Sesame Street: Cart Before Horse | Super Grover 2.0
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Sesame Street: Cart Before Horse | Super Grover 2.0

August 18, 2019

(dramatic music) – [Narrator] He observes. – Oh, look! No, oh, no! (screams) – [Narrator] He questions. – Ha ba wha? – [Narrator] He investigates. – Hm, what does this button do? (screaming) – [Narrator] Super Grover 2.0. He shows up. (birds chirping) In the peaceful countryside,
one lone horse is taking a ride on the road to trouble. – Oh, I’m not taking a ride at all! This cart (grunting) won’t move! Help, help! – [Grover] Have no fear,
I am coming to the rescue! – Who said that? (Grover screams) – [Grover] Oh! – Super Grover! You showed up. – No, he did not, Super Grover 2.0 did. Now, what seems to be the problem? – No, I am trying to
take a ride in this cart, but it won’t move. – Aha! So the question we must ask is what will get this cart to move? – Yep, that’s a question all right. – It is time now to unleash
the power of observation! Vision, vision, vision! – Huh? – I will look closely at the cart. (Grover grunts) Observing, observing, aha! – Uh, what? – These look like stick thingies
at the front of the cart. – So? – So, obviously these stick
thingies are some sort of switch to turn the cart on. Switch on! (yells) (Elmo grunting) I think we blew a fuse. Oh. (grunts)
– you know, I’m thinking maybe something’s supposed to be in front of this here cart and maybe those stick
thingies are to pull it with. – Pull! Hm, something to pull it, no problem! Be right back! Here you are! This little worm is just what
you need to move this cart. – A worm? – Precisely. Now go ahead, wormie, pull the cart. Come on, come on, put some muscle into it. (worm grunts)
That’s it, that’s it, use your backbone. Pull the cart! – Something tells me
– Pull! (sighs) – that that worm doesn’t have enough force to pull this cart. – The worm needs force? (laughs) I know where to get some of those. (metal clanking) Okay, little wormie, here are your fours. Now move the cart! Come on! – No, no, no. I’m not talking about numbers. Force means the strength that
you use to move something. You need something with more force. – More force! Ah, that means it is time to activate the power of investigation. (dramatic music) Be right back. Here we are. (chicken clucking) – A chicken? – Yes, you see, this chicken
is bigger than the worm, ergo, I predict it will have more force. Go ahead, use the force, chicken. (chicken clucking) What are you doing? No, chicken, do not eat the worm! Head for the hills, wormie! – I can’t believe this. (chicken clucks) – (grunts) There, chicken. No go, and may the force be with you. Pull! (chicken clucking) Oh, well, the cart is moving a little bit. – Yeah, but not very much. (chicken clucking) What happened? – [Grover] Behold, the
chicken laid an egg! Now she must go on maternity leave. (chicken clucks)
– Oh, I guess we need even more force than a
chicken to pull this cart. – Worry not, your problem
will be solved anon. (pig oinking)
The force is strong in this one! – A pig? – Yes, the pig is bigger than the chicken, so I think the big pig
will have more force than this little chicken. (chicken clucking) – Chicken, pig, makes good horse sense. – You are a wiggly one, ah, there. Now pull, pig, pull! (pig oinking) (pig panting) Something tells me this pig is oinked out. (pig oinks) – Oh, we’ll never get this cart to move! – Yes, we can! We just need something
even bigger than a pig, (sighs) like a horse. Hey, you are a horse! – Well, true, but I was kinda
hoping to ride in the cart. – Well then, we just need
something else bigger than a pig to pull the cart. – Say, you’re bigger than a pig! Maybe you could pull the cart. – Me? Well, I am a force to be
reckoned with, I suppose, eh? All right, I will try to
use my own force to pull it. (sighs) Excuse me, pig. (pig oinking) – All right, Super Grover 2.0, giddyap! (Elmo grunting) It’s working, it’s working! You do have the force to pull the cart! (laughs) Yee haw! (whinnies) – [Narrator] And so our
super hero has learned that it takes a lot of
force to pull something big and heavy like a cart. – This is been a very moving experience! – Giddyap, Super Grover! (upbeat music)

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