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SCP-3787 The Horse Meme | Archon | animal / hostile scp

October 28, 2019

SCP-3787 The Horse Meme object class Archon Item Number: SCP-3787
Object Class Archon Level 3/3787 classified Threat Level Red Special Containment Procedures [OUTDATED]: As the anomaly associated with SCP-3787 continues
to change over time, its documentation appears here in chronological order. All observed changes to the properties of
this anomaly will appear as addenda materials. Only the most recent version of this anomaly’s
containment procedures are viable. The original 2021/06/30 documentation is as
follows. To ensure that horse breeding continues as
a controlled element and to avoid further progression of the anomaly, Foundation personnel
within the Zoology Department are to infiltrate various tiers of the North American horse
industry. Analysts are to track domesticated horse populations
for anomalous effects such as uncharacteristic or unprovoked aggression, deviance from feeding
habits, and deviance from natural breeding cycles. As personnel cannot quantify the exact numbers
of feral horse populations, known populations are to be monitored for abnormal behaviour. To ensure no deviance to the well-being of
baseline horse populations, personnel are to avoid sterilization efforts of current
horse populations in an attempt to slow down birth rates and overpopulation. Instead, hormonal agent 762988-16-7 is to
be dispersed among horse populations. 762988-16-7 targets horse endocrine systems
to promote docility and extend breeding cycles. Due to the nature of SCP-3787-ε as a widespread
anomaly, there are no known methods of containment. Containment initiatives are being accepted
by the Site-82 Command Office. Keter-class remains the classification of
this anomaly until such a point that acceptable levels of containment have been met. Description: SCP-3787 describes a deviance
to the natural behaviour of domesticated and free-roaming Equus ferus caballus (horse)
populations. Personnel have observed this deviance in the
Southern and Southwestern United States, though horse populations within the entirety of the
US and Canada are potential vectors for this anomaly. SCP-3787-A refers to the emergence of a gestation
period 8 to 10 times more rapid than the baseline horse breeding cycle. The baseline gestation period of 11 to 12
months is shortened to a roughly 30 to 45 day period from conception to birth among
horses affected by SCP-3787-A. Up to 10 times as many foals are born as a result. Growth rates of this size over an extended
period of time are unsustainable and pose a serious risk to the horse industry’s ability
to maintain it. Horses involved in this breeding cycle, including
both newborn foals and pregnant mares, are not negatively affected by this accelerated
gestation period. Newborn foals exhibit physiological properties
similar in nature to their non-anomalous counterparts. They develop within pregnant mares despite
lacking the necessary sustenance over the accelerated developmental period. SCP-3787-B describes an anomalous increase
in horse aggression in free-roam horse populations. Personnel have observed SCP-3787-B in the
mustang populations of Nevada, where the largest feral horse population in North America exists. Examples of aggression include unprovoked
hostilities toward horses outside a constituent pack, the active killing of most or all members
of a feral horse pack by that pack’s dominant stallion, and in some cases, the cannibalization
of foals as a show of dominance. Increase in horse hostility has extended into
normal horse feeding patterns as well. Feral horse packs affected by this anomaly
will carry out organized attacks on other wildlife, escalating to the point of ignoring
herbivorous feeding habits. This occurs despite horse jaw structures and
digestive systems being biologically unsuited for meat consumption. This manner of aggression has led to the progression
of horses to the top of the food chain in many areas. SCP-3787-B initially began in newborn foals
affected by SCP-3787-A but has since transferred to an unknown number of horse populations
of varying ages based on a geometric infection model. As well, this anomaly has developed in the
same time frame and area as a second equine anomaly, designated SCP-3787-ε. This anomaly refers to the immediate consequences
of a marked increase of total horse populations, which has led to the increase of the equine
in the human consciousness. SCP-3787-ε is the designation given to an
anomalous memetic form of equinophobia, or the emergence of an intense fear of horses
among humans with no previous basis to fear horses. Individuals may not be aware that they have
been affected by this anomaly until they have been re-exposed to the concept of horses through
forms of media, or through personal conversations that reference horses. SCP-3787-ε occurs in suburban areas and urban
centres, and among populations far from rural communities. More specifically, SCP-3787-ε occurs among
populations with little access to that which is equine in nature3. Individuals within these populations with
a fascination for horses on any level are not affected by this anomaly. An estimated 350,000 individuals within the
continental United States alone have contracted this anomaly. Addendum 3787.1: On 2021/06/30, Foundation
efforts to reduce the heightened equine birth rate were deemed successful. The median horse gestation period levelled
out to approximately 1.5 times the baseline. In the two months since the detection of the
anomaly, approximately 450,000 new horses were born in the United States alone. On 2021/07/12, Zoology Department personnel
observed what they hypothesized to be an anomalous illness spreading throughout domesticated
horse populations. Horses affected by this illness experienced
a period of extreme stress, leaving them in a comatose state. In approximately 18.5% of cases, affected
horses later expired. Approximately 37% of horses in the Southern
and Southwestern United States have been afflicted with this illness. Research efforts into a cure for this illness
have, as of 2021/07/29, proven ineffective. Addendum 3787.2: Since 2021/07/12, the accelerated
spread of this illness has led to the death of approximately 1.1 million horses in the
US alone. On 2021/08/10, Site-82, in conjunction with
the Scientific Department, published a report on PROJECT: DIRE HORSE to SCiPNET. A summary of the report is as follows. Summary of PROJECT: DIRE HORSE PROJECT: DIRE HORSE outlines the production
of a significant synthetic horse population and the dissemination of this new population
across the United States. This is to be done to mitigate the ongoing
loss of horse populations and to produce a phenotype resistant to the effects of the
anomalous illness. To achieve this goal, DIRE HORSE has employed
the use of Ashleigh’s Fields, a cattle farm in Newton News, Montana, which has been operating
under the Foundation front company Stratford Cattle Productions since 2010. Ashleigh’s Fields uses an industrial farming
facility responsible for the mass production of synthetic livestock in the place of modern
farming techniques. DIRE HORSE makes use of the Rimmer-Lister
Hippological Simulacrum (RLHS) prototype. The RLHS is capable of producing 500 artificially
grown adult horses, or approximately 1,000 foals, per hour, within 99.91% genetic similarity
of their natural counterparts. Horses produced by the RLHS are behaviorally
engineered and memetically hardened to reduce the potential effects of an SCP-3787-B spread
into its population. In the event of a runaway equine extinction
due to SCP-3787, the RLHS and its sentinel facility at Ashleigh’s Fields are capable
of storing up to 100,000 stable horses in cryonic storage for a period of up to 10 years. To reduce public awareness of the full extent
of SCP-3787’s spread, DIRE HORSE is to immediately begin to replace horse populations in 35 different
states. Document 3787.0155 outlines information on
this process. Any expired horses having been affected by
SCP-3787 in any capacity are to be collected and sent to Site-41 for decommissioning purposes. Document 3787.0157 contains further information
on the technical and logistical specifications of the RLHS. THE ANTIMEMETICS DIVISION DECOMISSIONING REPORT
The following file is Level 4/3787 classified. Unauthorized access is forbidden. PROJECT: DIRE HORSE To prevent environmental contamination, expired
SCP-3787-affected horses are to be tagged and collected for decommissioning purposes. The nature of this decommissioning is as follows: Foundation personnel planted in the North
American Horse Industry are to make note of all areas affected by mass die-offs due to
SCP-3787. Archives of the full extent of SCP-3787’s
effects in affected areas, including the number of expired horses, the source of the infection,
and the speed of the infection’s spread, are to be kept. Personnel are to remove expired horses identified
during this process from affected areas on an immediate basis. Civilians aware of the full effect SCP-3787
has had on affected areas are to be amnesticized using Class-A Amnestics. A network of Foundation web crawlers are to
carry out mass media blackouts by purging any uncontained news reports on SCP-3787. A random pool of approximately 1,100 expired
horses (0.1% of all horses killed by SCP-3787) are to be stored for future testing. Expired horses are to be taken to Site-41
for neutralization. Neutralization efforts will operate with the
end goal of destroying all expired horses affected by SCP-3787. As per Procedure: IRISH WRISTWATCH, all destroyed
subjects are to be broken down into a component slurry to begin the transformation into Class-W,
-X, and -Y mnestics material, as a primary component of modern mnestics is an admixture
of various parts of horse anatomy. As of 2021/08/20, this aspect of PROJECT:
DIRE HORSE has been taken over by the Antimemetics Division. Addendum 3787.3: On 2021/09/03 at 01:04 AM,
unknown anomalous entities attempted to force access into Site-41 before being repelled
by automated lockdown procedures. A transcript of the encounter, as recorded
by on-site surveillance, is as follows. VIDEO LOG Note: Due to the high volume of antimemetic
anomalies on-site, all cameras at Site-41 are outfitted with a Mariotte-Pashler antimemetic
perception filter, as well as standard night vision. This allows for the surveillance of most documented
forms of antimemetic or counterconceptual anomalies. For the sake of identification purposes, the
cameras outline anomalies corresponding to this description in red.A large wheel-shaped entity comes into view
approximately 350 meters from Site-41. The entity is identified by a contrasting
red against the green hue of the surveillance footage. The wheel-like anatomical structure bypasses
a surveillance pylon by rolling through it at approximately 50 km/h, taking out two of
the pylon’s legs. Security alarms begin to emit a high-pitched
whine as the entity continues toward the site, at which point it begins to slow down. MTF-Chai-10 (“Oxygenated Morons”), a three-man
fast-insertion unit, comes into view, approaching the entity on a military ATV outfitted with
an M2 heavy machine gun. At this point, the entity forms a ball and
begins to expand. MTF-Chai-10 is aware of the entity due to
excess mnestic emissions from Procedure: IRISH WRISTWATCH present in the air. MTF-Chai-10-1: What the fuck? MTF-Chai-10-2: Just fire, they took down our
guard tower. MTF-Chai-10-3: Firing. MTF-Chai-10-3 fires a 5-second long burst
at the entity, expelling 75 rounds. The entity’s outer layer makes a popping sound
before emitting loud equine vocalizations. An individual entity separates from the larger
entity and gallops towards MTF-Chai-10. MTF-Chai-10-2: A horse? What the fuck? MTF-Chai-10-2, who is operating the vehicle,
begins to reverse, before circling the larger entity in a wide arc. The individual entity matches speed and chases
the unit for approximately forty seconds, before latching itself to the back of the
ATV. The larger entity then disappears from view. MTF-Chai-10-3 fires a 10-second burst at the
individual entity, expelling 150 rounds. The entity breaks apart into many smaller
portions. The scattered portions continue to move, implanting
themselves onto various places of the ATV. MTF-Chai-10-2: Keep firing. MTF-Chai-10-3: The thing’s Swiss cheese, I
don’t have anything to fire at! Small portions of the entity enter open sections
of the ATV, causing it to cease operation. MTF-Chai-10-2: Alright, everyone out. Let’s head behind the blast doors before the
automated systems kick in. MTF-Chai-10-1: Right, let’s move. MTF-Chai-10-3: That thing gave me the creeps. But where did the other bogey go? MTF-Chai-10-2: Not sure. Let’s go. MTF-Chai-10 exits the ATV and makes their
way to the side of Site-41. They enter through a large blast door, which
reinforces itself upon closing. Outside, the visible entity squeezes the rest
of its body into the vehicle. Equine vocalizations continue for the next
10 minutes. Soon after, the larger entity appears approximately
100 meters from the facility. The entity takes the form of a large ball
approximately 2 meters in diameter. The entity begins to roll towards the facility,
gaining immense speed. It moves towards the site at approximately
150 km/h, impacting the side of the facility and causing structural damage. The camera is sent offline from the impact,
while audio surveillance continues. Site systems at this point log the activation
of high-powered 2000W floodlights located around the facility: an automated feature
to prevent intruders via disorientation before weaponized systems activate. Audio surveillance picks up a sharp equine
vocalization, loud at first, but eventually becoming fainter before terminating.Closing Remarks: Site-41 reported no further
sightings of the larger entity after 01:26 AM. By morning, when lockdown lifted, an investigation
into the entity within the ATV occurred. Security personnel found the entity within
the ATV blackened and shrivelled; terminated by prolonged exposure to the intense light. Extended research into the nature of these
entities (designated SCP-3787-n) has begun. Addendum 3787.4: On 2021/09/05, individuals
affected by SCP-3787-ε experienced a spontaneous shift in anatomy, becoming more equine in
nature. Not all affected individuals were able to
make a full transformation7, with some expiring before the full transformation became possible. Individuals undergoing this transformation
have designated SCP-3787-ε-1. As well, Foundation personnel specializing
in antimemetics training have begun to make note of large numbers of SCP-3787-n. These entities have begun to appear en masse
as a direct result of extended Foundation efforts to control North American horse population
numbers8. A full description of SCP-3787-n is as follows. SCP-3787-n Description: Each instance of SCP-3787-n
is part of a collective of predatory anomalous organisms. SCP-3787-n are semi-humanoid equine entities,
each composed of a malleable cartilage structure integrated with groupings of musculature typical
of the common horse. Instances have a thin epidermis with slight
brown colouration. A defining feature of SCP-3787-n is the cranium,
which is similar in shape to that of a horse, but on a smaller scale. At the bottom of the cranium is a muzzle of
equine nature, from which equine vocalizations are possible. As well, naturally occurring braided hair
similar in consistency to that of horsehair is visible in the form of a mane and a tail. Each individual strand of horsehair is autonomous,
despite SCP-3787-n efforts to remain static in its positioning. While SCP-3787-n have dull rounded teeth,
instances take part in carnivorous activities. Instances have been observed to consume human
beings and instances of SCP-3787-ε-1. Despite this, SCP-3787-n do not feed for sustenance
purposes, and instead, choose to hunt for recreational purposes. Despite their intelligent nature, SCP-3787-n
lack the ability to use tools or equipment. Each instance of SCP-3787-n attacks in a manner
solely involving their bodies, or in conjunction with other SCP-3787-n as a group. All appendages, including the arms, legs,
and tail, are capable of being contorted, elongated, and wrapped around themselves. For example, SCP-3787-n will balloon their
body as a form of defence. Instances will also mount each other, combining
in tandem with the formation of wheel-like anatomical structures. This is done to use their collective body
masses as vehicles for transportation. When this occurs, speeds of up to 100 km/h
have been observed, though further velocities are theoretically possible. SCP-3787-n have a strong revulsion towards
most forms of visible light, even to the point of being damaged physically by exposure to
it. Personnel making contact with SCP-3787-n are
advised to carry any forms of light-based weaponry available, ranging from LED spotlights
to hard light weaponry prototypes. No other means of damaging SCP-3787-n exist. Sightings of SCP-3787-n have almost always
occurred in nocturnal settings, which has led them to become colloquially known as “Nighters”
among Foundation personnel. SCP-3787-n manifest in groups ranging from
5 to 500 instances. Instances are known manifest near domestic
and thoroughbred horse farms, SCP-3787-ε-1, and feral horse packs. Addendum 3787.5: Containment analysts at Site-82
have come to understand a complex relationship between the appearance of SCP-3787-n and the
previous equine anomalies. Analysts have concluded that the emergence
of increased equine aggression and accelerated birth rates was in part a widespread anomalous
defense mechanism tailored towards the repulsion of SCP-3787-n. However, recent reports have shown that this
behaviour has almost reversed, in due part of the influence of SCP-3787-n entities. The latest development has prompted the reclassification
of SCP-3787 to an Archon-class anomaly. The Foundation is now undergoing wide scale
internal research efforts focused on the anomalous nature of the equine as a species. Since the appearance of SCP-3787-n as a collective,
North American horses have begun to deviate from their normal behaviour. Almost all horse populations have begun to
display SCP-3787-B and attack humans, leading to civilian casualties beyond Foundation control. In areas with a high volume of SCP-3787-ε-1
instances, SCP-3787-ε-1 as a population has begun to form large groups despite pre-existing
human class structures. These groups have begun a mass pilgrimage
to a yet undesignated area in the American Southwest, being lead by groups of SCP-3787-n. How the two groups communicate is currently
under active investigation. Various North American equine anomalies have
begun acting in an anomalous manner that deviates from their documented behaviour. Equine anomalies seem to have taken an adversarial
position on humanity as a whole and are acting in the best interests of SCP-3787-n populations. A full list of the changes to these anomalies
is as follows. Equine Anomaly Documented Behaviour Behaviour
Post-SCP-3787 Emergence SCP-042 A wounded sapient horse that spreads
a sense of euphoria after making physical contact. The horse destroys most forms of vegetation
it makes contact with by dehydrating them. SCP-042 manifested a wingspan approximately
15 meters in width, which it used to breach containment by flying over the fence of its
enclosure. Contact with SCP-042 was lost for approximately
3 hours as it entered a high altitude. Contact was remade when Foundation personnel
became aware of reports of a flying horse above Sedalia, Missouri. When personnel arrived, almost all the city’s
21,000 citizens had been afflicted with “horse fever”, which made them believe they were
horses. The use of amnestics has not been able to
reverse the effects of “horse fever”. SCP-1556 A group of 15 mustangs that manifests
during foggy conditions in the American Midwest. SCP-1556 manifested in downtown Houston, Texas,
after a dense fog and gale force winds were reported. The horses displayed hostility, engaging in
attacks against civilians for approximately 16 hours. Attacked civilians were later reported to
behave in an equine manner and were later designated as instances of SCP-3787-ε-1. It is estimated that over 3,400 civilians
have been affected by this anomaly. SCP-2514 A horse that sings a modified version
of “Happy Birthday to You” at a high volume, instilling joyful memories into anyone that
listens, while emitting pyrotechnics. The Director of Area-12 found SCP-2514 out
of containment and inside his office. After following the Director around for the
next 12 hours and causing damage to its surroundings with pyrotechnics, SCP-2514 de-manifested. The next day, on 2021/09/07, SCP-2514 re-manifested
within Site-17 and turned all human-produced food within 1 kilometre of Site-17 into horse
feed, while following around any personnel with a birthday. Site-17 personnel were advised not to consume
the horse feed. All food shipped to Site-17 within the next
36 hours was also rendered as horse feed. After 72 hours, personnel attempting to consume
the horse feed fell into a comatose state and emitted equine vocalizations. SCP-3996 An intangible feral horse pack that
manifests within the Nevada Great Basin desert every 12 hours. Individuals that choose to ride on the horse
pack during this manifestation are brought to a tangent dimension with a high Hume level. SCP-3996 manifested in a normal manner. Agent Emile, upon mounting one of the manifested
horses, expected to be brought to the tangential frontier of SCP-3996-1. Instead, Agent Emile was taken to the origin
place of SCP-3787-n instances. As of the creation of this document, the equine
anomalies have yet to be re-contained. SCP-3787-n have directed efforts toward creating
an equine ethnostate composed of both horses and SCP-3787-ε-1 populations. Contact with passing equine populations by
any non-equine populations has led to confrontative behaviour by SCP-3787-n to protect equine
populations. Foundation personnel attempting to hinder
the effects of SCP-3787 also face aggression by SCP-3787-n, and in some cases become transformed
into horses by unknown means. Addendum 3787.6: MTF-Pi-5 (“Glue Factory”)
has been formed to repel the attacks of SCP-3787-n. Each member of MTF-Pi-5 is trained to deal
with antimemetic anomalies and are to remain on a strict Class-W mnestic prescription. A summary of the task force’s equipment is
as follows: 40 combat operatives using light-based weaponry
such as the 1000W N-62A Laser Optics Pistol, the 2000W G1A Tactical Solid-state Laser Rifle,
and the prototype 30,000W Basok-Prokhorov RX-7Z Hard Light Heavy Rifle (“Nulltaker”). 4000 lm flashlights and interfaces with night
vision and blue-light eye protection lenses. 15 Polaris MV800 ATV medium support vehicles
outfitted with Light Reconnaissance Laser Optics (LaLo) gun platforms. 10 Chenoweth RAV light action support vehicles
4 SL/SX Support Drones with Mariotte-Pashler antimemetic perception filters. Despite the formation of MTF-Pi-5, the full
containment of SCP-3787-n and any related anomalies is not believed to be possible due
to their widespread nature. Foundation efforts are directed towards reducing
any public fear of SCP-3787-n.

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    What I really dislike about your SCP readings is not the same godamn voice, or that it's always the same intro, but it's that it's nothing more but someone reading SCP articles with quick editing to make it sound like a documentation. What I'd really like to see is your own perception of the SCP, explaining it in your own words, talking about them in full depth, and also exploring the tales associated with the SCP.

    The redeeming quality of this channel is that you upload at a very herculean rate and that you actually go for the underrated SCPs.

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