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August 18, 2019

– This special adventure is sponsored by
Dreamworks Animation. – Are you both still
coming to camp out and watch the meteor shower tonight? – Huh? – Yessiree! – You got it! – Wait, why didn’t
you invite me? – Well, this is more of an
outdoorsy type of thing. We just didn’t think
you wanted to come. – What? I’m just as
outdoorsy as any of you! Pals stick together! – Maricella, are you sure
you’re up for camping with us? – I’ll show you! In fact, I’m
staying the whole weekend! – Okay, everything I
need for the weekend. – Hey, Maricella, grab
that firewood, would you? – Uh, well, don’t you
have gloves or something? There’s a vermin on this log. – Oh no, we don’t. Sorry! – Um, Mister Spider, sir,
you see, this is my log now; you’re standing on my property! It’s moving! – Oh brother. (rooster crow) – Okay, now let’s be gentle
when we wake up Maricella. I’m sure she’ll be cranky
getting up so early. – Maricella, wake up. – Rise and shine. – It’s time to get up. – Boy that early morning stretch really gets the blood pumping! – (scream) – Oh hey Maricella! – Huh? Isn’t it like
five in the morning? – It’s time to go count
the eggs for our special Sunday morning omelet. – Thrilling. (crunching) – Ugh, this is exhausting,
how do you do this everyday? – Oh, oh Maricella, hold still, there’s a ladybug in your hair. – Ah! Where?! Where?!
Get it out! Get it out! – I got it, see, it’s
just a little ladybug, she’s so cute! – Ugh, how could you even
touch that disgusting creature? (horse whinnies) – Whoa, looks like
someone needs a bath. – Maricella, do you maybe
want to give it a try? – Ew, you want me to clean that? – Do you want me to
help you Maricella? – No! I mean, I can handle
anything you throw at me. And if I’m an expert in
anything, it’s baths! – Okay… go on Boomerang. (giggling) – This is fine. I can do this. (giggling) This is great. Disgusting. You can
do this Maricella. Now I need a bath. (giggling) – Are you okay Maricella? – That’s it! I’ve had it
up to here with all this! First you make me carry
spider infested firewood, and then sleep in the dirt, and now clean this, this animal! (bird crowing) – Maricella, we’re sorry. We know you aren’t used
to this kind of thing. And that’s okay! – You mean, you’ll still be
my friend even if I don’t like living on a farm? – Of course! We’re
all different, but we can still be friends
and enjoy our differences. – I guess you’re right.
Hey, I have an idea, why don’t we all go take
a break from this madness and get some ice
cream at Winthrop’s? That is, after I take a bath. – Yeah! – Hey, Abigail, what kind of
ice cream are you gonna get? – Hmm, well, I think I’ll
get some chocolate, no no not chocolate I have (mumble).

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  1. My 3 year old is obsessed with Spirit. I bought the new Maricela and Mystery set this morning. I plan to give it to her in the morning. She is going to be so excited!

  2. Amazing vid. I love it. But when are u going to make the new collection 1 of spirit riding free? The song young and free? it’s my fav song, it’s on Netflix now. So pls make it! ❤️❤️

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