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Slaughter Horse Game Review

August 13, 2019

hey what’s up guys Ruchiyoto here and
today I’ll be reviewing this mafia genre horror game called slaughter horse
formerly known as Pinkamena which is for the PC and mobile app
alright are you ready then let’s dig it so in 2017 game developer and music
producer Catfood McFly created the game slaughter horse and in case if you
didn’t know that this was originally called Pinkamena well due to copyright
title I guess however there are a few minor changes
within the game and one of its soundtrack is what kept people
questioning the sound of it so fasten your seat belts everyone
this is where the thrilling kicks in okay there are a few hidden lures that
you probably didn’t know about but one in a few secrets that I found
it’s that main title theme well I did took the time to research but yeah yet
the author left us confused and questioned with this secret message
yes well sure this game is just a parody of town of Salem with my pony characters
with a grim dark atmosphere but all in a sense when I play the soundtrack
backwards it left me even more confusing to even listen to and reversed take a
listen all right I know what you’re thinking
this is probably just some gibberish quotes from the end game but that sound
well sounds a lot like someone is literally being slaughtered or probably
talking you may also hear some laughing so this may obviously be Pinker ell
herself more importantly what did she say before she slaughtered somepony
I tried slowing it down and changing the voice tone but found nothing if you
think you know what she said and comment down below I’d like to know what hidden
lore is behind all this or if Captain Silvermane really did die at the end in
the story I guess we’ll have to find out once they released the sequel that is
all for today hope you guys enjoyed it and don’t forget to rate share and
subscribe for more I’m Ruchiyoto and I’ll see you guys
later peace.

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  1. Hmm… that reply interest so I hear it twice rn but all what I get that pinkarella was talking to him about…. past.she said was 5 time and something about frind then attack him it might be copy of cupcake I guees when pinkamena talk to rimbo dash …

  2. I really like this game and I want it on IOS :C

    The atmosphere of the game was truly amazing, honestly made me immersed through the whole game. Really wish there were more games like this and I really want this on IOS.

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