
in width and 189 centimetres so for me that feels absolutely perfect. You’ve got a set of these Ergon grips. They’re the GD1’s, brand
new, I absolutely love them. These are the thicker
version and they just give me a little bit more
damping through my hands. They don’t get really sore
on those longer descents. Brakes are covered by Sram,
they’re the Guide RSC’s. You’ve got an XO1 shifter,
and over here you’ll find my Crank Brothers remote
for my dropper post and then this button right here, that’s for the shape shifter but we’ll get on to that in a little bit. The Strive has got 27.5 inch wheels and the wheel set that I’m
actually running in this, it’s a Reynolds, it’s a
Carbon Enduro wheel set. Carbon has been absolutely awesome for me it’s really transformed
how the bike rides. It’s so stiff, and when you push the bike into the turns it feels awesome. But that’s also partially
down to the fact that these have got a 28 mil. inner diameter just to give the tyre profile
a slightly different feel. It gives it a bigger
volume so on those impacts it’s got more area to
push through the tyre. And the tyres, well
they’re covered by Schwalbe both front and rear, but different models. On the rear is a Hans Dampf
with a TrailStar compound and on the front I’ve got a Magic Mary. It’s a first ride, but it’s
also VertStar compound. I’ve got 22 PSI in there and 28 PSI in there. Drivetrain is primarily handled by Sram and if we come and have
a look at this cassette you can see it’s a massive wide range run. So it goes all the way from
10 tooth up to 42 tooth and what that 42 tooth
really allows me to do is to put it in an easy gear to climb to the top of the mountain and preserve as much energy as possible for the downs. You’ve got an XO1 mech,
and then the crank set well that’s from RaceFace. It’s a Next SL, 170 millimetres in length, and its the lightest on
the market right now. 34 tooth chain ring
Narrow-Wide from RaceFace too, and then you’ve got an MRP TopGuide just to keep the chain
on as much as possible. And then crankbrothers Stamps. These are the flat pedals
that I absolutely love, and they are in size large. So other things about this bike and one thing that I
haven’t spoken about yet is the shape shifter. Now what this actually does is with the lever that’s on the bars it just changes the geometry
of the bike, ever so slightly but enough that when you’re
climbing to the top of that hill it makes a little substantial difference. So it changes the bottom bracket height just by a little raising it
and when you click that on what actually happens is
the fact that the head angle gets a little bit steeper. Just by one and a half
degrees, and it makes it more efficient for you to get to the top. Other neat finishing
touches are the fact that they’ve got a bottle cage from Topeak and then you’ve got this crankbrothers Highline seat post it’s got 125 millimetres
of infinite drop and that is connected to an Ergon Enduro
saddle with carbon rails. Well this bike has certainly
been around the world with me and one of the best trips I’ve it taken on was when I went on a holiday to Portland and then down to Santa Cruz. We had an absolutely rad time,
and got some cool pictures which I think will be on
display now for you guys to see and if you want to watch
some more videos from GMBN then I suggest you click
right here to subscribe ’cause you’ll never miss one, and a video that I really
enjoyed making on my Strive right here is ‘how to
stop faster’, and then an epic ride from the
Ireland Enduro World Series is right here. Don’t forget, if you think
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