Season 2: Episode 4 “Good and Lucky” | ALL IN: The Road to the Classic
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Season 2: Episode 4 “Good and Lucky” | ALL IN: The Road to the Classic

October 28, 2019

We’re five weeks away from
the Breeders’ Cup Classic. The trainers have already kind
of formulated their game plans. What races they’re going
to use to prep. It’s all a big production. Excited about today. It’s not like any other job. Hey, Princess, how you doing? There’s a lot of anticipation. They’re all in line. I’ll be climbing the walls,
getting extremely anxious. There’s no such thing
as a lucky box or a lucky TV. Preparation is key. It’s a photo finish. It’s get the horse to
the Classic and make sure, if possible, that they run
their best race on that day. It’s…it’s an art. The atmosphere, the horses, the sunrise. You can’t even imagine it. It’s beautiful. 5:00 in the morning, all the horses coming
out at the same time. It’s the best thing
in the world. Morning, Rosie. Hey. I didn’t know you were
a movie star. Can I get your autograph? Good morning, can I help you? Clockers’ Corner is a place
where the jockeys, trainers, owners come and get coffee, donuts, breakfast,
and they look at the horses. It’s a half-and-half
chocolate with coffee. Next guest. Almost all the customers
already know what they want so I get it ready as soon as
I see them walking up the steps. Didn’t you guys win yesterday? I’ve been working at
this race track for 40 years, nine months, and two days. This is Bob Baffert,
he was a jockey. – Rosie?
– Yes, Bob? I’m ready for
my coffee, honey. All right, you got it. Rosie and I go way back. Yeah.
[ laughs ] My number one fan. Yes. Good luck today. Thank you, dear. Can I help you? I just love this place. It’s a big family. Rosie, am I nicest guy here? The second to the nicest.
Bob Baffert’s in first. [ laughs ] [ rooster crows ] People don’t really realize
the care that the horses get between 5:00
in the morning till 11:00. They’ve got dedicated people
to take care of them. All the work’s been done by time
we get over there in a paddock. Everything okay, David? That’s a bit of his personality. Don’t bother me. He’s already trained
this morning, and now he’s just standing in
some hot water and Epsom salt, sort of help his feet
out a little bit. They like that. I don’t think so. I’ve been actively involved
in the business since 1971. To develop a horse and
get him to the Classic and then to have him win, it kind of keeps me
around a little bit. I’ve never won it, I’ve been
second a couple of times. When Code of Honor
won the Travers last month, that was four Travers for me. Code of Honor is gaining ground. There’s only one other
trainer who’s won any more. Code of Honor. 21 years since his
last Travers win. Does winning the Travers
ever get old? No, it doesn’t get old.
That’s too long. I have won Jockey Club
Gold Cup three times, hopefully Saturday
will be the fourth. – You got it?
– Yes, thank you. Takes me a while to get
loosened up here. [ crows ] Welcome back to
Santa Anita Park. Every race track has
its own personality. The barn area, the backside, is one of the most
visually stunning places that you’ll find. Santa Anita has got
a lot of history. I mean, you go back
through those barns and some of the greatest horses
in the history of horse racing have been stabled here. It’s a walk back through time. – How you doing?
– Hey, how you doing? Well, what we do
before every major race is sort of do
our reconnaissance. – How you doing, man?
– Good. – How’s your arm?
– Good. – Good.
– I got lucky, actually. I wouldn’t necessarily call it
investigative journalism but, unless you come back here
and do your due diligence, so to speak, you won’t know
what the big stories are. There have been mornings where
I’ve probably logged 10 miles back here and maybe
talked to, like, one person. Is John around? On the track.
Of course. Of course he’s on the track. Come back here a little
later in the morning? Yeah, like about 10:00 maybe. Okay. I think this is Murphy’s Law
of race track preparation. Let me see if
he’s in here first. Hang on. I got a phone. Where you at?
Are you at the barn? No, no, no, no. I think he’s at the other end. Herding cats, I believe,
is the phrase, right? Hey, relax. At least it’s a beautiful
office, right? We have six horses
in the Awesome Again. There’s one heavy
favorite, McKinzie, trained by Bob Baffert. Any anxiety being
back here, Bob? Not really. You know, one to nine,
you know, we want to… we want to win, but it’s
always that last race, that last hurdle, you know,
to get him through but it’s a privilege
to run at Santa Anita. All right, well, thank you. – No problem.
– Thanks, Bob. One of the things about Bob, he has a very keen
intuition about his horses. He trains a lot on feel. He’s so versatile.
He’s got tactical speed. Yeah, you know what, I think
Mike finally got him figured out that he doesn’t–he’s not
one that wants to go out there and be on the edge. He can sit, sit, sit,
then he’s got gear. One thing we’ve learned
in covering these races over the years is
sometimes the horses that look like they’re
going to be the big guns in the Breeders’ Cup Classic, it doesn’t always
turn out that way. It’s going to be interesting
the way this race sets up. John’s horse
showed good speed last time. I’ve got speed. We didn’t overtrain him
going into this one because I think the bigger prize
is obviously in five weeks. You had to love his race
in the Pacific Classic. I was real proud of him. So another big question
is, if you win, what the hell
is Britney going to do? [ laughing ] She’ll be going nuts.
Yeah. Draft Pick is chasing gamely. Go, go, Draft, come on, boy. Come on, boy.
Go, go, go. – Come on, Draft.
– Draft Pick second. Yeah, well, I’m Britney Eurton,
he’s Pete Eurton. – I’m Pete Eurton.
– Daughter, Dad. Yeah, and, uh… we’ve
been here 32 years. We both work in horse racing. Fixing her up so she looks good. She has to look
pretty for camera. Right? Forgot to tell you, she
bites people in the face. Don’t say that. Whoo, glad that’s over. Just take me through
coming into the race… We spend a lot of time
talking about how the horses are doing or what
race they’re pointing towards, and how difficult
it’s going to come up. For me, I’m already doing
this research for work so– Absolutely. Absolutely,
I’ll take what she has to say with more than
a grain of salt, for sure. Plus, it gives me
a reason to call her. Oh, Draft came out to say hello. – Hi, big boy.
– How are you doing, huh? It’s just really special to see
the connection those that work in this industry have
with these animals. Those are the stories that
I really enjoy sharing. Math Wizard on the outside… The interview that you did
for the Pennsylvania Derby… – Saffie Joseph.
– Yeah. I mean, that was emotional,
that guy. I mean, I felt it. To have a horse like
this that could point towards the Breeders’ Cup Classic,
what does that mean to you? It means everything. Since I was three years old, this is my life,
and it’s come through. Working the race is difficult
for me because I’m biased. Last, and surely not least, is Draft Pick from
my father, Peter Eurton. When he was running
in the Pacific Classic, for him to run second, well, everybody saw
how I felt about that. I’ll scream for
second and third. – Yeah, she will.
– Come on, it’s a big deal. I think he finished
second or third. Yeah, me and Randy
were talking about trying to get you
on film tomorrow. No. No. – Yeah, we can have a–
– What that means–OOOH! We have a little bit
of an advantage being here and be able to train
over the track. I don’t know why
he’s a big underdog. I think it’s because
it’s who he’s facing. The number one rated horse
in the Classic division. I think there’s
a whole lot more pressure when you’re the favorite. This horse loves
this race track. That’s what he has over
the horses that come in. But McKinzie, he likes it too. Can you beat McKinzie
tomorrow, huh? Huh? Because if you can beat him,
you know you’ve won the race. McKinzie is a
one-to-nine favorite, and he has two racing
legends in his corner, trainer, Bob Baffert,
and jockey, Mike Smith. I’m just watching Midnight Bisou
warm up right now. She looks nice and happy. Most of the time I ride her, but, you know, it’s kind
of a double-edged sword. You’re blessed to be
in these kind of decisions because you’re riding
some really good horses, but they’re also tough because
you can only ride one. But McKinzie is, you know,
the big horse running for the Classic in the
Breeders’ Cup this year, and he preps today and so we had
to stay here to ride him, and, then, of course,
Johnny Velazquez is going to ride her there. It’s tough to be a top jockey. Riders up. Midnight Bisou is currently
undefeated this year, and she’s got two races left. This one, today, the Beldame,
and then it’s the Breeders’ Cup. It would be an
incredible campaign to be able to finish off
as undefeated, especially taking down the
Breeders’ Cup Distaff. So she’s going into sale. Are you going to
retain anything or– You know, we’ll
see what happens. We can talk about it. It’s just–but it’s–so
how do I answer, like, would we consider
running against the boys when we’re selling her? But so, I can answer that. We have Midnight Bisou entered
in the Night of the Stars, the Fasig-Tipton November sale. – Bobby, how you doing, buddy?
– Great. Hey, good luck.
Good to see you. And I try not to think
about that right now just because Midnight Bisou has truly been incredibly
life-changing. I mean, she’s become
part of the family. The first one to come up will
be the one-to-nine favorite, Midnight Bisou. But, you know, look,
this is a business. The fact that I was able
to acquire Midnight Bisou for a mere $80,000 as
a two-year-old and to think, now, she’s worth
millions of dollars, you don’t have to be
a math expert to understand it’s a pretty good
return on investment. They’re all in line. But, at this point in time,
we’re embracing and appreciating all the time
that we’re spending with her to the nth degree,
a hundred percent. They’re off. In the Beldame,
Midnight Bisou had a good start from
that inside post. You think she likes that? You can feel it, right? You felt it without me– without you even knowing
the answer, but she’s run down
inside of there before. They’re off the back stretch. They’re goes Midnight Bisou now, and she gets even with… Come on. …with a half mile to go. Spring In The Wind is
clinging to her, though, she hasn’t gone away yet. Around the far turn… Come on, girl. …Midnight Bisou
is on the rails. Wow Cat makes her
move on the outside. These two move away
from the others. Side by side– There she goes. Wow Cat trying to make
a race of it, but Midnight Bisou
is edging away, and Midnight Bisou just
kissed Wow Cat goodbye. Yes, yes. And she goes on to victory
and on to the Breeders’ Cup. And then it was Wow Cat, followed by Crimson Frost
and Another Broad. Thank you.
Thank you very much. You called it. She didn’t have as easy trip. You know what I’m saying? She was in that place
where she– You just feel
uncomfortable, right? Yeah. But she still did it.
She’s good. When you talk about the horse
of the year conversation, you must mention
the superstar female, that’s Midnight Bisou. She was terrific.
Really, really good this year. Is there anyone that can give
her a run for her money? She’s classy, she’s tenacious, Elate could give her
a run for her money, – surely, if she went to the–
– If she runs there. Kim, why don’t you and
Bella go open the gate? – Okay.
– Gate to the wire. – You okay with that?
– Yes, siree. All right, good. We’ve got a very nice horse,
top filly named Elate. We’ve got the option of going
to the Breeders’ Cup Classic. It brings a lot of interest
when the best of the girls are running against
the best of the boys, and sometimes they pull it off. We’ve also got Tacitus. On a couple occasions,
he’s been a bit unlucky, but we’re hoping that
he’ll be able to pull it off in the Jockey Gold Cup. I think that would
send him on his way to the Breeders’ Cup Classic. If you’re lucky enough
and good enough to get to the winner’s circle, you have to feel like
you’ve done something right. I don’t know that
it’s bragging rights, but it’s actually
just the fact that, you know, you got the job done. Up next, the thrilling Jockey
Club Gold Cup at Belmont Park. It’s a playoff atmosphere. It’s not win or go home.
Instead, it’s win and you’re in. All right, this is Vino Rosso. Translation? Red Wine. I think what I really love
about training horses is that the results
are very concrete, as opposed to the racing part. Things like the Kentucky Derby
and the disqualification there, you know, you get to see
on a daily basis if the work you’re doing is achieving the results
you’re looking for. Vino Rosso has been a
very, very good, solid, consistent
campaigner for us, but the Jockey Club Gold Cup, it’s a race that
we’ve unfortunately have not been able to win. We’ve had some
very close seconds. You know, so we would certainly
like to check that one off. Hopefully soon. [ chattering ] The Jockey Club Gold Cup has some key
Breeders’ Cup contenders. It’s a field that’s even
more accomplished than a field in
the Awesome Again from top to bottom. I mean, you’ve got Code of
Honor, who’s a very impressive winner of the Travers, along with Tacitus,
who he beat in that race. Another fast horse,
a good horse, Vino Rosso, has been running
exceptionally well. And Preservationist
just comes off a big win. So the Jockey Club Gold Cup
is going to have a lot to say about the
Breeders’ Cup Classic field. Post time for the
Jockey Club Gold Cup. What I’m watching for is
what Code of Honor does, the three-year-old. Gives me an idea where
the older horses are. If he doesn’t show up on that
big day, it doesn’t matter. You can forget what’s happened, it’s what’s going to–
how they are that day. They’re all in line. There they go. They’re off in the
Jockey Club Gold Cup. Oh, they’re going to show it
on the screen up there. And Vino Rosso
to the early lead. Tacitus has been guided down
to the outside by Jose Ortiz, and Preservationist is now
coming up on their outside. They’re making three together
after a 24-02 quarter. Code of Honor is up running
in fourth right now. He’s two lengths off the lead. It is Vino Rosso and Tacitus,
and nothing separates these two. Code of Honor now
swings up on the outside. Vino Rosso is going
to beat that. Vino Rosso just broke to
the top of the crunch. Code of Honor and Vino
Rosso come stride for stride into the final 16. It is Code of Honor
on the outside. Vino Rosso these
two will decide, a thrilling Jockey Gold Cup,
and it is very tight. Wow. There was a lot of
bumping going on. And then it was Tacitus
and Preservationist. Number three,
Vino Rosso was first. It’s a photo finish in
the Jockey Club Gold Cup. The final time was two minutes
point three zero seconds. Thank you.
It’s about time. Ladies and gentlemen,
please hold all tickets. There is a Stewards Enquiry into
the stretch run of this race. There is also
an objection lodged by Code of Honor
against Vino Rosso. Enquiry objection there is.
I knew it. Got an enquiry. There was some…there was
some bumping going on. Once again, the rider of
number two has claimed foul against number three, alleging
interference in the stretch. There is a Stewards Enquiry,
as well. There has been a
disqualification in this race. Number three, Vino Rosso,
from first to second for interference in the stretch
with number two, Code of Honor. Returning to the winner’s
circle is Code of Honor. [ applause and cheers ] [ booing ] It’s a New York crowd. It is for sure. Boo! Breeders’ Cup congratulates Shug McGhaughey
and John Velazquez. Both horses ran incredible races and you hate to see
it happen like this, but I’m just really
proud of Code of Honor. You know, I couldn’t
be any happier. Breeders’ Cup win
and you’re in race, what are those
feelings like now? Well, it’s always exciting,
you know, and we’ll see how he comes back. I’ll talk to Mr. Parish. But, make up my mind. [ shouting ] Aw, geez, hold on a minute. One more, Johnny. Controversy, objection, frustrating loss in the battle but not the war moving
forward for Vino Rosso. Code of Honor, the Jockey
Club Gold Cup winner. Welcome back to
Santa Anita Park, start of the prestigious
Grade 1 Awesome Again. McKinzie is trying to follow
in the footsteps of Accelerate, who won this race last year and went on to win
the Breeders’ Cup Classic. Mike Smith’s 26th
Breeders’ Cup victory, 13 of them right here. Mike, he and Bob Baffert
have developed a chemistry and a trust, and it’s very unusual
in horseracing to have a scenario in which no other rider has ridden McKinzie in a race. Only Mike Smith. Wheel her in, my man.
Let’s see what we do here. Yeah. I wanna use this race
to get him ready. Bob said he’s starting
to put McKinzie up there with some of the other
really top horses. Even with that familiarity, Mike has said just in
the last four or five races that he’s finally
figured McKinzie out. – All right, guys.
– All right, man. Mike knows that horse
like the back of hand. Come on, here we go. McKinzie is the most
likely winner, and I’m not brave enough to pick
against him in a spot like this. Britney, what about you? Well, everybody knows
where my heart would be, with my father’s horse,
Draft Pick, but it is McKinzie. No shocker there. Better hope Dad’s not listening. Well, he’s watching
the horses so we’re good. Good luck, Britney. There he is, McKinzie. What about Draft Pick? What a story that would be. Is there an upset brewing?
We’re about to find out. McKinzie, one to nine. It is post-time for the Grade 1
Awesome Again Stakes. Frank Mirahmadi with the call. All set. [ bell rings ] And they’re off in
the Awesome Again. Higher Power stumbled
at the start. McKinzie comes out beautifully
and takes the lead. Mongolian Groom is up
close in the early going. Just behind them,
it’s Draft Pick in fourth, then Seeking the Soul. Higher Power in between horses only about two lengths
off the pace. You cannot get any more
compact than this. McKinzie, three wide, Mongolian Groom
is still in front, though, and Isotherm, second. Mongolian Groom
running a good race. He’s in cruise control thus far. McKinzie gets his cue and comes
after him trying to collar. Draft Pick is down at the rail. McKinzie went up
to Mongolian Groom at the top of the stretch. Mongolian Groom digging
in very gamely. McKinzie is a half-length
behind him, and Mongolian Groom kicks
off slightly inside. McKinzie is on him, but..
Mongolian Groom, winner in the Awesome Again
under Abel Cedillo. McKinzie settles for second, Higher Power, third,
Seeking the Soul at fourth. Is there an upset brewing? You bet there is. Mongolian Groom turns back
the challenge of McKinzie. McKinzie looked like
he was primed and ready to go at the top of the stretch, but, Mongolian Groom,
he ran the race of his life. You know, I’ve known
and been around Bob since he very first got
into the training business. Nobody knew who
Bob Baffert was. But, now, it’s almost like, what do you give a guy
who has everything, right? He’s swept
the Triple Crown twice. He’s got American Pharaoh
on his resume. But one of the things
that you notice about Bob and being around him is that he wants something
that’s even better. Every year in horseracing, there’s always a
discussion about legacy. About how a certain horse stacks
up with the all-time greats. The great thing about this
sport is that we think we know, but the reality is, it’s
much easier said than done.

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