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  1. Why doesn't BBC mention this was filmed in Pakistan? Give credit where it is due. Himalayas region is absolute natural beauty.

  2. When I'm watching this wonderful animals I'm thinking how said it is that some species are gone from this planet forever, mostly because of humans.

  3. I think the leopards tail is the longest I’ve seen on a mammal other than monkey. It’s like as long as her entire body

  4. 👀 idk but this just looks Nordic straight majestic animals rare god like or like god associated…just beautiful all around…🖖🏽

  5. I have seen them many times on pamir mountain Badakhshan Afghanistan. Night time they come down to the villages for easy preys.

  6. In animals world male has to fight for the rights to breed. In human world male has to have money for the rights to breed.

  7. سلام هل من مأمن أسأل اللطيف أن يبعث المسلمين إلى الوسيلة أمين وأن يبعث رسولهم محمد أو نبيهم محمد إلى المقام المحمود أمين قولو أمين

  8. Man we have some beautiful animals sadly they get hunted by humans 🥺I love learning how these animals move and live life. It’s a passion to me and makes me really happy to learn about these special animals to me.

  9. In my country, environment protection institution always provides fresh meat for snow leopards weekly at the long winter months only. They hires local people "mountaineers" to deliver the meat to certain mountain paths but not any other annoying ways like helicopters or motor sledges. Snow leopards are so shy so cautious and almost impossible to see all year long in rocky mountains even with best scopes but much easier to spot in white mountains. Poachers who hunts or try to hunt snow leopards will be shot dead at site if they didn't surrender and tried to escape. If they're arrested punishment will be : 5 years jail unappealable, irreducible or an equivalent of 130.000 dollars penalty or both. Everyone knows this since childhood. The high mountains range is a nature reserve for snow leopards, bears and ibex only no entry at all .🚷

  10. Markhoor Pakistan mountain mammal.. And leapord as well .. Sometimes local kill them to save their live stock

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