Sesame Street: Meet Julia (Full Clip | 10 Min)
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Sesame Street: Meet Julia (Full Clip | 10 Min)

September 22, 2019

ALAN: Here’s some
more paper, guys. ELMO: Oh thanks, Alan. ABBY: Thanks, Alan. ALAN: You’re welcome. ELMO: OK, just a
little more green. ALAN: Oh, it’s nice. ELMO: Thank you. ALAN: Oh. Hey, welcome to Sesame Street. ELMO: Oh, hi. ALAN: We are having some
fun with finger paints. BIG BIRD: Oh. Hi, guys. Hi, Elmo. Hi, Abby. ELMO: Hi, Big Bird. BIG BIRD: Hi, Alan. ALAN: Hey. BIG BIRD: Who’s this? ELMO: Oh, this is
our friend Julia. BIG BIRD: Oh. Hi, Julia. I’m Big Bird. Nice to meet you. Oh. Julia? ALAN: Julia’s just concentrating
on her painting right now. You guys, you’re all
doing a great job. ABBY: Thank you. ELMO: Thank you, Alan. [INAUDIBLE] Elmo
loves finger painting. ABBY: Yeah, me too. I love the way the paint
squishes in my fingers. JULIA: Ew. ABBY: Oh. You’re right. I’m sorry, Julia. I know you don’t like
the way it feels. ALAN: And that’s why a
paint brush works for you. There’s lots of ways to paint. ELMO: OK, and there. Elmo’s all done. ABBY: Yep. So am I! BIG BIRD: Oh, can I see
what you all painted? ELMO: Oh, sure thing. ALAN: Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait you guys. Here. Wipe your hands off first. ABBY: Oh, right. Right. ALAN: And I will show him. Take a look. BIG BIRD: Whoa. Those are both really great. ELMO: Oh, thank you Big Bird. ABBY: Thank you. BIG BIRD: May I see
your painting Julia? Julia? ALAN: Sometimes it takes
Julia a while to answer. It helps to ask again. Julia? Can Big Bird see your painting? JULIA: See your painting? Yes. ALAN: OK. Oh, all right. Take a look at this everybody. ELMO: Oh. BIG BIRD: Whoa ELMO: Wow. A flying bunny. Cool. JULIA: Fluffster. ELMO: Oh, yeah. That looks just like
your bunny, Fluffster. ABBY: I love it. Ooh, it’s so fun and silly. Julia, you’re so creative. JULIA: [GIGGLING] BIG BIRD: Yeah. You’re really good at painting. High five, Julia. Huh? Huh? High five? Oh, Alan. I don’t think Julia
likes me very much. ALAN: Oh, no. You two are just meeting
for the first time. BIG BIRD: Oh. So she’s shy. Oh, I get that. I can feel shy sometimes, too. ALAN: Well, with Julia,
it’s not just that. You see, she has autism. She likes it when
people know that. BIG BIRD: Autism? What’s autism? ALAN: Well, for Julia, it
means that she might not answer you right away. ELMO: Yeah. Julia doesn’t say a lot. ALAN: That’s right. And she may not do
what you expect, like give you a high five. ABBY: Yeah. She does things just a little
differently in a Julia sort of way. BIG BIRD: Oh, OK. ABBY: And she’s a lot of fun. ELMO: Yeah. Julia likes being
with her friends. Oh, and she loves to play, too. JULIA: Play, play, play. [LAUGHING] ABBY: You want play now, Julia? JULIA: Play, play, play. ELMO: OK. We can all play together. ALAN: Hey, that’s a great idea. BIG BIRD: Oh, me too. Can I play? ELMO: Sure, Big Bird. ABBY: Sure thing. OK, so what should we play? BIG BIRD: How about tag? JULIA: [GIGGLING] ALAN: I think that’s a yes. ABBY: Oh, Julia. You’re bouncing
like a rubber ball. Boing, boing, boing. ELMO: Boing, boing, boing. JULIA: Boing, boing, boing. [LAUGHING] ELMO: OK, Julia. One more thing. Tag, you’re it. [GIGGLING] BIG BIRD: Wait. What’s Julia’s doing? ALAN: Well, it looks like she’s
playing tag while jumping. BIG BIRD: I’ve never seen
tag played like that. ALAN: Well, Julia does do some
things a little differently. BIG BIRD: Oh, because
of her autism? ALAN: Sometimes
people with autism may do things that might
seem confusing to you. BIG BIRD: Oh. Like when she flaps her hands? ALAN: Yep. That’s just something she
does when she’s excited. But you know what? Julia also does some things
that you might want to try. ELMO: Boing, boing,
boing, boing. This is fun, Julia. ABBY: Hey, it’s
a whole new game. It’s boing tag. JULIA: Boing,
boing, boing, boing. ABBY: Now I’m it! I’m gonna get you. BIG BIRD: Oh, it does look
like a fun way to play. ALAN: That’s right. It doesn’t matter how
they play, they’re just a bunch of friends having fun. BIG BIRD: Huh. You know, I think I’d like
to be a friend of Julia, too. ALAN: All right,
well then go on. Join in. ABBY: Boing, boing,
boing, boing. Tag, you’re it, Big Bird. BIG BIRD: Oh, OK. BOTH: Boing, boing,
boing, boing. BIG BIRD: Boing, boing, boing. Boing, boing, boing, boing. This is a new way of
playing, Alan, but I like it. ALAN: That’s good! ALL: Boing, boing, boing. [SIRENS] ALAN: Oh, what’s
the matter, Julia? JULIA: Noise. ALAN: Noise? JULIA: Noise, noise. ALAN: The sirens
are bothering you? JULIA: Noise, noise, noise. ELMO: It’s OK, Julia. BIG BIRD: Boing, boing,
boing, boing, boing. Tag, you’re it, Julia. JULIA: No. No. ALAN: Hey. JULIA: No. No. ALAN: Julia, let’s
take a break, OK? JULIA: Break. ALAN: Here’s– I’ve got
Fluffster, all right? Come on. JULIA: Break. ALAN: Come on. JULIA: Break. ELMO: Come on, Abby. ABBY: Big Bird. BIG BIRD: I didn’t– I didn’t mean to upset Julia. ABBY: Oh, it’s not
your fault, Big Bird. Julia didn’t like the siren. BIG BIRD: The siren? It wasn’t that loud. ELMO: Oh. Well, it was to Julia. ABBY: Yeah. Her ears are really
sensitive, so some sounds are just too much for her. BIG BIRD: Gee. I hope she’s going to be OK. ABBY: Oh, she will. ELMO: Oh, yeah. Julia just needs
a break sometimes. She’ll come back to play soon. BIG BIRD: I sure hope so. ALAN: I can see why this is
your favorite spot, Julia. It’s so quiet up here. Lots of pretty flowers. It’s very calming JULIA: [CRYING] Fluffster. ALAN: Yeah. I know that Fluffster
helps you feel calm, too. JULIA: [WHIMPERING] ALAN: Hey, why don’t we do some
of your deep breathing, OK? Let’s try it, all right? Remember, take a big
belly breath in slowly. And slowly in, slowly out. Feeling a little better? JULIA: Better. ALAN: Good. I love this view. Look at Sesame Street. Everything seems different
from up here, doesn’t it? JULIA: [GIGGLING] ALAN: What’s so funny? What do you see? JULIA: Big Bird. [GIGGLING] ALAN: Yeah. Yeah, that’s your
new friend Big Bird. JULIA: [GIGGLING] Big Bird. ALAN: Oh, but he looks like a
small bird from up here, right? BOTH: [GIGGLING] ABBY: You OK, Big Bird? ELMO: Yeah, what you doing? BIG BIRD: Oh, I’m just
thinking about Julia. You know, she’s not like any
friend I’ve ever had before. ELMO: Yeah. But– well, none of us
are exactly the same. ABBY: Yeah, that’s right. I mean, you’re a bird, Elmo’s
a Monster, and I’m a fairy. We’re all different. BIG BIRD: Yeah, I
guess that’s true. All my friends are different. Each one is unique. ALAN: Look who’s feeling better. ALL: Julia! JULIA: Big Bird. BIG BIRD: For me? Oh. Gee, thanks, Julia. Oh, that’s really kind of you. JULIA: [LAUGHING] BIG BIRD: You know, we have
something we both like to do. I like to flap, too. It’s a bird thing, I guess. Watch. Flap, flap, flap. ALL: [LAUGHING] BIG BIRD: Yeah, and I know
that we both like to play. JULIA: Play, play, play. BIG BIRD: Oh, sure. We can play some more. ABBY: Oh, oh. Can I play with you guys? ELMO: Oh, Elmo too? BIG BIRD: Well, of course. We can all be friends. ABBY: Yeah. BIG BIRD: [SINGING] We all have
our own special things that make us who we are. ELMO: [SINGING] And
everyone’s important. ABBY: [SINGING] We can
all shine like a star. ALAN: [SINGING] Yeah,
we may all be different, but that’s something
that’s worth praising. BOTH: [SINGING] It’s
who we are and what we do that makes us each amazing. ALL: [SINGING] We
can all be friends. We can all be friends. BIG BIRD: [SINGING] It feels
a little better when we all play together. JULIA: [SINGING] We
can all be friends. ELMO: Oh, there’s another thing
you have in common, Big Bird. Julia loves to sing. BIG BIRD: Oh, yeah. ALL: [SINGING] We
can call be friends. We can all be friends. It feels a little better
when we all play together. We can all be friends. BIG BIRD: Let’s play tag. JULIA: Boing,
boing, boing, boing. ABBY: Boing tag. ELMO: Yeah, boing tag. BIG BIRD: Yeah, boing tag. ALL: Boing, boing,
boing, boing, boing. Boing. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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