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Sonic vs Donkey Kong

November 20, 2019

Sonic the Hedgehog versus Donkey Kong! Sega’s blue hedgehog versus one of Nintendo’s
earliest icons. Who will win? Let us know your pick in those comments below
with either hashtag DK or hashtag Sonic! Hey everyone! Welcome back to versus – a series we do
here on Top 10 Gaming where we take characters from your favorite games and put them in a
hypothetical match against one another. Today, we’re looking at two of the gaming
industry’s most familiar faces – Sonic the Hedgehog and Donkey Kong – and seeing
how they fair in a fight. A few rules before we begin! These two are going one on one, meaning no
help from any of their pals. They’re also facing off on a neutral battleground
– a flat barren landscape so that neither of them has any location advantages. Also worth noting – While we could use this
video as an opportunity to dive into a bunch of compilations of Super Smash Bros matches
featuring the likes of Nintendo’s ape and Sega’s hedgehog duking it out, we’re instead
going to compare these two characters and their abilities from their own individual
games in order to determine who would win in a fight. With all that in mind, let’s jump in! Let’s start off with the ORIGINS of these
two characters for some context. Donkey Kong first hit the scene in 1981 as
an arcade game. Shigeru Miyamoto was assigned to convert the
game Radar Scope into something that would be more appealing to American players – the
game had done poorly with test audiences. This lead to the creation of a game where
a character named Jumpman – who would later become Mario – had to climb up a construction
site and avoid obstacles like barrels and fireballs in order to save his girlfriend,
Pauline from a giant ape who went by the name of Donkey Kong. This was a massive hit for Nintendo, and the
game became one of the best-selling arcade machines in the early 80s. The Donkey Kong who first appeared in 1981
isn’t actually the Donkey Kong in modern iterations of the character – the DK from
the first game is actually his father, Cranky Kong, and Donkey Kong Jr is his father. The DK we know and love is actually Donkey
Kong the third, who made his debut in Donkey Kong 64, developed by Rare. Compared to his grandfather, DK is carefree,
kind of lazy, a beach bum and a trustworthy hero. He may not be the brightest of Nintendo’s
roster, but he’s always been reliable, and one of the gaming giant’s most iconic characters. Moving on to Sonic! Sonic debuted back in 1991. At the time, Sega was trying to figure out
how to compete with Nintendo, whose Mario was making major waves in the industry, both
commercially and critically. So they held an internal competition at the
Sega Technical Institute to find a new mascot for the company, which led to the creation
of two very important figures in the Sonic franchise – Sonic himself, and Doctor Ivo
Robotnik. The games’ stories were much simpler back
then; Sonic had to stop Robotnik from taking over the world. A year later, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 would come
out, and Sonic would have a new buddy in the form of Tails. This game, along with Sonic 3 and Knuckles,
which introduced Knuckles the Echidna to the mix, has been hailed as the best Sonic games
in the franchise. These days, fans can reminiscence about the
series with Sonic Mania – a game developed by hardcore Sonic fans, and published by Sega. We’ll just try to forget about some of the
other 3D games that the publisher has been pumping out lately. ABILITIES
Donkey Kong is a power type, who is strong and agile – he’s got tremendous strength,
superb swinging and climbing skills, and can produce destructive soundwaves with his claps. His punches are immensely hard – in Donkey
Kong Country Returns, he punches the moon out of orbit with his bare fists. In the same game, it’s revealed that he
is immune to mental attacks the likes of hypnosis. Aside from punches and claps, DK is known
for having a super strong headbutt and has used his Bongos to create a vicious beat to
harm foes. Moving on to Sonic! Sonic has considerably more experience on
the battlefield than DK – both have gone on many the adventure, but Sonic has faced
off against god-like forces, strange creatures, the occasional demon, and a whole lot of dangerous
machinery. Sonic’s main jam is speed – he’s been
noted to be the fastest thing alive, and can instantly accelerate into exceptionally fast
speeds, reaching speeds greater than Mach 1. He’s acrobatic, agile, and has enhanced
strength, lifting objects several times bigger than his own body. His primary offensive maneuver is the spin
attack, to which he embellishes with several variations. In addition to all of this, Sonic can use
the power of the chaos emeralds to transform – when he has all seven collected, he can
enter a superstate, transforming into his ultimate form, Super Sonic, making him near
invulnerable, amping up his regular abilities, and giving him the ability to fly. The only downside is that this state requires
a lot of energy, meaning he can’t maintain it for an extended period of time. Sonic has also transformed into other forms
– hyper mode, dark spine sonic, Excalibur sonic and, the laughably Sonic the Werehog. Sonic does have one weakness though – he’s
a bad swimmer. THE FIGHT! This battle can be boiled down to speed versus
strength. If we’re looking at the classic versions
of DK and Sonic, Donkey Kong (and Donkey Kong Jr) wouldn’t stand a chance against Sonic. His speed would be enough to burst through
DK’s barrels, and his spin dash would knock the ape out. But, if we’re looking at the modern versions
of both, the playing field is a bit evener. A bit. Donkey Kong may pack one hell of a punch,
but he doesn’t stand much of a chance against Sonic’s speed. Considering he’s often depicted as a slower
character, Sonic would surely run circles around him, and Donkey Kong wouldn’t have
much defense against his attacks. Poor DK isn’t the type to rely on his smarts
in a battle, either, so there’s not much in terms of alternative methods that DK would
be able to pull from in order to combat Sonic more effectively. AND THE WINNER? Sonic. Donkey Kong is a worthy adversary, but the
blue blur is just way too OPed in comparison to DK. Sonic’s speed is way beyond anything Donkey
Kong could keep up with. What do you guys think? Do you think Donkey Kong deserves a bit more
credit? Or is Sonic the rightful winner of this hypothetical
battle? Let us know your thoughts in those comments
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  1. #sonic. I like Donkey Kong and even more didi kong but sonics the king. In super hyper sonic he becomed inmortal plus sonic in his base form could definately defeat DK. And Super Sonic is imunne to almost everything.

  2. DK Wins because DK can use His GroundShake Ability to mess up Sonic while He is running.
    DK has the Durability Advantage because DK has Tanked an Explosion which knocked Him out of Earth. And DK has even fought a Gorilla which takes place in Space so which means DK can breathe in Space just like Crash Bandicoot.
    Also DK may not be Fast but He does have Combat Speed.
    And also DK even has His Super Form such as Strong Kong.

  3. Donkey Kong III is from Donkey Kong Country, not DK64. He was in that game as the main protagonist, as per usual, but that wasn't his origin.

  4. To talk about the different types of Sonic that I'm watching on my Xbox one right now I'm hoping you would include the mech suit onic from Sonic Boom and Scourge. The original green version.


  6. Donkey kong, he can punch the moon from space to the earth, he can also scale to mario, and mario can survive an explosion that can destroy a stadium, and he has more skill and more experience

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