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SEXY SPINNERS – Wheelhaus Gameplay

August 31, 2019

– We’re back wheelhaus is back and this is the start of the wheelhaus season.
– Season (man) two Season two of wheelhaus Episode one I was thinking about it. Because I was lying awake on Christmas morning. Was this before after you worked out in the alley Well three spirits have visited me the night before and was- There was gameplay videos past present and future. – Okay And one of the things I learned was that the breaking of the disk on demo was so important. – Yeah. – To the catharsis – Always, . -The show. – Always has been, yeah. – You gotta go (Scream) And we don’t have that with wheelhaus. You just spin and you move on to something else right? And I thought we could figure out a way. – How? We rip open the computer Just steal parts out of it. – Wow. – And then we just snapped like the hard drive. -Thats computer’s already broken. You know we know we shouldn’t we shouldn’t mess with that one. It’s already broken (Sound effects) Come on! We need that, dude! Why don’t we just uninstall it? Yeah, as long as Adam clicks like Anyways lets play steam roulette No! Sorry. Wheelhaus! We’re gonna get sued Did we test the site. -I tried it earlier Oh god, too soon. That’s some cool looking RAM See when its grey like that. That’s bad. Spin! *Wheelhaus jingle* Yeah, there’s something wrong What game is that? – We may have to find another random hold on we can do this. Is Steam roulette is up? Yeah, it might be actually Perfect! Steam games – And It’s funhaus. So then we can’t get sued Oh, there’s the problem *excited cheers* Adventures of heroes. It might be VR oh my god 59 cents, it’s a great deal Stop. Don’t do that anymore Too soon I still don’t understand why the computers running -well it hasn’t loaded it yet, that’s cool. All right. This is a mobile game That someone repurposed -no we’re on a computer. No phone can handle this. Oh shit, it’s journey to the west’ you’re playing as Goku You mean Mario wait. Why did that lag out when you hit the square? Swing your stick monkey. Get those peaches. Hell ya just love peaches. You know what monkeys love more than anything else fruits included. Yeah peaches Well they also love throwing their poop and don’t think any use frogs to masturbate like It’s not masturbation if you fuck -a fleshlight- hold someone else down and you fuck em. That sound be face fucking a frog You know what? I’ll do. I’ll give you a sound effect Let me get in Alright, just beat the level. Yeah. Now it makes sense. Now the game seems real At the end you’re gonna find a frog with a beautiful mouth Missed -oh, you can hit- wait is that oh? Wait that spring is less than jumping Yeah it is your right. -gotta get the flag Ah, no flag. You did it Adam, nice job. Now you go underground and fuck that frog *Mario underground theme* Yeah *same theme muffled* He’s got it he’s got it. Monkeys have great grip strength monkeys hate water But you know they love frogs Oh, look at that guy A new enemy. Aw, he’s dead. That was racist Why? -Did you see his expression, look those are racist Oh real bad. -You’re right about that Whoa that was a cool triangle jump. How did you do that hot? Water, there’s no monkeys in here all right. That’s fun No wait -that was fun. You had fun.- Why don’t you close this genre now? We’re gonna get mobile games. Ah. The game of life He was so upset I love this game and this pop doesn’t This is the game where you get married by auto insurance and all the fun things -This is the one the Mormons invented where you can’t lose, right? *Choral voices singing* You can lose -absolutely you can lose- at the end all that matters is your collective wealth and if and if you’ve got a wife and three kids And you’re poor you lost yeah absolutely sure do you ever play the game of life? And there’s like two paths just get your GED or go to college and going to college is like Three spaces longer than getting your GED, but it means that you’re gonna get paychecks of like $50,000 every payday. Yeah, what idiots just get your GED all right -party men? I was gonna say, Adam dropped out of college Bruce which one are you? -Zoey- Yeah, you are kinda a Zoey Slut. -You bet- Red car. -Wait hold on, I didn’t get to choose my car color -Doesn’t matter Hey life picked it for you That looks like James. You’re not red. -I’m going Ernie Bruce do you want to click? -No Roll. -What is invest?- yeah, I love that thing -All right cuz you could bet on the stock market You’re like if someone rolls -Do they have cryptocurrency. Do you think? You bit coins in here? Hey this games been around since 1891 Stellar lumens, Invest in stellar lumens What do you want Adam? Yeah do that we take out a loan? a hundred thousand dollars Wait, who’s that? is this Adam? What about us? You guys are second and third. -Because we rolled worse Final test and term paper, miss next turn. Adam, do you think you’re gonna turn your car around and go back the other way just like you did in real life? You didn’t let me pick! Wait I know what you want. I don’t yeah, you got salesperson. That’s pretty good. That’s not good. That’s terrible That’s one the worst ones. That’s a perfect ten -Wait. Where does that go married? Oh? I got some money. Hell yeah Hell yeah Who needs school? -Nobody- I make twenty thousand dollars a year. Oh come on. -Here we go.- What do you want? I want college baby. It says doctor. -Don’t hit me- Oh he passed him Graduation day, baby you did it I did it in one day *graduation music* Muscle man, Randy Savage is there to elbow drop me into my future Oh, that’s karma Adam I almost got a ten. -What did I get?- Engagement party? Who am I engaged to? -Give me veterinarian, baby That’s kind of like a doctor. -I’m cutting off balls- You like animals. I guess Who is he? Past Bruce. I paid off my college already and some. Put a blue one in there. That guy’s gay. This is bullshit Spin for wedding gifts. Oh yeah, you guys have to pay me. I’m a fucking, death of a salesman. Dammit Nice good spin -Whose role? Whose is that? James again? -You get any wedding gifts Yeah, that’s because nobody likes him Invest! -When my turn comes up I’m investing- No not on ten *wheeze* Who’s this is James again? -Ten.- Yeah, why is James? Consistently rolling? The;s cause it was my wedding night. Now I got a bang -Who’s this? James again No, no, no, I keep going you can’t afford that. Oh you can afford the small cape Take out a loan baby, I got the down payment no problem. -Did you pay in cash Wow- Yeah. I just opened up my trunk I moved the cocaine out of the way because what I do is I fix pets But then I also steal the animal medication, but Bruce’s marriage is on the rocks. They sell them horse relaxants Out of the horse Says you just lost your job Who did? -James Oh no. -You’re a mechanic now Oh James, you are super malpractice That’s what happens when you are cutting off balls too much I sold you all that horse relaxer Ooh ten. -Give me that money- This is me -This is Adam- I know but you rolled a ten And I bet on ten yeah James received $5,000 due to to investment. Long term, that’s one spin. -That’s not very much either.- I just finished college. -Teacher because you love the crack Oh no, you’re waiting for something worth more money Okay So you’re just gonna to get married. -Spin for wedding gifts baby. -Oh, one is probably good Nothin, nothing. It’s worse than mine I’ve been selling vacuums to this neighborhood for twenty years -Do you think that your sales pitch of dressing up like a clown To sell vacuums works? No, I didn’t work, I’ve never worked. I don’t know I kept doing it What’s is that, money? I got a raise! -You want, do you want a condo Yes, all right the Bruce lifestyle. Hold on, invest. -Win lottery.- Fifty thousand dollars -lucky you- That’s like a cryptocurrency. -I didn’t get to invest- Nine later assholes. You have been arrested for speeding. That’s by the way You don’t want to speed through life because you die faster, you realize that? What do you get best seats at the big game pay $20,000. To live the big life that I live. -Good spin Adam Is that for me again? -It’s for a bit-. See you assholes. -What about me?- Pay day! You’re gonna die really soon. Hey, but what a life to have lived. I went to that ball game Just lost your job again. -Dammit-. Hey Oh! That’s garbage Night school or go just continue. No, I want night school That was the wrong answer Cause it’s gonna give me a new job. I just gotta get my hands on those meds Start stuffing them into horses. -I’m addicted. Come on ten. -You are so bad Adam. So bad at it. Now you’re married there you go. -Finally, I guess that’s all that matter but Look how much money Adam’s got We gotta we gotta get to start putting the cards on him But he’s cuz he hasn’t been paying for as old old ball and chain -oh, no- Learn sign language The fuck, I’m not a charity Oh, but then I get that guaranteed raise. Change the career. Let’s mix it up -I like your style Veterinarian He’s back. -I’m going back, baby. I got my license back, and those meds too Look at that. -That’s a lot of money- I’m going to be paying off that Cape soon Oh, Congratulations Wow baby boy Right, what do you want to name it? That means I don’t have to drown it. I got a $5,000 gift from each of you you should ensure I’ve never a consistent to this. Hey, too bad -Alright hold on, invest.- Oh so click on the wait There it goes Hold on, since Adam spins garbage one That’s a bad idea. No that’s xvg. That’s Virg. That’s Virg baby. -Do you want me to click?- That’s that all coin Virg going up Path a life, -you could’ve gone that raise.- I’m a fuckin salesmen -$20,000- I got myself sales, fucking salesman. I don’t need fucking college for that shit. Dressed like a clown *evil laugh* Also I’m sterile, I don’t have any kids Wait a minute I could sue another player I have to sue you yeah Sue everyone. -I have more money so if you sue me you should sue Adam- Uh, is there a Bitcoin on the table there? No should be a gold coin. They’re not real coins oh Am I flipping? It for what? So if it lands on coin side or coin side it’s identical. There’s this made in China. Okay, all right if it lands on China I sue James if it lands on the other side it’s Adam Made in China, I’m suing James -oh dang it- 100,000! Well use an exemption card, -what does that mean?- What the hell does that mean? I object your honor -Do I get my money or not? No you get nothing Lawsuit, so you get to sue how are you gonna? Do it? Oh, let’s see Who am I gonna sue come on? I’m just a humble salesmen Let’s leave it up to bitcoin Careful Adam gets sued Adam used an exemption card Dammit! We’re suing everybody Later. -You get a pay raise too cuz you land on pay days you get raises -Why are you guys so rich. What about me? Hey, you’re selling vacuums doing well for yourself. I got to get a boost of a little money. Lawsuit. Hell yeah -Another one That’s me oh Damn damn it damn, Chinese. No exception card for you, that cryptos paying off baby.- I don’t keep track of anything.- Cryptos paying off Wait. -You bought an SUV for some reason? -I needed it.- Yeah? No you know what that’s the way James rolls. -My car is too small Alright, do you want the child or do you want to run over the child decide whether or not you want me to cut your? balls off right now Path of life. Cut my balls off Snip snip, so you get a race look how much money I’m making I’m rich -Wow slow down- What’s that? lawsuit. -And you get to sue again look I’ve almost made a half million dollars. Crypto pays off every time -And you can do this you could put me in debt That’s good That’s me that’s James – hey. I don’t care See I’m paying it off right now Lose your job Again? Alright, I can get a better one So many careers Aw, you’re an entertainer That makes sense after the career path you’ve been on Because you were dealing drugs Look at that max. None The conversation with my wife no I understand it’s less -But I could make millions of dollars- But I could make anything -now help me button up this dress All right, we’re going Manson all the way Wow Give it to me take out that loan. I’m gonna have to -got paid, baby Good thing I don’t have any kids. Boom cut my balls off. I need to get moving. How are we not dead yet? I keep having to refill the gas Stop every 20 minutes. Just blowing truckers I’m an entertainer *gagging* They look happy ♫Keep singing the news♫ My life is in shambles I have an SUV in a lot of debt so family path Have another kid, have another kid. I like that Get that one baby. Boom. Crypto There she is. That’s my little girl. That’s Jamie My little Jamie oh, she’s an idiot. Yeah, she’s stupid. I’m gonna teach her how to be an entertainer Just like her dad unfortunately her mom was doing horse tranquilizers when she was pregnant with her son Are those my horse tranquilizers? You said we were out, Bitch I gotta get out there and sing. ♫It’s up to you♫ ♫New York, New york♫ Tips are appreciated. The sky’s the limit No limit on tips I’ll be here all night, please Aw, god. Another lawsuit I’m suing. Yeah, James Ut oh, gotta buy that cabin What can you do? He’s back on the street ♫Down town, down town♫ My name is Jimmy Hollywood. Thanks very much for coming out Skys the limit Ah, he passed me. -And you get to sue. Ah come on Who should I sue? No! That’s college That’s the one that’s for me, baby. Crypto You know it’s more expensive than buying houses and cars? Having another child you should have another child. -Lets do it right now There’s two more in the back -Cosmetic surgery Gotta keep up with the lifestyle ♫Oh yeah come over♫ And my face is all fused Covered in bandages. -Booo Ut oh Hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars Who do you think I am I only sponsor crypto -beep- You better not sue us your grandparent how that doesn’t make any sense Bad bed spin. -Why did I hire a maid?- Maid and Butler services Come on! -You got to live within your means, Bruce ♫And I did it, my way♫ That hurts, why did I get a website for my family what the fuck? What are they selling? ♫Mr. Jones and me♫ Why am I singing that? Who’s this? -That’s Adam- oh So you millionaire? -He wins Means you win when you’re 1.5 million. I will see I’m on my royalties once those cash. Except I’ve been singing Sinatra songs You’ve been covering songs the whole time You didn’t write any orginals There you go Give me that life tile yeah millionaire see look at money in the bank plus my children plus my house You died negative You died negative. -That’s the funeral expenses God Damn SUV. -Your kids and your wife had to pay Shit. What’s the life experience worth? Alright, here we go. Come on baby ♫Take me home tonight♫ Hey that’s my song. -It’s not All right millionaire estates of course we’re all in the same spot. -I guess No. I’m in a grave Oh that’s right you died. *spitting noises* In an unmarked grave Yeah that house money. I spent a lot of money. Dammit. -Alright- Good though. -Adam still wins How come I have 115? Oh? You’re right? I think to make you feel good. Those are the horse tranquilizers left over Oh yeah. Someone dung up my grave, they found stuff there wow he’s covered in gold chains and horse tranquilizer. We could sell this little Oh, there’s a little journal. -Oh, okay Nothing happened, and it ended. That’s all this journal is Wow nice job everyone, okay, good job. We did it we beat the game of life Well some of us did ♫I faced it all♫ ♫And I stood tall♫ ♫And did it my way♫ Adam hold on, it’s time to hack Alright now. We just gotta find Where all the images are search Mario look on the resources tab search for Mario in the HTML for Mario? It’s on you. Don’t be stupid okay on a JavaScript section. I am where would it be Lawrence who cares fuck this stupid That’s all right. I’ll change never change it though. Yeah, I know I’m gonna love that

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