Socks the Moonwalking Pony – Where is he now!?
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Socks the Moonwalking Pony – Where is he now!?

August 29, 2019

Aye, he’s hom noo, and everything’s fine. Considering. This may seem like a tranquil Shetland scene but only 5 years ago, this little pony shook the entertainment industry to its very core. With his moonwalking dance moves highlighted in a mobile phone advertisement Socks the pony became an overnight sensation. Well we knew from the start there was something very special about yun pony, It was great, until the other farm animals started copying his moonwalking moves. Sheep Cows Poultry Dogs Even some of the local sea creatures were at it. After the advert he built up quite a fan base locally “Socksmaniacs”, we called them. And then the offers started coming in. Socks soon caught the eye of Hollywood agents, and in 2014 he left Shetland for the bright lights of America. You tell Samantha, I want crab and not lobster. CRAAAAB! I knew from the start that pony was going to be big. REAAAAALLLL BIG! Socks was the pony everyone wanted to see. His moves guaranteeing him leading roles in Broadway dance blockbusters such as Hoofloose and Saturday Night Hay Fever. Ever keen to stretch his abilities, Socks turned his hooves towards L.A. and the music industry. Releasing several Grammy award winning albums. Yeah sure the kid could dance, but could he sing? People said his voice was too rough for rap, but I told him, he was just a little hoarse. David Bowie The Rolling Stones Hjaltibonhoga, they could party. But nobody could party like that little pony. NOOOBODY! Inevitably, for Socks, the high life began to take its toll. But Socks reined it back in. And in May 2017, he set his sights on conquering the most difficult stage craft of all, London’s West End theatre. His performances were an absolute triumph. Horslet Ponio & Juliet The Merchant of Venison all sellout masterpieces. He had the theatrical world at his hooves. And then he gave it all up. Aye. He just gave it aa up and cam hom. I really don’t know why…

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