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[SFM Ponies] 20 Questions

December 3, 2019

– I believe I’m done. As entertaining a punching bag you make I find there is no more enjoyment to be found here. – Wait! We could always play a game of twenty questions. Alright then, first question: are you about to die? – No? – Ah, ah, ah! No lying. – Damn! – Say “goodbye”, monkey! [EXPLOSION]

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  1. "Ok then first question are you about to die?" "No." "Ah ha ah, no lying…." "Damn!" X) I love that no idea why tho

  2. Lol i have been trying to see how sfm works but i cant figure it out! i wish i could make stuff like this. 🙁

  3. Wow, you are really good at this. The animations look extremely natural (opposed to most other pony SFMs I have seen where movements are either robotlike, unfitting or there are simply not enough of them). 🙂

  4. +D0ubleRainb0wDash
    "Sorry, I just love explosions" is in the description. This leads me to believe that…you are related to Michael Bay?

  5. There should be a My Little Pony Balto movie Parody Fanfiction with Unicorn Twilight Sparkle as Balto Rainbow Dash as Steele Spike as Jenna Princess Celestia as Boris and Twilight Velvet as Aniu

  6. why thos renbow dash fliy to the top of the ags of the clif thid twilight pot a spal to keep renbow dash from fliying i wall not like that can you make part 2 plis i want to see more

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