Shadi Ka Dhamal – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

August 21, 2019

My name is Kalia Don, you people are going for my daughters wedding, and you all look so sad. Come on dance and sing, if you look sad then I will shoot each and everyone, groom will be killed first. Jhumman, see to it that they dance till the end, those who don’t dance, kill them. People should be aware of our wedding ceremony. Yes Kalia brother, you don’t worry, I will make them dance so much that they will keep dancing life long. Jhumman sir, Kalia don is forcing my son to get married to his daughter by pointing his gun towards us. You tell me how anybody will feel like dancing? Like this!! Patlu, come on, let us dance, look so nice music is on. It is somebody else’s wedding and you are interested, and you want to dance, come on let us go. My legs are not stopping from dancing, what can I do? Come Patlu, we will never get to hear such music again. No, I will not dance. Dance or else. Why are you forcing us? I will not let you both go. Motu, run!! Boss, horse ran away and the horse is dragging the groom. This marriage is not going to work, he can’t control a horse. How is going to look after my daughter? Wedding cancel. Wedding cancel. Where are those two great people whom god had send to help us, search them. I would like to give them some gift and would like to bow and say thank you. Catch!! Why are you holding me? Oh my god! Thief ran away because of you. Motu, look the relative are searching us, if they catch, they are not going to leave us, they have weapons. Hey who are you? Did you come to rob my car? I will teach you a lesson. Boxer brother, listen to us, we are not what you are thinking. All right then who are you, if not a thief then are you a terrorist? Find them, I need them in any condition. We cannot tell you who we are, but believe us, we are not what you are thinking. We are what you won’t even imagine. What? Why are you confusing me? If I am confused I get more angry. It means, we are what you are thinking, and you can’t imagine. Oh god, I can’t understand anything, go away, I am letting you go. Stop!! Hey inspector, can’t you see and ride your bike. Oh my god! All this happened because of this vegetable vendor, her pumpkin fell on my head. Tea vendor’s chair fell on my vegetable. All this happened due to these two strangers, here they are, hit them. I know them, I had hit them earlier, ok, I will hit them once again. Because of this wigs, we are getting lot of beatings, let us throw the wig that we should never be able to see it. When will they stop following us? They are hell bend to send us to heaven, let us go and tell them sorry and finish the problem. No, they are short tempered, when I was not dancing they showed me the revolver. It was because of us that their groom got dragged with the horse. If they catch us then imagine what they will do with us? Hey you both are here, come here, your place is on the stage. Friends, we have Mr Mumba and Mr Zumba here. You all know that nobody has broken their world record; Mr. Mumba will speak two words. Two words. He is same like we heard about him, Mr Mumba Zumba are very humorous people. They both believe in working hard than talking, Mr Mumba Zumba will break their own record. And if they do that then they will win one lakh rupees. Motu looks like today is our last day of our life, I am scared, I don’t know which record they are talking about. You don’t worry, we will get one lakh rupees, it will be fun. Sir Mr Mumba and Zumba, if you manage to eat these green chillies then you will break your own world record. Wow! Somebody can eat so many chilies, I can’t believe, all the best. Listen, there is some misunderstanding. Oh my god! They are well known people, I can’t believe, sorry sir, we were under wrong impression. Hey, even I was under wrong impression, I am so sorry, break the record, I wish you good luck. If we don’t break the record then Boxer will break our head. Mr Zumba you were telling something about misunderstanding, what misunderstanding? I was was telling that we can eat more chilies than this. There they are Mr Mumba and Zumba. Hello sir, listen. Patlu run, we can’t eat anymore chilies. I am already running, why have you stopped? Oh my god! Mr Mumba Zumba stop stop, where are you going? Organizer is looking for you. Hello sir, stop, people are searching for you. It is just because of this wig that we had to get beating so many times, take this, hit once and leave us alone. Hit, keep hitting till you wish. We did not do anything to the horse, he just ran and it was an accident. Oh, my god! These are Motu Patlu, what is this happening? Hey they are the same great people, angels. We thank you both for saving our son. Kalia don was forcing my son to marry his daughter, but when the horse fell they changed their mind. They said that when a boy can’t take care of a horse then how will he take care of a girl. So they broke the marriage. Since then we have been searching for you both to touch your feet and say thank you.Take this, a small gift. We know you are not Mr, Mumba and Zumba, but you have broken their world record. This is your award, one lakh rupees. That is why we say that, all is well that ends well.

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