Sculpting Stablemate Ears, Part 2 | Model Horse Customizing Tutorial
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Sculpting Stablemate Ears, Part 2 | Model Horse Customizing Tutorial

August 18, 2019

In my first ever video, I showed you how to
sculpt perfect stablemate ears…today I’ll show you the best way to securely fasten those
ears into your model so they won’t break or look funny. Let’s get started! Remember I said in the other video to leave
a bit of the excess clay as a tip? That’s because we are going to insert that
tip into a hole drilled on the head. Grab your model, and after dremeling down
the old ears, mark the spots of the old ears with a marker. Using a tiny bit on your dremel, carefully
drill new holes. If your ears are upright, this is an easy,
straight-down drill. If you are making twitched ears, be sure to
drill at the right angle and widen the hole as needed. I often drop the ear into the hole to make
sure the direction is right and that the hole is wide enough for my ear position. If your ear tips are too long, just sand them
down until the length of your ears looks correct on your horse’s head. Insert some glue, drop in the ears, wiggle
them into the right place, and then sprinkle on some baking soda. This will fast-cure your glue and also strengthen it. Let it sit overnight and then sand away the
excess glue and baking soda. Sculpt over that to create the base of the
ears and you are done! If you want to see more tutorials like this,
subscribe to my channel. Also, check out my website,, and my social media for more model horse customizing tips and inspiration. Thank you for watching! Now go customize some ponies!

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