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Slaughter Horse 2 !!

August 12, 2019

Hello everyone, Ruchiyoto here. So a few months ago, game developer and music
creator Catfood McFly has decided to make a sequel to the game you all love and hate. Slaughter Horse. That’s right. If you have been around the channel for quite
sometime then you know how much I really like this game. For those who don’t know, I did a review on
it and even uploaded the game soundtrack. I know this is late but I may as well talk
about it now before it’s released. So in this video I’m going to overview some
of the gaming mechanics and features within the game but if you happen to have any leaks
BESIDES what I’m going to show you, please let me know down in the comment section. And just a side note, there will be spoilers
up ahead. So with that out of the way, let’s dive in. Slaughter Horse 2 is a mafia genre horror
game which is said to be for the PC and mobile devices. This grimdark mystery game was based off from
Town of Salem but set with My Little Pony characters and was even inspired by the Creepypasta
story called “Cupcakes”. In this game, you get to take the role as
Pinkamena and for some reason… you could assign Gummy to investigate where every pony
lives. Unlike the prequel, you could only play as
the main character, Captain Silvermane or a Townspony when one of the challenge modes
has been selected. So in this game, when you take the role as
Pinkamena your main goal is to… how do I say this? Harvest the cutie marks from your victims
and basically stabbing them until they bleed and die. The only problem is that there are limited
of possibilities, so even though killing townsponies satisfies Pinkamena, there might also be that
one townspony who’s there to stop you. I couldn’t say who if I knew. Now let’s talk about the characters, mainly
the new roles of this game. There is the Sheriff, Comedian, Preacher,
Vistor, and a Lookout. But you don’t care about those roles, do you? I think what’s more interesting is the Disciple
role, this pony will assist you by giving you hints right by your door. Although the main problem with the Disciple
role, I assume that she is a resident with the other townsponies, so I would recommend
you take precaution in who you are going to kill first. Besides, you don’t want to kill the wrong
pony, otherwise you’re on your own. Now before I end the video, the last thing
I want to go over is the majority of the development that has been established. Although the game is still in beta, I gathered
as much information as I could so I’ll try to break it down for you. Well I pretty much already explained everything
that’s going to be in the game so far but do comment below what you want to see or what
you expect from this game, maybe something new or something you wish was in the game. Well I do hope you guys enjoyed the video,
if you did be sure to like this video, share with your friends, and subscribe if you’re
new. Thanks for watching and as always I’ll see
you later, peace.

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