Shanghai GETAWAY! Is that a wild horse??

November 19, 2019

What’s up? It’s Zachary here from eattheworld. Here’s Nurtaç. And today we’re on Chongming Island! Just biking around right now, we’re with our
friends Link, not the hero of time, different Link, and Katya from 白俄罗斯 (Belarus)
We’re just going to have a really good time going around the island. Biking and eating some interesting foods. Alright, catch you guys around! They don’t have a student ticket here. That’s too bad, but~ ~Everyone had to pee~ ~everyone had to pee~ ~but me~ 🙁 This type of toilet is quite traditional. I wanna go swim in the water, but Nurtaç
won’t let me. She never lets me swim in lakes. She says they’re too dirty. Hm.

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