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Skating is better with Friends

October 30, 2019

Skating with friends All right down here shop task YYC. Great
to be back got some more fun skating to share with you and this one is going to
be a little bit different because it’s not going to be just me with the selfie
stick i had a friend out. We were skating and he was doing some filming
for me so little different perspective. Before we get to that though. I want to share something unfortunately
not so positive. A fellow skater by the name of Michael Prado was attacked a
skate park last week and the result of the attack is he now has a broken neck
is in a coma. Michael Prado is Brazilian. I believe you
grew up in Brazil moved to Spain has been skating there in Spain and
producing awesome skate videos and sharing his love of skating there now.
The altercation arose at the skatepark because of wax. Inline
skaters tend to wax the obstacles that they’re grinding on to make it smoother
and faster. Skateboarders prefer to grind without the wax. The skateboarder got angry
about the waxing and attacked Michael when his head was down and he was
actually taking his skates off at the time. So the reason I’m sharing this is
there is a GoFundMe project maybe not exactly a GoFundMe but that similar
fundraiser. Trying to help Michael out – pay for medical bills and legal fees to
ensure that the perpetrator of this crime does pay for his crime that
legally. So anyways enough of this let’s move on. So like I said today I got to go
skating with a friend and do some filming so let’s get into that now. I’m skating here around the Saddledome.
Which here in Calgary is our big arena use down for the hockey events so we
have our pro hockey team the Calgary Flames and this is the arena that they
planned. Of course any big urban structure has lots of fun things to
skate. The thing though that really kind of made this extra fun for me was
that my friend Jesse came out and helped up with filming. Like I said I haven’t
been out skating with my normal crew much this summer. Life, you know, I have the
new baby at home so these evenings that would normally be
sent out skating with friends are now family time. Which I’m loving certainly
not complaining but it was nice to be out with Jesse skating. And really
got me thinking about kind of the social aspect of skating. Being able to
share these videos on YouTube has been really a positive experience because I
feel like I now have like a bigger community of friends that are into
skating. We get to talk about these things. And share and our joy of
skating but skating with you know someone in person is a different
experience. It is something i really value. All my friends I think all my for just about all my
friends now are people that have grown up skating with. People have known for
years and years and i found that you know as you get older – maybe when we move
from school or switch jobs and these sorts of things. Sometimes your friends
are changing I’ve had this constant group of amazing friends because we have
this common interests of skating. I find that anytime I go to a new place. I
have a new group of friends. If you are a skater your friend. Thank you for
watching. Namaste, again please if you have the
means to please support Michael Prado and wish him a speedy recovery

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  1. Hi… I've been trying to improve my jumps. I can't jump as high as I want to… I want to jump high enough to make 180s any advice?

  2. I would like some advice on how to get better skates.I'm 16 and I have size 13 and a half feet in US men's .I want to buy a pair of good skates, but I cant find the courage to invest 200 to 400 dollars into skates that I will outgrow in half a year or so.

  3. Its beautifull that you've kept those bonds throughout the years, sharing smth you love doing with smone else its truly truly priceless 🙂
    Really unfortunate what happened with that skater…
    Shoutouts to Jessie!

  4. Such a terrible thing to have happen, and over something so ridiculous too. Truly sorry to hear that story, and I hope and pray for his speedy recovery as well as some justice man.

  5. Best wishes to Michael Prado. My prayers will go out to him and his family. Definitely hope the assailant will be brought to justice.

  6. I don't have people to skate with but its always motivating to watch a video and learn something new. Or maybe just to be inspired to skate.! Thanks! Best wishes to Michael Prado!

  7. What a psychopath that skateboarder is … A senseless act of cowardly violence over a completely trivial thing. Disgusting.

  8. Shaun, if I shared everything I thought of that little video, it would be TMA, as they say. it resonates with me. I skate alone almost all the time not because I prefer it but because I don't know anyone who wants it as badly as I do. Long summer nights of skating with friends- that is a beautiful life that I can tell you fully appreciate. It may not be too late for me to find that. I've got my eyes peeled.

  9. I wish there were people to skate with here…. I just get a lot of weird looks or angry glares! Fancy being my skate buddy? 😆

  10. nice's always good tutorial with your video.can you make video tutorial with 180 jumps??greetings from serbia!

  11. sorry to hear about Michel Prada. ive only just subcribed to your channle a week ago but you have broken down a lot of skating techniques that i need to learn. any advice for exersizes to help with balance and controll. im a little on the heavy side but been loosing a lot of weight skating. i personally think until i get under a certain weight i will still have problems stopping and making sharp turns.

  12. Hey man, according to this, to other guys is in jail now.
    Wish you and Michael the best

  13. There's always some fuck ups at skate parks. I carry pepper spray when I skate. I hope your friend is better now.

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