Small Details You Missed In The Avengers: Endgame Trailer
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Small Details You Missed In The Avengers: Endgame Trailer

September 4, 2019

After months of waiting and endless speculation,
the trailer for the fourth Avengers movie has finally arrived. For one thing, the the trailer reveals the
title for the feature as Avengers: Endgame, confirming previously leaked info indicating
that that might be the case. But beyond that, there’s a world of mystery
to this footage, showing us our first official glimpse of the Marvel Cinematic Universe post-Thanos’
decimation. You’ve already watched and rewatched this
thing about a thousand times, so let’s break down some of the small details you might have
missed in the trailer for Avengers: Endgame. Thanos – now retired to his quiet life as
a big purple space farmer – has put up his armor for good as an incredibly imposing scarecrow. You can actually see the scarecrow in Avengers:
Infinity War, in the lower right corner of the frame during the movie’s ending sequence
of Thanos looking over his crops toward the shining sun on some unknown world. But this image has some extra significance
you might not be aware of. In the six-issue Infinity Gauntlet comic book
series – which served as the inspiration for the two-part Infinity War story – the scarecrow
is a striking image from the final issue. In the comic, the scarecrow appears to be
Thanos’ only company. When the heroes come upon it, they regard
it as “an empty shell of what was”, which may imply some interesting twists in store
for the final showdown between the Avengers and Thanos. As for Thanos himself, he’s only seen briefly
in the trailer, running his hand over some plantlife with his burnt-up Infinity Gauntlet. Does he have the strength for a second round? We’ll see — after all: “We’re in the endgame now.” After sitting out the events of Infinity War,
Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton has returned for the fourth Avengers adventure – and something
is very different about him. He’s got a new haircut, a new samurai-inspired
outfit, and he seems to be stomping the streets of Japan, hunting down some sharp-dressed
victims and leaving them dead in the street for some unknown end. You alright, Clint? This is more than just a costume change – it’s
a whole new identity, one that Natasha seems somewhat shocked to see. Rumors have been swirling about the meaning
of Clint’s absence from Infinity War since before the movie even came out. The prevailing theory has been that Barton
sheds his old identity – and maybe even a little bit of his morality – when his entire
family presumably gets dusted at the end of Infinity War. We didn’t see it go down on screen, so we
don’t know for sure if that that’s what happened – but c’mon. Do you think Clint is booking flights to Japan
to go stab people if he’s got a wife and kids at home? In a bittersweet twist, it looks as though
Tony Stark has commandeered the newest vessel of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the ​Benatar​,
which took the place of the ​Milano​ after its destruction in ​Guardians of the Galaxy
Vol. 2​. Of course, not all is as bleak as it first
appears. For one, Tony does not seem to be alone on
this sad, doomed trip across the universe. It looks like Nebula is there with him, hitching
a ride after her ship was destroyed during her showdown with Thanos on Titan. Her blue fingers can be seen on someone’s
shoulder – probably Tony’s. Considering she’s more robot than mortal being
at this point thanks to Thanos’ tinkering, it’s possible that the lack of oxygen and
food on the ship isn’t as big a deal to her as it is to Tony. For months and months, rumors have swirled
about the Avengers going back in time to undo the destruction Thanos has caused, a theory
supported by leaks indicating that the production was rebuilding sets from older movies. It’s hard to think of any other reason why
Cap would be looking at a photo of Peggy with such significance, unless he was about to
go and find her for some reason. Other set leaks have indicated​ that the
movie may have built a new set for Camp Lehigh, the boot camp in Captain America: The First
Avenger where a pre-super serum Steve Rogers first proved his worth. The base, located in New Jersey, was also
visited in the modern era in ​Captain America: The Winter Soldier​ – and more importantly,
it was destroyed​. So if the movie is taking us to Camp Lehigh
as the leaks suggest, then it’s probably not going to be in the present day. And that would help explain Cap going back
to his outfit from the Winter Soldier – sort of like when Star Trek characters have to
go back in time and try their best to blend in so as not to screw up the timestream: “Uh-oh.” “Wow!” It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but
​​the Avengers: Endgame ​trailer revealed that Shuri, the woman who we thought might
be Wakanda’s last hope, is among the missing. During the sequence of Bruce Banner looking
at the Avengers’ list of missing people, the image of Letitia Wright’s Shuri can briefly
be seen among the presumed dead. With this, we’re meant to believe that she
dies offscreen, snapped into dust just like her brother. While the team’s intelligence is wrong about
Ant-Man, who is indeed missing but not dead, we have no reason to believe that Shuri made
it out alive. But while we’re on the subject of Ant-Man… Clint Barton isn’t the only Avenger making
a triumphant return. Now that most of the heavy-hitters are dead
and dusted, it’s time to welcome Scott Lang to the party. “Welcome to the party, pal!” While Natasha and Steve are moping around
Avengers HQ, they get a video message from Ant-Man, who seems to be at the gates of the
facility. “Can you buzz me in?” That’s exciting enough – but what’s more exciting
is the gear that Scott brought with him. “sorry” “My bad.” Last time we saw Ant-Man’s Ant-Van, it had
been turned into a makeshift laboratory, kitted out with a portal to the Quantum Realm. In the post-credits sequence of Ant-Man and
the Wasp, Scott entered the Quantum Realm and appeared to be stuck there, with his partners
being dusted before they could pull him back. Scott sure looked doomed – so what gives? Right before Scott jumped into the Quantum
Realm, he got this warning from the original Wasp: “And don’t get sucked into a time vortex. We won’t be able to save you.” It seems pretty possible that Scott used a
vortex to exit the Realm, depositing himself in the future – and now he’s brought the time
travel tech to Avengers HQ. Who would have thought Ant-Man would be so
important when it came time to save the world? Probably this guy did:

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  1. I think this trailer is miss leading.why because his nanotechnology suit can rebuild it’s self.why would he only have part of a helmet left?Does not make any since.

  2. Further into the missing avenger bit I saw Shuri turn into Spider-Man I don’t think that they know that spider-man got dusted in space

  3. I don't think anyone is going to save Tony Stark, Tony is drifting through the space and he has no idea where he is going… So what if he ends up going to Nidavellir where Thor's axe is built by the last dwarf. In the comicbooks there is an Iron Man suit which is built by the same dwarf. SO, just maybe he might go there by accident and find the dwarf and Peter Dinklage makes him another much more powerful suit which has the same element (URU metal) that Thor's hammer has… We saw that Thor's hammer is the only thing that damaged Thanos in Infinity War. In the comic books the armor's name is Iron Destroyer. And another thing that supports this theory is that Doctor Strange saw the only way that they can win this battle. And probably he saw that Tony Stark has to be alive(with his new suit) to win this battle. So he lets Thanos take the stone. Everything make sense.

    Also in the End game trailer when the name of the movie shows up, behind the logo there is a ring. The ring is Nidavellir!!!!!! In the Infitinity War logo, the ring was different. So why would they change the ring and put “Nidavellir ring” behind the end game logo ?? That scene was in the infinity war.

  4. my only question is why hulk didn't wona come out anymore after fighting thanos? let's say he got scared, but is there any other explanation??

  5. How do u guys not kno whats gonna happen? Itsba fkn simple
    There showing u right in ur faces! Like its right in your faces!!!!!!!!! Oh i wanna say it sooooo bad

  6. Omg3:41 lmao. U think cap goes back in time??? Lmao. Noooooo. Hell no. Lol. Man please watch infinity war once more. Lolol. My god u ppl are so smart u cant see the forest for the trees

  7. Infinity war, vision said to capt that he saved lives "70 years ago". But during the first avenger move, nick fury he was frozen for 100 of years?

  8. Has anyone noticed that AT @ in the Avengers Endgame Trailer that the 2 ORANGE NEBULA LOOK LIKE IRON MAN AND THANOS?! Same idea as the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor's vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

  9. Let me start this out by saying the facts. 1st of all captain America vanishes at the end of infinity war this is why he says his last words are (while looking like he feels it)"oh god" the same thing that happend to quill. He said "aw man" So the trailer for end game shows the old cap from winter solider bc black widow is sent back in time via captain marvel to warn steve and the others. This is why she tells steve "thanos did exactly what he said he was gonna do. He wiped out half the population" Now here's the twist see captain america dosent believe natasha so he says no way. Impossible. The only way cap comes to believe is when Ant Man comes up and says "can u buzz me in" thats why cap asks "is this an old messege" after seeing antman and talking to him cap then believes natasha and she tells him the plan and she says "This is gonma work steve" which is why he says "I kno B.C. Idk what im gonna do if it dosent." Oh and ps the first time she sees hawkeye is actually the day they met for the first time. That was stated in one of the films (I think 1st avengers) natasha says to someone clint was "just a guy I met on a rogue (meaning ronan) mission in china" That is her 1st time meeting him in the end game trailer. Dont let russo nem fool u guys. See i kno all this bc im just that big of a fan.

  10. so when dr strange did the billion check out he said 1 outcome is the victory why did he not go with that plan cause that 1 victory they needed ant-man so he time traveled and sore ant-man and told him to go and use ur quantum realm to find the stone go get it look for cap then look for iron man then use it and look for dr strange

  11. Calling it now… They're gonna go back in time and kill someone on the good side to prevent the whole thing from happening but theres gona be a post credit scene where they show a bit of hope that the person is still alive…

  12. about ronin,
    i think his wife and children were killed by some raiders after the "snap".raiders are possible to appear since half of humanity is gone. that might be the reason of his becoming a ronin and killing people in japan.

  13. Tony has been through so much 🙁
    He was dying at some point

    Unknowingly seeing Thanos’ ship scaring the hell out of him but hid it using his usual sarcasm and wit

    Had PTSD
    Without any of the other avengers knowing, people were only really angry at him bombarded him with guilt because of the attacks (the people had a right to be angry)

    Lost one of his best friends and everyone else as well
    And lots more. Can he ever just catch a break?

  14. I fucking hate that they just have to add in their douchy title. “You 100% Def Missed” really couldn’t of just had it, maybe missed.

  15. I lost count how many times I've killed Star Lord in my mind for ruining things when they could have defeated Thanos.


  17. Hmmmmm I don't think the hand in 2:44 is Nebula.
    1: Half of hers is robotic, and covered with material, not like a human
    2. The shot of her was leaning against the wall, and the other was one someone's shoulder
    So my guess…

  18. Afetr the girl makes Thanos asleep they shouldn go for the Gauntlet but they should go for the head as Thanos himself say after Thor attacks ,and thats why strange had to let Thanos win so that he may give his weak point away

  19. It will be a reset, with Cap going back to where he began to marry Peg and destroy the tesseract and thus resulting in no Avengers. And in present day Captain Marvel an, Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer will kick Thanos' butt!!!

  20. dunno much about endgame.. but one thing I am pretty sure of is this: cap will go back in time somehow… and then stay there with his girl.. happy forever. thats what I predict. a happy end for cap… its not unlikely that producers will want to give more happy endings like this while timetravelling… to various other chars.. instead of kiling them…

  21. They’re killing off all the characters that contracts are ending for sure. You’re favourite characters may come back… but tony is going to die.

    Edit: that “you’re” was autocorrect

  22. Scott Lang didn't escape the quantum realm into the post-snap future: he escaped into the 1983 past.

    If you rewatch the first Ant-Man, you'll notice that Frank Pym is essentially waiting for Scott Lang to appear on the scene. He's already seen the video from 1983 where a guy claiming to be Ant-man appears at a SHIELD facility asking to be buzzed in. You'll also see news papers in Pym's house where he's tracking news stories about Scott Lang's status. But most significantly, how/why did Frank Pym choose an unknown felon to become the new Ant-man? Answer: because the 1983 archive video already showed him who the future Ant-man was going to be.

  23. I hate Marvel movies and I didn't even watched infinty war but I'm definitely gonna see this one bc of Paul Rudd?

  24. All this conspiracy theory with hints and reveals are better and more interesting than the governments version of keeping everyone sheep like; like me enjoying movies and not caring about their version of world domination.

  25. There are a few OTHER details people might have missed — I'm pretty sure I've worked out 90% of the angles and SOMEBODY with a following needs to get this out there:

    At the very end of Avengers: Infinity War, instead of the usual sign-off line "So and So will return.." the final line of the credits is simply the title of the film.


    Something about how the letters "dissolve" at the end seemed a little off to me. If you pull out your DVD and go frame by frame, I'm pretty sure they break down in the following order:


    "Avenge if Steve Rogers Not Tony Wears the "R1" Infinity Armour?"

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe began with Iron Man. If Marvel is serious about bringing the films full circle, it makes sense they'd look to complete Tony's arc by emulating the events of that movie. And since Marvel has broken with the comics repeatedly in the past, there's no reason to believe that they'll follow through with waking Adam Warlock up or cramming Captain Marvel into the role Adam Warlock played in the comics.

    Which is probably why Infinity War ends with Tony off in space and Eitri was left alive with his hands sealed in URU metal. It sets Tony up in Yinson's role from the original Iron Man. Now TONY'S the steady pair of hands for the weapons genius who's cannibalizing his life's work into a suit of armour. And come to think of it, why the hell has Tony never made an armour for wielding the Infinity Stones in the comics? It's like the one thing he's never done. Also, remember how the Black Sabbath song really only ever had the name in common with the character? You might want to read the lyrics again…

    Plus, it's a chance to patch up the differences between Tony and Steve and pay's off CAP'S arc in HIS first movie – a "weak" man knows the value of strength, and maybe not everything special about him came out of a bottle after all. I mean, didn't you find it weird that Thanos had his monologue moment with practically every hero BUT Cap in the first movie? Cap's the ONE guy who never says quit and who NEVER settles for "acceptable losses". I mean, the movie stops and Thanos actually looks SAD when he looks into Cap's eyes during the battle of Wakanda. Why take the time to set up that shot if he isn't going to cross paths with Cap again?

    BUT WE'RE STILL NOT DONE YET — Ever wonder why Thanos would kill half the universe when he literally had the power to do literally ANYTHING ELSE. Like, say, just double the resources in the universe or create another universe for half the people to live in and another universe for the other half to live in? Well, what if he did and he used the Reality, Mind and Souls stones to simply CONVINCE everyone in both universes that everyone in the other universe had faded away to nothing? It would definitely explain why Tom Holland took so much longer to die than, say Bucky. Thanos obviously has a flair for the dramatic and would probably want the opportunity for everyone to have the time to say their goodbyes.

    Well, how would we know? Well, did you see Ant Man 2? Scott was in the quantum realm building a Macguffin when the snap happened. Ever hear of Quantum superposition? You should have, it's how Ghost's powers work. What if Scott became Schrödinger's Ant? What if he can travel between the universes or, even better, exists in and is aware of both universes at the same time? Paul Rudd would be the PERFECT actor to make the most of having two or more simultaneous conversations with people who think he's crazy and/or seeing dead people who also can't agree on who's really the dead people. (Think Captain Marvel from S1E19 of Young Justice)

    But how are they going to beat Thanos you might ask? Well, remember how the movie cut away when Doctor Strange said there was only one future where Thanos was defeated? There's a good bet that Strange had hours, if not the better part of an entire DAY to lay out the plan in EXTREME detail for Tony, Star Lord and everyone else. Doctors Strange explicitly has a photographic memory, which means he's probably not going to miss any of the important details. There's also no reason to believe that between Ant Man and Captain Marvel, there's no reason not to expect them to copy the first half of the Adam Warlock story and have all the heroes in two realities square off with Thanos AND DIE, just for the sake of "buying a little more time".

    Meaning, they not only threw the fight against Thanos on purpose, so that he'd think he'd won and let his guard down but Strange also probably sent the time stone into the future so that Tony (who Strange made sure would survive) could build the Infinity Armour and use the Time Stone to collect the other Infinity Stones from different points in history so that Steve could face down Thanos on even terms. The DID change the effect for Strange "revealing" the time Stone between the theatrical and home release, after all.

    The only problem is that Tony could ALSO use the Time Stone to save his parents or to get the Super Soldier treatment for himself or any number of other things. Of course, if Tony winds up facing off against the Celestials to collect the Infinity Stones, Tony just might have to resort to some pretty drastic measures as it is. Tony built Ultron because he wanted to "fix" the whole world. What happens when you give this guy time travel and infinite do-overs?

    Which is why I think there isn't going to be a big "gauntlet duel" between Cap and Thanos. I mean, they could do that all day. it makes much more sense for Steve to go after The lynchpin, the same way he did in his first move and actually CONVINCE Thanos he might be wrong.

    Which creates the perfect setup for ending the movie with a "double snap" and ending the MCU the way all comics movies should — WITH A MASSIVE RETCON!

  26. Most unexpected moment is that no one suggests the immaculate thanos to snap the situation of the universe to dubbel its size instead of cutting half of its living content, he seemingly wants to help. Thor rulls !

  27. Banawe rice terraces from the Philippines that's where Thanos lives they recorded it in the Philippines I'm form the Philippines believe me guys

  28. You forgot something Spiderman in the quantem realm in the endgame trailer I saw him in the trailer guys promise

  29. I have seen this video months back. When am watching the movie, one thing running in my mind. Man this video maker was absolutely Right.
    Good job man. ?

  30. They do kill Thanos but he came back because they make a time machine and he come through there but thanks to Tony he is now Dead so Captain America and like all the avengers really didn't do anything the only ones who really did something were black widow and IRON MEN…. rip?? both of them we will miss you guys

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