Several Tips for Basic Horse Care : How to Clean a Horse Stable
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Several Tips for Basic Horse Care : How to Clean a Horse Stable

August 12, 2019

I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village, I’m
going to show you some tips and techniques that I use to basic horse care. Another thing
you want to do to ensure a healthy horse is to make sure you are having your stall cleaned
on a daily bases. Horse manure and urine can harper a lot of pericites and a lot of bacteria
which could harm your horse if it builds up too much in the stall. So you definitely want
to make sure that your getting in there with a pitch fork and you are picking out the manure
on a daily basis and you are really digging out any urine spots in there on a daily basis.
If you are not keeping your stall clean as well, it could lead to a lot of foot problems
in your horse. You could get thrush, the horse could get a lot of manure and urine packed
up the hoof which could lead to abysses. So that is something you want to make sure that
you do on a daily basis to ensure healthy feet in your horse, to ensure your horse is
not ingestioning or being attacked by any pericytes or any bacteria. At least overall
cleanness, your horse lays down a lot or lays in a lot of urine it could get a lot of sores.
So stall cleaning on a daily basis is definitely very important to overall horse health.

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  1. oh my god im only 13 and i have like 26 horses and you think you know everything. you just talk alot and make it seem as if you know it all

  2. Folks, this is a real no brainer here: If it ain't clean shavings its sh*t and p**, get the wonder fork and dig it out! And guess what, your horse does not take a day off from pooping, so it is EVERYDAY, Hellooo!

  3. I was just skimming through the video, like clicking random parts of the timeline, and all I heard was "On a daily basis" three times …

  4. Hey there!
    Just wanted to say that our Power Vac’s are great for cleaning out stables. So if you would like to check out some of our videos, please feel free to do so 🙂  

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