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So entsteht die Show | Gefährten des Lichts – das Making-Of

October 9, 2019

The show is a magical place where the whole family is getting together. It’s the most important horse show
in the world. It truly is unique. It’s incomparable. It is one big family. We took a look at various writers
who presented their stories. And I remember
when Klaus did his presentation, I knew right away that was the one. The original idea was
to have the world’s light, a light we all feel in our hearts. We realise we can also give
this light back from our hearts. Then I realised
the very same thing happens with horses. This phenomenon of
heart-to-heart interaction, horses can’t speak our language, but they can sense our energy, our light. And we sense their light –
that’s what I wanted to write about. I really enjoy to work with Klaus. I can dance this year free,
I can improvise, be in contact with the moment,
be in contact with the music and with the horses. The thing I like most about my work is being with my horses. I love my horses more than anything. My horses are like part of my family, and I know
that they feel the same with me. But they respect me and I respect them. I’m totally connected with them. For me it’s important to talk to the horse riders
who have been with the show for a while, because they also inspire me,
and that’s great. It’s a magical moment when the director and everyone involved are fully focused on putting all those
individual components together, and to then say, “Wow. It’s a miracle.” Olena and Joazi pounce on ideas right away. They saw the script
and were bursting with ideas. “We can do this and that.
We have eight dancers and two capoeiras. “It’ll be great. And then this…” I give them scope to work, the idea, and they immediately have ideas
regarding the choreography. We have samba, we have jazz, we have flamenco. We always try to mix all these styles. We’re working more with the horses, we’re working more with the riders,
with equipe chefs. In this show dancers are even riding
the horses. That is completely new for them. Kristina has made some amazing costumes, and they work really well
in the overall context. I designed and made 176 costumes. The most interesting part
of my work with the costumes is being able to contribute
to the overall story. I know when I’ve made a good costume, because the person seems larger. They convey the story
also through their demeanour. On setup day,
the lorries are unloaded at 8 am. Then we go into the hall,
install the roof to hang the lights from. We put the sand down. This year’s show
is touring with 59 horses and a donkey. A 93-metre stable tent. There are around 100 of us. Ten 40-ton lorries, 45 tons of gear hanging from the roof. 104 spotlights, 36 speakers, 130 tons of sand in the riding arena. Friday is setup day. And the first show’s on Saturday. That feeling of being on the horse,
the music starts to play, the horse’s ears prick up, and it can’t wait to get out there. When the door opens and I enter the stage, my heart is going… The show is changing and growing every year. The show has got much bigger. For me, it’s a complete synthesis of art. I love this show. It’s just perfect. Different is beautiful. And we’re full of different. The family is not only the people
who are on stage but also the audience. We’re living from the energy
of the audience. When I hear the audience going wild,
I see it as an endorsement. I hope that people,
after coming to see the show, go home with an open, glowing heart. Companions of Light

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  1. Ich war zum ersten Mal bei der Apassionata und durfte sie in Hannover erleben. Ich war nach der Show wie verzaubert.

  2. Ich war in Wien das erste mal bei Apassionata und es war einfach nur wundervoll ich war echt begeistert noch nie in meinen Leben habe ich so etwas schönes gesehen❤❤❤ ich werde es bestimmt nie vergessen ❤❤❤😍😍😍🐎🐎

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