Sea Angels – Angeli del mare – Cristina
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Sea Angels – Angeli del mare – Cristina

February 29, 2020

My name is Cristina Gargano, I’m 27 and I’m the Diciotti ship operations officer. All the rescues are risky and they have some peculiarities that distinguish them from each other. There are rescues with a rough sea, night rescue obviously they are more dangerous and I do not hide that every time I’m anxious I’m anxious for men on the rib, for how things could go I’m scared for my men this always. Seeing people crying, seeing people in despair, children leaving on their own … they are feelings that change you and make you grow too, undoubtedly. I arrived that I had always heard on the news, seen documentaries, heard the stories of my colleagues but when I boarded and I did it myself I can guarantee that it was a completely different experience. These are experiences that I think each of us in small should try, in order to understand. We sometimes hear the stories of migrants at the stern they tell us their stories, what they have passed from the departure until the arrival in Libya Because the arrival in Libya is only a part of their journey They are closed in connection house women are often raped, mistreated Thinking that with that short trip they could have a better future, certainly better than what they were spending two days before, it definitely makes me happy.

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