Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears Review
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Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears Review

August 13, 2019

CASEY: Hi, I’m Casey. I work in Product Development, and today I’m
reviewing the Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears. What I love about this fly mask is it does
a great job protecting my horse from flies, it’s durable, and it also seems to be very
comfortable. My horse is pretty darn tough on fly masks,
and so far this one has held up great, so I think it’d be a great pick for anybody that
has a horse that’s destroyed a couple. This fly mask also has a couple features that
I think make it more comfortable for my horse. On the inside, it actually has this really
nice layer of fleece. This helps to protect sorta the forehead area
and probably makes it rest really nicely on him. And then this part in the back here is stretchy
and also has a soft fleece covering to help keep it comfortable and prevent rubs. I also really like that this uses the fine
mesh, cause the mask itself is pretty lightweight, and then I think it probably is easier for
the horse to see out of, as well. So far this summer, my horse is the only horse
in his paddock that has not managed to get his fly mask off, so it does seem to fit really
well. And then in terms of attaching it, there are
two different velcro attachments that are single locking, so you can see, it’s pretty
easy to get on and off. A couple other things that are nice about
this mask is that the mask actually does offer 90% protection from UV rays, so that’s great
for your horse’s eye health. And then the ears, as well, are this really
nice durable mesh, so that helps to keep them cool but protect them from the bugs. Caring for this mask is really easy. You can do something as simple as brushing
it off if it gets a little dirty or muddy. Or if it gets quite dirty, you can machine
wash it and then just let it air dry. My horse is a draft cross, and so I actually
had to try a couple different fly masks before I found one. Shires in my experience is a great brand if
you’ve got a horse that’s a little bit hard to fit. This is a great mask. I found that it ran true to size, which is
excellent for my guy. I’m Casey, and the Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask
with Ears is helping to make sure that my horse stays happy during bug season.

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  1. (UK/England review!)
    i have always used Shires for fly masks! They're very durable and have a range for all horses. My two blagdons have full ears and nose mesh too… But my all black Fell X filly has just the head with ear holes as she can be sensative.
    And yes this is one of the few masks that cope in a washing machine!

  2. Two problems with this fly mask. One—It inhibits the horse's directional hearing. Two—-It restricts the horse's ability to communicate with other horses by using his ears.

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