Skiing on the rocky mountains! [Battle Trip / 2017.04.09]
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Skiing on the rocky mountains! [Battle Trip / 2017.04.09]

August 13, 2019

(The next morning) This is the hotel we stayed at. What is this? Is this a hotel? Where are we off to so early in the morning? Us? See that behind us? There… Ski, ski, ski… We’re going skiing, Kiwoo. I can’t get used to this huge car. Please hold the camera, Kiwoo. (Time to drive again today) Let’s go. – That’s the ski slope? / – Ski, ski, ski! – It’s time! / – Ski, ski, ski! The air looks so nice. – You did a lot of research on food. / – Yeah. I did research on physical stuff. Do you ski or snowboard? I enjoy skiing. Skiing? I go snowboarding. They call it champagne powder snow. The perfect kind of snow for skiing or boarding. I bet that would be a lot more exciting and nicer than riding on artificial snow. I want to be good at snowboarding too. – No way… / – I usually fall. Oh, my God. (The champagne powder snow is so light and fluffy) (Welcome the Rocky Mountain ski slopes) Sunshine Village. Those must be cars of people going skiing. So many cars. Lots of cars. These people are all here for skiing? – I can’t see the slope. / – Yeah. (Yikyung…) – What is it? / – What happened? Why is it so small? No, Kiwoo. This is… Is this the right place? It didn’t look like this in the photo. This is so small. – Yeah. / – It wasn’t like this. It’s so simple. Canada is huge and the ski resort is this small. No. Hold on… It’s raining at the ski resort… Can we go skiing when it’s raining? Let’s just go in for now. I prepared this. One for you and one for me. Hold onto that. If we go up with this… Gosh, why does it have to rain? It got really warm. So it was raining there. Hey. Is it okay when it’s raining this much? Well… Well… Gosh, that startled me. What I want to say is… – You were scared? / – Yes. – Your fear of heights? / – I have a fear of heights. So… On our, on our! On our way up… Oh, right. You have a fear of heights. I can’t touch my feet to the floor. (Hanging) Yikyung has a fear of heights. He was scared of the gondola ride. It went up for a while. Did you know? We can’t see the way up from here. We’re in the clouds. – Wow, so hazy. / – Yes. I think this is it for me. When the door opens, you get off and I’ll take this back down. Just get over here. Gosh! Look at this! It’s snow. I can’t open my eyes. Wow. Wow. It starts here. – This is the start. / – It goes up more. – It goes up more? / – Yes. – It goes up more? / – Yes. – That was at 2,130m. / – 2,130m? That’s the starting point. (107 slopes) (3 different maps of all the slopes) – You never have to wait to ride a lift. / – Yes. Really? It’s hard to go back up once you come down? The longest course is 8km. There are so many slopes. – 8km? / – One of the courses is 8km. – You go down for 8km? / – Yes. (Champagne powder snow is considered the best) That’s all natural snow, right? 100% natural. (They’re amazed at how big the ski resort is) Wow, this ski resort is amazing! This is ski heaven. I think we go in here. – For rentals? / – Yes. If you put in your sizes and weight in the computer… – They do everything for you. / – Automatically? Yes, you put in your height… Yes. Thank you. ($70 per person for gear rental) (Time to hit the slopes) I snowboarded and Kiwoo skied. That looks nice. – Very nice. / – Looks like fun. So different from Las Vegas. The slopes are so wide. This is just a mountain. The longest course is 8km. – Everything you see is part of the resort? / – Yes. All those mountains are slopes. (They arrive at the peak of the slope) Wow, it’s so vast. (Finally time to ski on the Rocky Mountain!) – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! (Wow) (A ski resort with slopes on the Rocky Mountains) (They go on their own courses) There are no fences there. Just all trees. It’s just out in nature. You just ride down. The path you go is the course. (The course Kiwoo chose) (Disappears) I went between the trees. – It felt so… / – It was amazing. It’s incredible. I’ve only seen footage of stuff like this. I’ve never seen someone actually ride here. He’s a thrill-seeker. You’re a good skier! – It’s like “Frozen.” / – He’s like a pro. Not at all. It makes you feel so good. (Now, this is powder snow!) (Yikyung feels the powder snow with his entire body) (Oops) Why doesn’t it hurt at all when I fall? (He’s totally fine despite several falls) (He’s just covered in snow) There’s no need to be afraid of falling here. I can attempt moves here that I couldn’t do in Korea. (This is great) (They meet up again near the end of the course) (Kiwoo flies off) (Natural snow really is nice) (Huh?) I fell so hard my ski came off. It didn’t hurt? Not at all. – Kiwoo, are you okay? / – It really doesn’t hurt. Didn’t your feelings hurt? Gosh, I slipped. – Are you okay? / – Yeah. – Are you okay? / – Okay! Fine. Fine. You took a big fall. – Be careful, Kiwoo. / – I’m not used to this snow yet. Yeah. We’re used to riding on ice. This isn’t plowed snow like in Korea. It’s just snow that’s been stacking so it’s so soft. You just get stuck in it. That sounds great. (Flapping) There are great lessons too. So if you can’t ride, you can go learn… – And then ride? / – Yes. The snow is like powder. That’s so great. (Enjoy the last powder snow!) You took a big fall. A big one. I can’t get used to this snow. Kiwoo took a big a fall. Are you okay? – It doesn’t hurt at all. / – Doesn’t hurt at all. Your ski even came off, Kiwoo. It didn’t hurt at all. I’m totally fine. Can we go home? We can. A lot of kids were riding there too. Even disabled people. – Really? / – Yes. – Ski for the disabled? / – Yes. Many disabled people enjoy skiing. (Banff is like a beautiful village in a fairy tale) We’re finally in downtown Banff. It’s very Christmassy here. The vibe… It’s on the dark side, but there’s enough light… – That it’s comfortable on the eyes. / – Right. It’s Christmas! As part of the law there, you can’t build buildings higher than 5 floors. I did a few searches. – This place is really cold. / – Yes. Since it’s a cold region, we should eat something that’s very high in calories. – Something sweet. / – Sweets. And this is the one of them. Beaver Tails. This place? Beaver tail? Beaver Tails. This is one dessert you have to try when you visit Banff. Is this place famous? – Really famous. / – We should go. – I thought you’d eat actual beaver tail. / – Me too. I thought it sounded a bit cruel. I thought it was like braised ox tail in Korea. Braised ox tail… (So…) Would you recommend us? The best seller is chocolate banana. Although, that’s kind of sweet because it’s chocolate. – The cinnamon sugar with lemons. / – Okay, okay. If it has lemon… – I feel like it’ll be good. / – Yeah. It looks like a beaver tail. That looks good. So that’s why it’s beaver tail. So it’s shaped like a beaver’s tail. Right. You pick the toppings you want on that tail and enjoy it as dessert. Desserts… Especially sweet desserts… – Right… / – Rather than guys… They’re more for women. Even the way they look. Women would like this… – This is famous in Canada? / – Yes. Really? It’s good to eat a famous dish. Of course. Mine came out first. – What is it? / – What’s that? A pork cutlet? – Inside… / – No. Take a look. A pork cutlet… A pork cutlet with bananas? – Are these giant pork cutlets? / – Ours are different. They look very different. I don’t really like sweets. (Nom) (Looks serious with chocolate on this face) You may not believe me but… This isn’t that sweet. I don’t believe you. If you come as a couple, you should definitely order this. Guys should order this. Women would love this. I can eat this one too. That looks like a Namsan king-sized pork cutlet. It’s fried fish. Sikyung… With tartar sauce. Any guy could enjoy this. (Crunch) It’s really crispy. – I’m curious. / – So it’s thin. So it’s thin. – I want pastries now. / – It’s salty too. Right… This is more… This is sweet and soft from the bananas. I have this… You don’t eat sweets. – I usually never eat chocolate. / – Yes. It’s like a thin doughnut and you can top it with whatever you want. Their getting customers non-stop. Here comes more. Wow. This place really is famous. We’ve only seen this much on this street. Okay. – Let’s go somewhere else too. / – Let’s go. What a pretty city. It looks so different from Las Vegas. What’s that? It’s already over.

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