SmartPak’s Super Easy Holiday Horse Treats Recipe
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SmartPak’s Super Easy Holiday Horse Treats Recipe

August 16, 2019

SARAH: Hey, SmartPak fans. I’m SmartPaker Sarah, here
with SmartPaker Amanda– AMANDA: Hi! SARAH: –in my own kitchen. So welcome to my house. We are here and
very excited to walk you guys through what we’re
calling SmartPak’s Super Easy Holiday Horse Treats Recipe. We know you guys love to spoil
your horses just as much as we do, and, at SmartPak, we’re
all about healthy horses and happy riders at the
core of everything we do. And so we thought it would
be a great opportunity to put together some
wholesome ingredients and make a super easy
recipe that we’re going to walk you through
today so that you can make them for your own horses. So do we start with the mixing? Do we start with the oven? Where should we start things? AMANDA: We can preheat
the oven to 375. SARAH: Terrific. AMANDA: And while
you’re doing that, I will start mixing
some of the ingredients. So we’ll start with two
cups of whole wheat flour, and we’ll just– two cups of rolled
oats or whatever oatmeal you have on hand,
one cup of shredded carrots. SARAH: Delicious, wholesome,
whole food ingredients. AMANDA: So good for your horse. 2/3 cups of molasses. SARAH: This is probably
Cody’s favorite part. AMANDA: And then
the last ingredient is one whole banana– SARAH: The most appetizing. AMANDA: –which looks delicious. Now that we have
all the ingredients, we’re just going to take a
few minutes to mix them up. It might take a
little bit of time to get all of the ingredients
moist and sticking together. SARAH: Who doesn’t love carrots
and molasses with sticky oats and whole wheat flour? That’s so good for you. AMANDA: So healthy
and so delicious. SARAH: Probably not
gluten-free though. AMANDA: Definitely
not gluten-free. SARAH: Not something
I’m concerned about, but, you know– I mean, if you’re one
of those people who likes to eat the cookie
dough, just be forewarned. Probably gluten-filled. AMANDA: Yes, for sure. So this is looking
pretty well mixed now. I think it’s safe that
we can use our hands. So what I’m going to do next is
grab a big kind of scoop of it with your hands. SARAH: I like it. AMANDA: Yeah. This is what you have
to do with cookie dough. I’m going to move the bowl to
the side a little bit here. And I’m just going to mix in any
of that residue from the flour. SARAH: Because you
don’t want any of it to be dry when it
goes in the oven. AMANDA: Exactly. So I kind of just started out by
patting it down with my hands, and then you can take a
rolling pin or a tumbler and just kind of roll it
out a little bit more. SARAH: We don’t bake
a lot in this house, so when she asked if
I had a rolling pin, I just stared blankly. And she said a glass
will also work. AMANDA: Yep. And then we can cut
out our cookies. So we have a bunch of
different cookie cutters. We’ll start with
a Christmas tree. SARAH: For, you
know, holiday themed. AMANDA: That’s right. And then I kind of just
peel a little bit away and then plop it down. And then we’ll do a candy cane. And then I just
kind of peel away. SARAH: It’s like Play-Doh. You just mash what you
didn’t use and start over. AMANDA: That’s right. Sometimes this happens. It’s OK. SARAH: It’s part of the process. AMANDA: It is part
of the process. And then we have to
roll it out again. So at the end,
when you don’t have enough to roll out any
more and make your shapes, you can just make them
into little balls. And then we have two
cookie sheets of cookies. SARAH: It’s perfect. We’re ready? AMANDA: So now it’s time
for them to go in the oven. SARAH: Yes. All right. I’ll open it for you. AMANDA: Thank you so much. SARAH: We ended up with
15, which is awesome. But you were saying, while
they were in the oven, if we had done them
a little bit thinner, you could probably
get more out of them. And then, obviously, if you’re
doing more of the little ones, you’re going get a lot more. So you can kind
of play it by ear and figure out how
thick you want them, how big your shapes are,
all that sort of stuff. AMANDA: Yeah. Definitely. I mean, we have some
really small horses, and then we have
really big horse shoes, so it depends on
your cookie cutters and how thick you roll it. But we have 15, which is great. We can decorate
them pretty easily. SARAH: Decorating
the funnest part. AMANDA: It is. SARAH: I’m very excited. AMANDA: OK. So we’re going to
start with these balls that we used sort of at the end. These are super easy. Just take these little mints,
and you can press them in. SARAH: I feel like
even I can do this. AMANDA: And then just kind of
putting these little starlight mints into the
balls that we baked. SARAH: Cody will sincerely
appreciate these ones. AMANDA: Yeah. And this is probably the easiest
version that you could do. So– SARAH: That’s why I’m helping. AMANDA: So we got those done. So the next thing we
can do is decorate some of the other cookies
that we cut out. For one of the
toppings, I use honey to stick on some of these
decorations– very healthy decorations. So we have some dried
banana, and we broke them up a little bit so that
they’re little pieces. We have split peas for
the green coloring. We have raisins for maybe the
eyes of the gingerbread man. We have cranberries
for candy canes. We have coconut
flakes and chia seeds. SARAH: (WHISPERING)
You forgot one. AMANDA: Oh, and we
have crushed mint. Thank you. So we can play
with that, as well. So I’m going to start out by– I’ll do a Christmas tree first. So I’m just going to put a
little bit of honey on the tree and use a spoon
to spread it out. SARAH: I thought we were
done with the sticky part after the molasses was
gone, but now I see. AMANDA: Nope. All right. So the first thing
I’m going to do is take some of these
split peas and just kind of sprinkle them on the tree. SARAH: I wouldn’t have thought– like, when I was thinking
of, like, oh, well, what would Cody want to eat,
that he would want to eat split peas, but he loved the trees. Loved them. AMANDA: That’s great. Yeah. They’re very healthy, and
they bring a nice green color to the tree. And then trees need
decorations, right? SARAH: Yeah, they do. AMANDA: So we’re going
to actually cut up some of the cranberries
a little bit smaller and make little ornaments. SARAH: Oh, the
red is super cute. AMANDA: And then we
can also sprinkle some of the coconut for maybe
some snow or lights, whatever– however you interpret it. And then we can also do a little
bit of chia seed for the trunk. SARAH: You’re really
getting in with the detail. I like it. AMANDA: That’s right. And so there’s the
first Christmas tree. And now we’re
going to do a star. So we’re going to use
some peanut butter. SARAH: The stars have my
favorite flavor combination. AMANDA: Mine, too. Peanut butter and banana is,
like, the best combo ever. SARAH: It’s hard to beat. AMANDA: It really is. So just spread some
delicious peanut butter. Yeah. So we have all these
little banana chips that Sarah so kindly
broke up for me. And you just kind of piece them
together to make your star. So finding shapes that
work well in certain areas. So you want long and
pointy for the tips. OK. So this guy is in pretty
good shape, I think. So that’s the star. So there’s two ways you
can do a candy cane. One way would be to use the
cranberry and the coconut. So I’ll start with that. SARAH: You want to do that one,
and I’ll do the crushed mints on this one? AMANDA: Yeah. Yep. OK. So now I’m going to sprinkle
the coconut flakes– SARAH: Making your stripes? AMANDA: –in between
the cranberries. SARAH: That one
looks super cute. I like the striped feel. AMANDA: Yeah. This one is one of my
favorites, I think. SARAH: All right. So we have our candy canes,
the beautiful crushed starlight peppermint, and
then the stripes. Do you want to do the horseshoe? AMANDA: Yeah. SARAH: Yes. Chia seed is one of
the key ingredients in the Guilt-Free Peppermint
Pattie SmartCookie flavors. The horseshoe with
the chia seeds on it looks like Cody after
he’s gotten a bath and then walks in, like,
a stone dust arena, and all the stone dust is stuck
to the bottom of his shoes. AMANDA: OK. So gingerbread man is getting
a coat of peanut butter, and then I’m going to do raisins
for his eyes and buttons. All right. Now we have a cute
little gingerbread man. SARAH: Aw, look at this smile. AMANDA: Yeah. He’s got a cute little
smile made out of raisins. This horse head– we’ll start
with a layer of peanut butter. We’ll sprinkle
some mane on there. SARAH: (WHISPERING) Oh, my god. He’s adorable. So that’s it. We are all set. They’re beautiful. They’re healthy. And the horses are
going to love them. So we hope you guys
enjoyed watching the video. We hope your horses
enjoy the treats. Definitely make videos of
you either making the treats or feeding them to your horses. We love to watch
videos of your horses. And if you guys tag us in
anything that you post, you could get featured on
our social media channels, like our Facebook
or our Instagram, so definitely upload those. Boomerangs of your horse eating
the treats strongly encouraged. I have one of Cody. They’re really good. AMANDA: Please do. SARAH: So we will take
these off the barn, feed them to the horses. But, as always, thank
you, guys, for watching, and don’t forget
to subscribe so you can see what we cook up next. AMANDA: Yeah. SARAH: Oh, you see
what I did there? Have a great ride. AMANDA: Bye!

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  1. So cute! I would make them for my horse trainer for the holidays but I don’t have some of the ingredients. And my lesson is today. Crap

  2. Hi SmartPak people! Those cookies look adorable. I also wanted to thank you for all of your great products and services. Have a great Holiday season. Sincerely, Kris Henselin

  3. Hi SmartPak. I understand that you sponsored PATH intl and I’m doing a project on path. If you could make a video on PATH then that would be greatly appreciated. Like so smartpak can see

  4. Hi i know that ya'll ride so how many wrinkles should be in the horses mouth because it doesn't look very comfortable so i mite tell my trainer to loosen the bit but i want a second opinion 🙂 please give me your opinion sincerely a smartpack fan

  5. I think I might make some for the horses this year.out of curiosity, have you guys ever done any recipes for treats that taste good for both horses and riders? 🙂

  6. I made these as little gifts for my barns Christmas party! All of the horses loved them, thank you for sharing the recipe!

  7. Very high in sugar with the molasses, peanut butter, the natural sugars in the carrots and the peppermints. Not healthy for a laminitic horse!! Feeding a healthy horse a small amount of sugar now and then is unlikely to cause a significant glucose spike; however, for a horse with uncontrolled IR, PSSM, or a laminitis history, feeding sugar/molasses isn't a risk worth taking. Skip the sugary treats, too, if your horse is overweight, especially if he has a cresty neck. These are NOT healthy.

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