SixBlindKids – Meeting The Homesteaders, A Few Animals, And Some YouTube Families!
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SixBlindKids – Meeting The Homesteaders, A Few Animals, And Some YouTube Families!

October 26, 2019

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  1. Hi 👋🏻 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🇺🇸😘❤️

  2. I miss you guys so much I never miss a uploadno matter the day I'm having if I'm sadder stress once I watch your video all that goes away and it puts a smile on my face

  3. I think we should name the nameless Bunny Obun! Obun the Bunny! That bunny was almost as cute and adorable as Obed… ALMOST! 😍🐰😁😎

  4. I don’t have any one and I’m glad I can watch y’all 💜💜💜 Hanna laugh so joyful 💜💜💜💜your children are joyful I pray for a life just like y’all

  5. Abi fed the goat???? I’m so thrilled for you, Abi. You are such a kind girl. So awesome!!! Xoxoxo ♥️🦋🙏💫💫

  6. Bethany's smile in the pic with the honeystead ladies made my heart smile!! You all are such wonderful parents. It's hard taking one child out let alone 2,3,4,5,6 and certainly with special needs. Y'all are my heroes!!! 💙❤💙

  7. How cute!! That looks like so much fun. Question, what causes Jesse to have the sniffles? So glad your family had such a nice outing!

  8. Just after the 20:00 min mark youll notice Bethany comforting Obed. Ive noticed for a while now how much she loves consoling and comforting him. Thank you for sharing these incredible moments with us.

  9. Thank you for sharing your awesome fun day with us all!!! I enjoyed it today what interesting things one can learn!!!,
    Keep on keeping on folks!, you all have such a tight loving family bond together!!! Your all like pure fresh air *that's good for the mind body & soul!!!*…

    A loving family starts with * Devotional parents*!!!
    Where love has know boundaries , only a clear pathway to true love & happiness!!!…

    I Hope & Pray that you all have a *fun packed wkend*!!!,
    Love. Hugs. Peace. Happiness & God bless!!! Diane from G.B 🇬🇧.

  10. I'm so proud of Hannah for petting the bunny! Sometimes our fears can get in the way of things that we really do love, and it's awesome to see a person break through that a little bit.

  11. I love ur guys channel. I have a nephew that is blind. He is nonberble I love ur kids they are so amazing. I have a channel as well

  12. Fantastic Abbey and Hannah. I used to have a Rabbit called Tinkerbell she used to have blue eyes and black smooth fur

  13. I’m so sad! I wish I would have known! Front Royal is only about an hour from me and my kids would have loved that. And loved meeting you! Its only about 25 miles from Winchester. I’m from a little town so we drive to Winchester to do all of our shopping. Looks like you guys had so much fun though. Another great vlog! xoxo

  14. What a great vlog! I’m a huge animal lover and always day dream about winning the lottery and starting a animal sanctuary.
    I hope your dream of becoming homesteaders comes true one day. I can see Bethany taking such great care of all the animals.

  15. Regarding Hannah's aversion to animals, I think it's important and admirable that she said 'No' in any situation she wasn't comfortable in and that mom and dad listened. I know that Hannah is very outspoken but even for outspoken people it can be difficult to say no. Maybe it's her Asperger's that lends itself to her matter-of-factness but I just wanted to say I admire Hannah in this situation.

  16. I had such a great time meeting and talking with you guys! I’m so glad you guys came to the event! And I hope I get to spend more time with you next year!

  17. Hannah , it’s ok . Most animals are quite tame if raised right . Always ask permission before you pet an animal . I understand your fear though . If you stick your hand out , all the dog wants is to sniff your hand . Much peace ✌️

  18. I had always wondered how blind people in the US differentiated their money, now I know… In Australia, all our coins and notes are different sizes, and over the last few years we have been updating the designs to now include tactile bumps on our notes ((coins already had tactile edges))

    It's interesting to learn how different cultures tackle the same issues ^-^

  19. You can get pullets (female chickens who haven’t laid eggs yet) and no rooster to disturb the neighbors. You’ll get plenty of eggs they just won’t be fertilized

  20. What a cool and interesting conference. The people there are so nice and friendly! Karen, those snacks looked awfully good…did you get any???? 🙂

  21. Hello!! We met you as you waited for your dinner. After we left we realized that YouTube had been suggesting you to us and we hadn’t yet clicked. We are enjoying your channel! And wish we had more time with you that day!

  22. So happy you all had so much fun there. Farm living is not easy, but it’s rewarding in its own way. Love y’all ❤️❤️

  23. My brother lives in the city and his neighbors have chickens ☺️ anything is possible! Free eggs and we all know how much Hannah loves her eggs!

  24. Omg !!! My 2 favorite you tubers meet. So cool! White House on the hill and six blind kids. Keep up the great work both of you. I really enjoy and look forward to your videos.

  25. Your family is so warm & kind. I'm proud of Hannah for petting Mr. Bunny. I think she wants to love animals but also wants to stick to her rule, lol. Karen, you are always so upbeat & perky. I admire that.

  26. Have you heard of or watched Justin Rhodes??
    He is a gteat , imsperational channel 2 watch also…
    Wonderful family that does permaculture farmimg…
    He teaches you that you can do anything with even the littlest of land!!!

  27. My mom had chickens and a rooster when she was a girl. At the time her family was renting a house in downtown Senoia, GA and the rooster was constantly waking their neighbors in the morning. After their neighbors complained to the mayor, he started referring to my grandfather as "Rooster Man."

  28. Bethany’s abilities using her phone as a blind person blew Patty away and made her cry with emotion. Yep Bethany found your channel all on her own. I’m glad you all got up early and got everybody there thanks for sharing how awesome your family are. I loved seeing the interaction with the YouTubers. You are so loved by everyone ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Auto-Generated captions thought it was more reasonable to call Hannah "Bana". Lol. I may have an audio-processing disorder, but come on, even I could figure that out!

  30. So David didn't speak English when he first came to America how did he learn English when he didn't no English when he first came

  31. What a fun day always speaks to my heart. I heard Joe mention Joel Salatin! 👏🏻 we loved his book and put a lot to practice on an old homestead we used to live on. Much love to all of you 💞

  32. What are homesteaders? Is it related to farming? Also, where did the girls get those sweaters?? They’re so cute especially the blue on Bethany!!! When you said that Abi’s fear of animals might of started at a petting zoo—I knew that feeling. My memory is a bit fuzzy but I remember being scared of animals at a petting zoo, so Abi, you’re not alone!! -much love, Mel

  33. Hi Six Blind Kids Family! I am a subscriber and I did see you walking by at HOA. I had a craft booth across from where you bought the jewelry. I should have introduced myself because I am a subscriber, but I didn't want to intrude or get in the way of your plans. Now I see you were very open to meeting subscribers. Next time I will walk right up and say hello.. Nice video! The Aldermans are good friends of ours, I'm glad they got to meet you up close and personal. With Love From BanDana Gramma

  34. I love this !!! We have 3 ducks and well 2 chickens left and I am only on a 1/4 of an acre ( we have dogs and cats too)… we never have had a rooster just the chickens and the ducks are a new addition we have one that is BLIND, it was the cutest thing when we first got him… He would tilt his head and keep one foot in place and walk in circles. He still does it but now he walks around the yard, coop and such. He uses his bill as his cane feels the edges of stuff. He swims in circles too. He does still bumper car a lot of things… just runs smack dab into it. But you can have chickens on your land… they are really not that had to tend too. The kids love gathering the eggs, when they are little its a little more work but after they get over that baby stage …easy and all the leftover veggie scraps go to them ( except the ones that aren't good for them) but we had 5 chickens and at peak we would get an egg a chicken a day. Blue, green, brown and white. Now we get duck eggs too. I think if we did it anyone can! Keep a vlogging …we will keep a watching!!

  35. I love love love watching your videos!! No matter what kind of morning I'm having I always smile when I watch all of you!!! Hannah makes me laugh I just love her. I am in awe of you mom!!! You lift me up on a daily inspirational. Oh my storms…love it❤❤❤❤

  36. I love your new jackets girls there a lovely colour…. How brave Hannah to stroke the rabbit…Thank you for a lovely day out Karen Jo great video xx

  37. I’ve never experienced a laughter near as contagious as Hannah’s 😂😭 I just can not help but to laugh right along with Hannah sometimes lmfao

  38. I'm a wannabe homesteader too! Not much I can do now because I haven't had a backyard since I moved to the UK, but I used to grow vegetables. I still make my own sourdough bread and sew/knit some of my own clothes, though!

  39. Ok now that picture is just down right funny Hannah is a farmer and Bethany is bacon get it because you get bacon from a big😂😂😂

  40. I was really confused with Hannah folding thinking it was a Hannah thing then remembered that american money doesn’t have braille, canadian money has braille AND smells like maple when you scratch it lol. Something every currency should have its not like the visually impaired dont use money

  41. I really enjoyed this video. I loved how so many of the homesteaders y'all met were so open and understanding. They just wanted to give everyone the animal experience! I liked seeing Jessie & Obed touching the bunny. And although Hannah might not like it, I say yes, get chickens! You do not have to have a lot of space. (You DO need to check that they are allowed where you live.) You can have just four hens– you don't need a rooster. Although roosters do not make more noise than a dog (yes, talkin' about you, Arnie!). They also take care of their hens and you can choose breeds which are not aggressive. Not all roosters run out and attack people.

    I think having chickens is a great project for a family or for anyone! Needless to say, we have chickens!! So, if you need/want breed recommendations, I have some!! Thanks again for the great homesteading video.

  42. Don't goats eat your clothes though? I think one went after my grandma's skirt. I'm not really a big fan of goats, and I have touched snakes and alligators… A baby alligator, of course. But I'm not a big fan. I much prefer dogs! I would love to milk a cow, just once though. And I think you need to be quite strong.

  43. Hannah! You finally found a critter that was nice to pet! What part is it that you dislike about the dog? Is his nose really wet? One of my dogs has a wet nose most of the time. The other has a dry nose and is not so slobbery so she is quite nice to touch. But she is very demanding when she wants you to pet her. The rest of the time I hardly notice she is in the house.

  44. And I'm like Bethany, not really a jewelry type of girl. I like perfume, every once in a while, but even that… I don't like carrying it with me, since it is often in glass bottles, and I'm so afraid of them breaking. So I like different scented soaps and body washes. I found a soap shop in Singapore that has many different shapes and sense for soaps… I have one mango, grapes, an alligator… And I forgot what the other one is…, I think it's a rose. But they smell really nice. Did the girls know how to light candles, or have you ever bought a plug in candle? I have not learned how to light one yet… I don't have a lot of dexterity or strength in my hands, and even lighting a lighter took years to learn how to do. I got that in August. But I can only use a quick lighter. Clik lighter

  45. Great job navigating everyone! Hannah got side tracked but didn't totally crash or anything, so still great. I'm so impressed by how well you get around. Hannah, love that bracelet! Bethany, always a great job with tracking folks on YouTube and keeping in touch. David just enjoying life and taking it all in. Abi FEEDING a goat. Awesome! What an exciting day for everyone.

  46. Interesting that there is a New Zealand breed of rabbits because sadly rabbits in New Zealand are pests 😰 especially against the native species. Though pets are usually fine, when NZ we had earthquakes, alot of domestic rabbits got lost and became wild.
    Looks like a fun event though 🙂

  47. I'm so happy I found your channel I love your family I'm 14 years old and I'm losing my vision and I struggle with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and this really helps me so I'm happy I found you guys thank you for making videos

  48. I have a question, if you were able to spend a ton of money to have each and every one of your kids be able to see, would you do it? Aren’t scientists working on a way to get blind people to be able to see?

  49. Bethany has so much emotional intelligence and empathy! She’s always so tuned in to the way that everyone else is feeling, it really is a gift.

  50. I just found yall and I've been binge watching y'alls videos!! You guys are definitely becoming my favorite youtubers!! ❤❤❤

  51. I’m so glad we got to meet all of y’all!! Such an inspiration! I would love for us to get together one day and have a sourdough class! I know Hannah would be the bread queen!

  52. So happy Hannah is feeling better and hearing her laugh.

    So cool you were recognised the first time in public then met several You Tubers and followers!
    Arnie would have been in scent heaven sniffing all the animals! But they wouldn't have appreciated him "investigating" them! Another fun activity for Fall! Thanks for sharing!

    The animals were so cute! I would def be petting them and I have a house rabbit, Mr. BunBuns, so I can pet a bunny anytime I want 💖

    Abi was so brave feeding the goats and petting the buns!

  53. Beautiful vlog !! Mom and Dad you both are those children’s angels it makes my heart happy to know there are people like you both in the world who are completely selfless! ❤️❤️❤️

  54. I am inspired by your channel and was thinking of doing a channel about my cochlear implants as I’m deaf. I am having doubts in doing it. I’m a bit of social introvert and my parents wouldn’t understand me doing this. I am an adult and I do my own things but I know they wouldn’t understand doing videos as they would think I’m putting myself out there and risking myself.

    Did you have doubts putting your life on YouTube and how do you remain private at times.

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