Shiva – Full Episode 19 – Cycle Chor
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Shiva – Full Episode 19 – Cycle Chor

August 13, 2019

Stop, you have practiced enough. Now, prepare yourself
to go to work. Within 2-3 days, we will steal
all the bicycles of Vedas City. And will run away from here. Ask me why? Why, Rukka? Because Rukka never
stops anywhere. Vedas City! I am coming. Hey! My bicycle. Thief, thief! Thief! Catch him. He is a bicycle thief. Since last few days in Vedas City,
someone is stealing bicycles. People want to know what the
police is doing in this context. Laddu Singh, you tell us. I have a great plan to
catch thieves. On that basis, I will catch all
thieves who steal bicycles. Keep running this
bicycle, Peda Ram. To catch all bicycle thieves we
need to roam around on bicycle. Look, Shiva is there.
Turn my bicycle! Let’s go and tell him to
keep his bicycle safe. Yes, Sir. Shiva, keep your bicycle safe. Bicycle thief gang is
roaming in Vedas City. Listen, I and Peda Ram are… …roaming on the bicycle. We will keep the bicycle aside… …and try to see
from a hidden place. Whoever will steal
our bicycle, we will… …catch him. Isn’t it? Look, there is our bicycle. We kept it there on the
other side of the road. Sir, someone has
stolen our bicycle. What? Yes! Look, that guy is running. Peda Ram, go.
– Yes. And arrest him. We have to trap all
these thieves. They wear masks to
steal the bicycle. So that no one knows
their identity. We have to catch
them red handed. I have an plan, listen! Hey, Shiva. I told you to… We have kept our bicycle on
the other side of the road. We are keeping an eye on
them from this hidden place. If some one will steal it… …we also need you
to catch them. Shiva, well done!
Very good idea! I will also hide, okay. But, where should I hide myself? Help me! Hey, what the hell is going on? Help me! Anyone please
stop it, save me. Oh, no. How did they get up there? What? Shiva! Thieves are taking our bicycles. I am going to chase them. You rescue Laddu Singh AD
and come there. – Okay. Stop please. – Hey! What are you doing? Stop, please. Look there! What? Hey, put me down.
– Put them down. Alright! Be brave. Laddu Singh, let’s go. We need to help Shiva. Peda Ram, go quickly. Shiva! Shiva! One should have a bicycle like you. It’s pre-ordained who
will ride the bicycle. Your name is going
to be wiped out. My name is going to shine.
All the best! It’s pre-ordained who
will ride the bicycle. I want to own that bicycle. Until we don’t steal
that bicycle… …we won’t steal another one. I do have a plan, listen. Hello, Reva. Now, he is
trapped in our conspiracy. Tomorrow, we will go
with Laddu Singh and will… …catch all thieves
and the bicycle. Look, I am here. Here, I am having his bicycle. I got to know about
only one button. I am going up! Hey! Put me down. Put me down. Hey, this is a bicycle
or a mad horse. But it’s pre-ordained
about every bicycle… …who will ride it. You see one day, I will
control it very well. Now, the bicycle is in our range. Their den is somewhere nearby. Now, I can control my bicycle
with my remote control. What a nice thing! Catch it! It’s going. I guess that guy is
nearby somewhere. Only he can control it
with his remote control. Catch that bicycle. Bravo, don’t leave that. Don’t leave that. They all are chasing the bicycle.
You all hide somewhere. Okay! Let’s go. Come on, Sir. Hey, stop. Who is doing this? It’s not easy to go away from us. Hey, kid. It’s pre-ordained about every
bicycle, who will ride it. Now, my name is written
on this bicycle. Don’t call me a kid, uncle. Oh! If I should not call you a kid
then what should I call you? Shiva, my name is Shiva. Hey, you all catch him. Why are you all looking at me? It’s written on every handcuff… …who will wear it. Hands up! You are under arrest. Catch them. I will raise my hands up. But where is your gun? Oh! I kept my gun on the table when
I was tightening my waist belt. And I forgot to carry that.
Oh no! Peda Ram, catch me. Yes, sir. I am coming. Catch, catch me. Peda Ram, don’t catch me. Catch this bicycle. Catch this bicycle, okay. Catch him! I understood that it’s impossible
to beat you in a bicycle fight. What are you going to do in
a hand to hand fight, kid? Now, I will not forgive you. I guess you forgot, uncle. I told you don’t call me a kid. Take this. Stop, please stop. I cannot tolerate it anymore. Hey, where is that inspector? Tell him to arrest me fast. He doesn’t have his gun. It’s fine. I surrender myself. Hey, where are the rest
of your mates? Speak up! Here, I got them. Yes. Now, I understand. Why Laddu Singh’s
name is so famous? Now, you have to surrender and I
will put you behind the bars. You will face rigorous
imprisonment! Harsh reality! Very harsh! Hey, Uncle! It’s pre-ordained on every
bicycle who will ride it. But on my bicycle, only
my name is written. Am I right, friends? Yes!

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  2. Meet the whiz kid Shiva, who lives in a city named Vedas. Watch him fight the villains who are out to damage the city on his super bike that can fly as well as float on water. Together with his three friends and pet dog they are indomitable.

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